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Chat transcript from TCHS SRM 63: Spotlight Session with tomek
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tomekWelcome everybody
Igorp_ktl2hi tomek
ahm.kam_92tomek: what is your full name ?
Gando19850304tomek: Hi
cjoakes22Hello everyone. Thank you for joining the chat.
nggHI Mr. God
timur_kzOh my god
ambuj123Hi tomek :)
timur_kzit is tomek
CONDOR_316tomek: hey Tomek !!!
cjoakes22you may start your questions in about 4 minutes. thank you
timur_kzI can't believe my eyes
timur_kzIt's HE!!!
ptrrsn_1algoboy: Hi.
Lugeratomek: glad you've joined us :)
prunthabantimur_kz: why? LOL!
Igorp_ktl2you don';t have to believe your eyes
ahm.kam_92desert_lion: fadel 4 minuits
timur_kzprunthaban: Ti poprohe obshaysya
ptrrsn_1tomek: Welcome.
VladBelouslol, you all sound like a bunch of britney fans (except that it's tomek instead)
Gando19850304tomek: Hi, I am interested in programing, but I am not studying computer-related major. So do you have some advises on how to improve my coding skills?
HeypaBHoBeceHTomek, How does it feel ? xD
prunthabantomek should say "I am pumped. Let the questioning begin" :)
cjoakes22Gando19850304: The chat will begin momentatrily. Thank you
ambuj123Whr is tomek ?
felixjcan't wait already :P
timur_kztomek: Is it difficult to be the best of the best???
emotionalBlindtomek: are you in California now?
wxGOand how to be the best of the best?
sara.sa1ambuj123: he's at the top
timur_kztomek: like me)))
stjepanwxGO: Petr has already answered that question - drink tea :P
Igorp_ktl2but he is not the best of the best) Petr is some better)
algoboyptrrsn_1: hi :D
cjoakes22admins: Welcome to the Spotlight Session with tomek!
sathya.phoenixlet tomek come in
ahm.kam_92tomek: what is ur full name ? -- where do u live and work ?
Igorp_ktl2and Genka Korotkevich)
R0Ntomek: WELCOME..!!
cjoakes22admins: You may begin your questions.
amrsaqrJaqoup: eating and watching
cjoakes22admins: Thank you tomek for joining us
wxGOstjepan: oh really,I have to change my habit .lol
sathya.phoenixtomek are u there?
moshiurtomek: You may begin answering :D
chtomekahm.kam_92: TOmasz Czajka, california, google
RepentinusTomek, do you prefer tea or coffee?
zdravko_btomek: where are you now :) ?
ortschuntomek: Hello! Thanks for joining us today!
tomekHi everybody, go ahead, I'm ready
cjoakes22admins: Please remember to ask your questions in English.
wilbertliutomek: Hi tomek, would you mind if you give best advice for a beginner? I just want to know how to start training, specific please..:)
moshiurtomek: What is the "Best practice method" to be a RED in one year, for a boy who is grey now ??
amrsaqrJaqoup: tomek ya 3am
Sarkintomek: How old are you?
stjepantomek: what do you think is the key to your success?
tomekOK let's start with advise for beginners...
tomekThat seems like most questions
sara.sa1tomek: how old are your? :D
abal9002How old are you tomek?
ambuj123How to begin reading Knuth - Art of Computer Programming ?
ahm.kam_92tomek: where do u work ?
moshiurtomek: What is the "Best practice method" to be a RED in one year, for a boy who is grey now ??
vexorianambuj123: You open the book.
tomekI started out by reading some books
ahm.kam_92chtomek: :) Ok
marcadianpatient, tomek type in regular speed :D
timur_kztomek: which books???
pszemsza_vexorian: :D
ahm.kam_92chtomek: which book ?
innocentboytomek: could you name some of them ? :)
ahm.kam_92chtomek: books*
prunthabanIf I am right tomek year of birth is 1981. I remember seeing it somewhere.
wilbertliutomek: then?
suhendrywhat was your first algorithm book?
tomekMy first books would have been the Polish Olympiad write-ups
albert988C++ primer?
algoboymarcadian: i believe he's more fast than you :p
Lugeratomek: Is 'Introduction to Algorithms' enough?
tomekwith floppy disks
tomekwith test cases on them
moshiurtomek: did u read Concrete Math. ?
Gando19850304tomek: Hi, I am interested in programing, but I am not studying computer-related major. So do you have some advises on how to improve my coding skills?
izharialgoboy: :))
marcadianalgoboy: i hate you..
tomekA list of good books then:
felixjpatient all, let tomek finish his answers
timur_kztomek: why did U choose C language???
tomek"Programming Pearls" is a very nice book
ahm.kam_92MohamedMonem: talk in english
tomekit doesn't really teach you programming, but it will show you how good programmers think
abs_abstomek: can you tell us about your current work profile ?
tomekand will get you interested
Sarkintomek: Introduction to Algorithms is a very hard to read book as Kolstad said.
moshiurtomek: Please name some Math. Books....
vexoriantomek: what was your proudest moment?
tomekSarkin: yes
ambuj123would u recommend reading Knuth to some 1 in cllg who hs jst startd programming ?
nggtomek: at acm icpc, we were there at cerc2008 in poland, it was really nice, but what was ur team's method? everyone programming or only one? etc
tomekSarkin: but that's the second book :)
mbr1tomek: have you ever had a nightmare with petr's challenges
algoboymarcadian: just joke :p
mastersobgtomek: what is your favourite online judge?
Sarkintomek: What do you mean?
Sarkintomek: The second edition/
algoboymarcadian: please don't hate me :D
Sarkintomek: ?
tomek"Introduction to Algorithms" is a tough to read, but I read it all
abhinavkulkarnitomek: What did you specifically follow for graph theory?
tomekearly on
desert_liontomek: how old are you?
wilbertliutomek: How to arrange a good training for yourself so that your training will improve yours? Could you tell me?
algoboymarcadian: I'm very sorry mr. marcadian
crackerwangtomek: what will you do that when you meet a very hard problem
tomekdesert_lion: I'm 27
R0Ntomek: what is the way to improve probability skills. I mean books ?
zdravko_btomek: do you have girlfriend :) ?
TaeYoung27 is american age?
marcadianalgoboy: don't mean it :D i'm not serious
tomekabhinavkulkarni: "Introduction to Algorithms" is a perfect reference
ahm.kam_92tomek: why u don't participate in SRMs ... ?
R0NSarkin: send me.. :D
marcadianzdravko_b: very interesting question :D
HeypaBHoBeceHtomek: How long have you been a coder (from the very start, before TC)
tomekabhinavkulkarni: I think everybody will tell you that...
moshiurtomek: some Math Books please
zdravko_bmarcadian: at least it's different :P
tomekand then there is "The Art of Programming", an old classic
tomekif you're really tough :)
moshiurtomek: Concrete Math is interesting but Hard to read... :(
rajeshsrtomek: How much u read that voluminous book?!
tomekit's all in assembly though, you need to be tough
wilbertliutomek: Sorry for repeating questions but i wanna know how to arrange a good training for yourself so that your training will improve yours? Could you tell me?
vexorianhmnn hardcore.
prunthabantomek: Have you finished all 3 volumes of Art of computer programming (of course, I should ask all 4 volumes now)
monntomek: do you love your job at google?
tomekConcrete Math is also a fantastic book, it gets really difficult at places
TaeYoungAll Topcoder's problem can solve with "Introduction to Algorithms"?
ahm.kam_92tomek: did u participate in IOIs ACMs ?
desert_lionahm.kam_92: yes
tomekprunthaban: yes, I didn't read it until recently, but I read it pretty much all, it's fun read
zdravko_bprunthaban: the 4th volume isn't complete afaik :)
ortschuntomek: can you tell us how to practice basic algorithms when we first learn them
TaeYoungtomek: All Topcoder's problem can solve with "Introduction to Algorithms"?
Lugeratomek: are you going to paricicpate in today's SRM
CONDOR_316tomek: while reading, is it like a chapter and solve problems on that or mix the topics ??
desert_lionahm.kam_92: World champion in ACM 2006 I think
algoboytomek: can I have TomekAI ?
ahm.kam_92desert_lion: did u participate in IOIs , ACMs ?
AlexErofeevdesert_lion: in 2003 =)
desert_lionahm.kam_92: :D:D
tomekAs for data structures and algorithms reference, "Introduction to algorithms" contains all theory you'll need for a long while
desert_lionahm.kam_92: yeees
ahm.kam_92desert_lion: mashy
prunthabanzdravko_b: Except Facsimile 1, rest are available for sale I think. You get 0,2,3 and 4
ahm.kam_92desert_lion: :P
connect4tomek: You've been through it all; programming championships, come from behind victories, grad school and jobs. My question: What's your favorite sport?
tharistomek: You started learning algorithms for competitions since what age?
marcadianalgoboy: you already have TimoAI :D
Sarkintomek: Did you participate in the IOI if yes then when and what medal?
DAletomek: Do you have any ideas how TC community can help topcoder to stay alive?
tomekCONDOR_316: whatever suits you; I like just reading, but that's just me
Gando19850304Petr: Hi, Petr. Why are you here?
Sarkintomek: When did you start learning algorithms.
ortschuntomek: can you tell us how to practice basic algorithms when we first learn them
suhendrytomek: then, what is your current favorite book? (algorithm topic of course) :-)
tomekortschun: right
timur_kztomek: How much hours a day you spend studying???
nadeemfor those interested in his IOI and ACM achievements
TaeYoungtomek: In study you just read a book?
tomekortschun: these days you have so many resources online..
desert_liontomek: Reading or practising???
rng_58Will you participate in this SRM?
TaeYoungtomek: without Coding?
tomekortschun: I used to do the Polish Olympiad problems I got from the books they sold, with floppy disks
rng_58tomek: ans = min(ans,dist(x0,y0,x1+2*a,y1+2*a));
prunthabantomek: What do you think is the single reason for you being really strong in algorithms. When did you start learning? Just like other targets, do you also believe strong math skills is needed?
rng_58tomek: Sorry, Will you participate in this SRM?
tomekortschun: these days, just start doing contests
algoboytomek: who is your favourite coder ?
Repentinustomek: What do you think of USACO training program?
tomekyou have SRMS and zillions of other contests online
ortschuntomek: yeah youre right thanks
tomekyou do a few contests, then you'll see for yourself what you need to learn
stjepantomek: do you have a gf?
tomekRepentinus: it's great
tomekRepentinus: I did it
Lugeratomek: What advice would you give: more easy problems or less but hard ones?
SarkinR0N: Accept me.
tomekRepentinus: I learned a lot
5r5tomek: if you don't mind tellin, where do you work? i mean the company?
desert_lionstjepan: :D:D
desert_lionstjepan: lol
mastersobgtomek: what is your favourite online judge?
CONDOR_316tomek: how did you train for AMC ICPC ?
desert_lion5r5: google
rajeshsr5r5: Google!
Lugeratomek: What advice would you give: more easy problems or less but hard ones?
tomekLugera: easy problems (for you) teach you implementation skills
tomekLugera: hard problems make you think
TaeYoungtomek: In order to be like you What is the most important thing between Study new algorithm or solving problem??
Sarkintomek: What helped you most in the IOI USACO or other online judje??
tomekLugera: whatever you feel like practicing :)
albert988how to learn algorithms well?
5r5rajeshsr: oh. thnx. so vrybody knows abt it
topzhangtomek: can you recommend some books to me about algorathm
CamiloSototomek: Hello, my question is im tryng to learn DP, i think its very important, a lot of coders says its the most important topic with graph theory, what do u think ?
ortschuntomek: is it too late starting in college to become a top coder
desert_liontomek: reading or practising?
tomekortschun: many excellent people started in college
wilbertliutomek: So after reading some books, what should beginners do?
tomekwilbertliu: compete
felixjwilbertliu: practice off course
marcadianwilbertliu: practice!!
mastersobgtomek: what is your favourite online judge?
tomekwilbertliu: either compete, or go get some old problems with test data and solve them
felixjwilbertliu: what do you expect? :P
nggtomek: at acm icpc, we were there at cerc2008 in poland, it was really nice, but what was ur team's method? everyone programming or only one? etc
tomekthere are millions of problems online
wcfairytalefrom the beginner to yellow,how long will it be?
tomekmastersobg: I like
TheLosertharis: thanks, boa sorte tb :P nem sei como isto trabalha d':
5r5rajeshsr: r u a btech stud?
desert_liontomek: why
TaeYoungtomek: In order to be like you, What is the most important between Study new algorithm,structure or solving problem??
Sarkintomek: What helped you most in the IOI USACO or other online judje??
wcfairytale from the beginner to yellow,how long will it be?
tomekngg: team strategy is a tough one
wcfairytale from the beginner to yellow,how long will it be?
themastertomek: when you started programming what did you do when you can't solve a problem(if it happens) do you keep trying or ask
desert_lionahm.kam_92: heeeeeeeeeee
desert_lionahm.kam_92: tomek 2al SPOJ
desert_lionahm.kam_92: :D:D:D
tomekngg: you have to figure it out, explicitly talk about it
mbr1are you a graduated on Math or CS?
algoboytomek: can I have TomekAI ?
DAletomek: Do you have any ideas how TC community can help topcoder to stay alive?
Repentinustomek: What do you think of esoteric languages like brainfuck and whitespace?
tomekngg: but generally, you want to parallelize rather than work on the same thing
felixjtomek: when you face a new problem that you can't solve for a few days, what will you do after that?
nadeemtomek: Yarin was saying that C++ is an ugly language because it doesn't have features like intellisense (of C#) . what do u think
tomekalgoboy: it's not as good as it sounds :)
tomekalgoboy: I'll think about open-sourcing it, only now it's hardcoded to work with my library
nggtomek: we had 2 members thinking generally, and me programming, it was pretty good, we was the best hungarian team, but there were 10 polish teams better than us
TaeYoungtomek: what is more important between studying new algorithm or solving problem?
felixjtomek: when you face a new problem that you can't solve for a few days, what will you do after that?
tomekfelixj: I'd keep thinking about it, usually, unless I suspect it's unsolvable
algoboytomek: i hope it's coming soon :)
timur_kztomek: How are you???
CONDOR_316tomek: what makes u so fast at solving problems ?? knowledge of algos or practice ??
Sarkintomek: In SRMs do you use any plugins?
tomeknadeem: C++ really is a very ugly language
Lugeratomek: problems in what area do you like the most
tomeknadeem: I don't recommend using it
nadeemtomek: then why do you use it?
Sarkintomek: Why do you think it's ugly?
tharistomek: what's your fav programming language?
Sarkintomek: What language do you recommend?
ahm.kam_92desert_lion: :D
CamiloSototomek: Hello, my question is im tryng to learn DP, i think its very important, a lot of coders says its the most important topic with graph theory, what do u think ?
tomekSarkin: it has syntax and semantics that very few people fully understand
raaztomek: what language do you suggest to code in topcoder?
Matawhat lenguage do you recomend for contest?
Lugeratomek: problems in what area do you like the most
ortschuntomek: should div2 competitors practice the problems of div1 or div2?
TaeYoungyou are understand all of C++ language?
Repentinustomek: What's wrong with C++ in your opinion?
tomekSarkin: and it's just "wrong", e.g. with textual #include to link with other library
wilbertliutomek: Sometimes i found that some problems were too hard and made me frustated, how to overcome this situation?
tomekSarkin: it's because of C, which was designed for very old computers
Sarkintomek: Yeah maybe.
Sarkintomek: But still what language do you recommend?
Sarkintomek: C#?
R0Ntomek: so, what would u like to choose language except C++ ??
Sarkintomek: or Java?
zdravko_btomek: what language do you work with at google?
CONDOR_316tomek: java?
tomekI use C++ for detailed control
timur_kztomek: Which language is the best???
wcfairytaletomek: how long do you think it take for a green beginner to get into yellow? :)
mbr1tomek: which languages do you know besides C++?
tomekbut I wouldn't mind switching to Java
tharistomek: what do u think about Python, though it is not allowed for competitions?
felixjtomek: what do you mean by detail control?
ortschuntomek: which division's problems should div2 competitors practice??div1 or div2?
tomekI would recommend Java or C# for most people
Lugeratomek: problems in what area do you like the most
nicolodavistomek: What IDE/editor do you use?
Sarkintomek: Okay I'll swtich to C# you're responsible for that. :D :D :D :D
tomekfelixj: e.g. you can control memory usage, data structure layout
NotImplementedwhat science problems you are currently working at?
tomekfelixj: I like it, but automatic memory management is OK 99% of the time
BryanPGWhat do you think about Erlang?
tomeknicolodavis: I use VIM
wcfairytaletomek: how long do you think it'll take for a green beginner to get into yellow? :)
nicolodavistomek: cool :)
felixjtomek: oohh i see..
felixjtomek: thank you
tomeknicolodavis: I tried using Eclipse for C++, but switched back, it just doesn't add enough value for me
nicolodavistomek: Debugging?
antidwhat do you think about Korotcevich?
ngggdb's the best :P
stjepanantid: tourist?
ortschuntomek: which division's problems should div2 competitors practice??div1 or div2?
tomeknicolodavis: I don't debug, too slow; other than a "print value" here and there
desert_lionantid: tourist??
wilbertliutomek: Hmm.., which one do you prefer, read book first, or facing problems while i read some books?
nicolodavistomek: ok
b0hPetr is here waching tomek º_º
DAletomek: I'll try once again, I understand that this not a question for spotlight, but do you have any ideas how TC community can help topcoder to stay alive?
vexorianb0h: We care.
zdravko_bb0h: :D
TaeYoungwithout debug... wow;;
antiddesert_lion: yes
desert_lionantid: why this question? :D
tomeknicolodavis: but I started out with Turbo Pascal, which is a good IDE
tomeknicolodavis: (used to be)
Sarkintomek: :|
nicolodavistomek: Do you have your vimrc on the net somewhere?
tomeknicolodavis: my vimrc is almost empty
nicolodavistomek: haha ok
R0Ntomek: Will u participate today's SRM ?
tomekDAle: what do you mean?
ortschuntomek: which division's problems should div2 competitors practice??div1 or div2?
sathya.phoenixtomek: lol.. i thought ur vimrc would be really complex :)
Lugeratomek: at what age did you first have some interest in programming/algorithms
Sarkinvexorian: :D
amrsaqrtomek: will u enter today's srm ?
Sarkinvexorian: Then I won't.
Repentinustomek: Tea or coffee?
tomekLugera: I started programming on ZX Spectrum when I was about 12
Sarkinvexorian: I think C++ is the best!
Sarkinvexorian: :D
Sarkinvexorian: But I'll think about that.
tomekLugera: I didn't start learning algorithms until I was 15
Sarkintomek: What's ZX Spectrum?
xbittomek: what OS you use?
tomekRepentinus: tea, coffee makes my head hurt
tomekxbit: I use Ubuntu Linux right now
Sarkintomek: What's ZX Spectrum?
mbr1tomek: just like Petr :)
pooja.iiitaWhich one is the best os??
stjepanI bet everyone will start using ubuntu now :)
CONDOR_316tomek: u work at google ?
TaeYoungSarkin:8-bit computer
ortschuntomek: which division's problems should div2 competitors practice??div1 or div2?
xibicwhat u truly believe about life
chtomekCONDOR_316: i will start using ZX spectrum
tomekortschun: div 1
antidstjepan: i'm already using ubuntu)
Linttomek: Do you plan your solutions on paper first or just start coding?
chtomekstjepan: i will start using ZX spectrum
TaeYoungtomek: div2 problem is bad?
marcadianstjepan: and VIM LOL
DAletomek: "We have cut back projects, cut some senior level expense, are scrutinizing every expense from travel to technology purchases and so on and, obviously, have reduced member prize amounts and have halted some projects that were contracted out to memb
tomekortschun: I would recommend practicing also outside topcoder problems, to get more variety
DAletomek: (c) jhughes
mbr1tomek: Is it true that you programmed video games when you were younger?
Sarkintomek: Why you think starting to code first helps less than planing it out on a paper?
Sarkintomek: What did you use in the IOI?
Sarkintomek: Which method?
stjepanmbr1: he said so in the interview
pt1989Sarkin: his fingers know what to type ;)
shankar556288tomek: sir but in div 1 am unabe to solve even the 250
CamiloSototomek: do u work in any research proyect in this moment?
tomekTaeYoung: it's good, but for many people div2 is just a matter of time, while every Div1 problem will teach you something new
algoboytomek: do you have a plan to travelling in Asia maybe Indonesia ? :)
afonsecatomek: hi
tomekshankar556288: yes you are able to solve the 250, just not in 1.5 hours
antidtimur_kz: nerelisin?
ortschunyenizelanda: evet bende ilk kez gordum ama baya varmis galiba baksana =)
tomekalgoboy: I have been to Asia, but not Indonesia
marcadianalgoboy: you will provide accomodation and being tour guide LOL
timur_kzantid: KAZAKHSTAN
DAletomek: financial crisis.. you know
tomekDAle: I really don't know
shankar556288tomek: so you suggets to keep trying till we get it rite!!!
tomekDAle: how we should be helping TopCoder
algoboymarcadian: I will tell ceemot to do that :P
timur_kztimur_kz: and U?
tomekshankar556288: keep thinking first until you're sure how the solution should work
timur_kzantid: and U?
shankar556288tomek: is it good practice to see others code for hints???
tomekshankar556288: and then you don't have to keep trying, you just implement it from start to finish
felixjalgoboy: ceemot is just too busy :P
tomekshankar556288: definitely
tomekshankar556288: I do that all the time
shankar556288tomek: oh thanks...
Sarkintomek: Did you practise a lot before your first SRM in TC?
remtomek: Which programming contest format do you like more: TopCoder or ACM ICPC?
CONDOR_316tomek: how long should we spend on a problem we are not able to solve...we might me missing some algo...??
Lugeratomek: what's the most difficult area of algorithms according to you?
tomekSarkin: yes; I did a lot of competitions before I even learned about TC
Sarkintomek: Becuase in your first SRM you were yellow.
TaeYoungtomek: in past, you are studing algorithm very tough?
themastertomek: which do you think is the hardest algorithm to master
vexoriantomek: What would you recommend to intermediate people?
pt1989tomek: which online judges do u like. i've seen u on SPOJ and u've done some really difficult problems
algoboyfelixj: I believe she will like tomek :P
abhinavkulkarnitomek: Any good book specifically on data structres you may recommend?
mbr1Sarkin: he was acm icpc champion
tomekpt1989: SPOJ is a nice site, because it allows you so many languages
algoboyfelixj: uups, is shu was here ?
DAletomek: Did you like the rap song about you? :)
felixjalgoboy: wow? what happen between shu and ceemot recently? :P
SarkinDAle: Which one??
SarkinDAle: :D
tomekDAle: heh, yeah it's funny
izharialgoboy: =)) ada skandal..
pt1989tomek: u do haskell too right?
antidtomek: how are you practising for tc contests?
nggDAle: what rap song? pls send a link :P
xbitDAle: what rap song?
algoboyfelixj: sstt
felixjalgoboy: any scandal? :P
tomekpt1989: I enjoy programming in Haskell, yes
Repentinustomek: What do you think of problems you can only solve in an esoteric language?
pt1989tomek: ok cool
felixjalgoboy: oohh.. roger that... i'll keep my mouth shut :P
algoboyfelixj: nothing :p
TaeYoungtomek: what is your favorite music genre?
vexoriantomek: Would you one day do screencasts :)
tomekRepentinus: fun puzzles
pt1989tomek: do u like open-source ideology?
pt1989tomek: it is very relevant to computer science if not development
shankar556288DAle: where can you find it???
R0Ntomek: From where i can see approaches to solve SPOJ problems ? if i need
vexorianpt1989: Oh really?
shankar556288DAle: i mean the rap song about tomek
tomekvexorian: screencasts, yeah I saw Petr was doing that, it's great
chtomektomek: is someone out there to whom you go to ask for advice in case of very defficult problem you've got to solve and you cannot (and you dont want to spend days on figuring it out)
tomekvexorian: I might do one if I have the time to set it up
felixjwow, AC Rush is here
pt1989vexorian: speed is blinding here
pt1989vexorian: cant relate what that is meant to
vexoriantomek: I'd like to see one from a C++ guy that uses vim and debugs by printing :)
tomekchtomek: I think "Educational discussion" is where many people go and get answers to tough questions
WindyLancelottomek: what is the most useful graph algorithm to know for TC?
pt1989vexorian: get a time machine
innocentboyvexorian: me too :)
nicolodavistomek: Every thought about posting screencasts?
tomekvexorian: I usually don't debug by printing, but by code inspection :P
amrsaqrtomek: Will u join today's SRM :D ?
nicolodavistomek: Ever*
vexoriantomek: Not even printing?
tomekamrsaqr: no, not today
CONDOR_316tomek: could you PLEASE upload a video if you solving a SRM , like Petr ?
felixjtomek: what do you mean by code inspection? do the printf?
CONDOR_316tomek: of*
tomekfelixj: read every line of code to make sure it's correct
vexoriantomek says debugging is for wusses, real pros don't make mistakes.
SarkinCONDOR_316: When did Petr do that can you send a link?
tomekfelixj: it's perfect to quickly debug short code if you don't have time for unit tests
RockFiretomek,do you think code inspection is the best habit in debugging?
Garbagevexorian: lol
CONDOR_316tomek: sure :) hang on :)
meyramhello i
themastertomek: what algorithm do you think is the most hard to master
chtomektomek: i was thinking about kind of authority person, that good that you think he/she might come up with solution faster (maybe former university prof.)
nggCONDOR_316: where is the screencast of petr?
crackerwangCONDOR_316: wheere is video?
afonsecangg: in this blog
antidngg: in his blog
afonsecangg: upz
moshiurtomek: in SRMs, which problem do u start with? 250 or any other ?
afonsecangg: in his blog
meyramhello Igorp_ktl2
nadeemfor petr's screencast : google "petr
tomekthemaster: you mean to implement? there are some really complex algorithms - e.g. maximum matching in arbitrary graphs, graph planarity testing...
shankar556288tomek: do you use any editors in SRM's???
nadeem's blog : algorithm for dummies"
afonsecangg: double click on Petr's quote
felixjtomek: what is your strategy when solving SRM's problems?
Igorp_ktl2meyram: hello
vexoriantomek: That's actually a great idea, practice inspection, thanks.
tomekshankar556288: yes
WBocongtomek: Which complier do you use?
felixjtomek: do the 250 first or 500+ first?
Repentinustomek: What do you think of programmer evolution jokes? Do you think that a beginner should write code which is as simple as possible or shoulde he/she write a code that he finds more comfort to write?
tomekWBocong: gcc
RockFirecode inspection may be the best?
tomekfelixj: that's part of your strategy, you have to figure out which gives you better chances to place high
_sunnytomek: You didnot write any problems for TC ever, why?
meyramIgorp_ktl2: Where a u from?
SarkinPetr: Are you participating today?
shankar556288tomek: wats the best method for challenging in SRM's?
tomek_sunny: I would love to, I think I am not allowed to, because TC pays for them, and I am on a visa that disallows that
pt1989tomek: why arent u giving today's SRM?
meyramFereshte.: Who are you?
DAletomek: Do you know that joke about "IT party" with you on photo was famous at least at russian speaking countries? :)
ardiankptomek: you can always reject the payment :)
samshutomek: do you have a liking to a particular language/technology?
CamiloSototomek: lot of coders says DP its the most important topic with graph theory, what do u think ?
SarkinCONDOR_316: Thanks.
moshiurtomek: any advice on DP ??
tomekCamiloSoto: DP is an important topic
tomekCamiloSoto: to learn
CONDOR_316tomek: its in Russian ..just have to enter the number and click on the green button :)
CONDOR_316tomek: no problem :)
tomekCamiloSoto: I think at first you learn it by example, it's just a general approach to solving problems, not a specific algorithm you should learn
chtomektomek: do you do blind challanges sometimes?
TeCNoYoTTatomek: practicing & reading ... how can i mange the percentage of each to be better
ortschuntomek: on tco08 semifinal, you tried to solve 1k first but it failed, then on final you went on with same strategy. Why?
samshutomek: do you have a liking towards a language/techmology?
tomekchtomek: mostly not blind, but many times I know about some edge case that people are likely to get wrong, and search for that quickly
samshutomek: do you prefer working in a particular technology than something else??
CONDOR_316tomek: could you please upload your video ??
CamiloSototomek: how do u learn practice or books, i mean i read some operations reasearch boooks, this its same topic or different?
chtomektomek: good advice ... thanks
tomekortschun: ha, there was some thinking / probability calculation behind that strategy :)
_sunnytomek: That means you are not allowed to recieve the payments? So the TCO payments?
moshiurtomek: how long do u try a single problem, outside contests ??
timur_kztomek: When did you start studying programming?
tomekortschun: but basically, I was going for a win, and I thought that was the best chance to win
vexoriantomek: Did you contribute problems to the gcj ?
Ductomek: when did you improve in algorithms most rapidly, in high school, university or after that?
samshuvexorian: atleast he has not authored any in TC
tomekvexorian: I didn't come up with any of the problem's initial ideas
OlexiyOdesert_lion: I think the rules aren't published yet
tomekvexorian: but I worked on GCJ for many months, and on the problems as well
vexoriantomek: Testing/system ?
felixjtomek: if you're going to implement an algorithm that you've never code, what will you do? google for some examples? or how?
Lugeratomek: do you use 'hot codes' for SRMs
Repentinustomek: What do you think of programmer evolution jokes? Do you think that a beginner should write code which is as simple as possible or shoulde he/she write a code that he finds is more comfortable to write?
tomekDuc: I think for programming competitions, I mostly practiced in high school for IOI and university for ACM ICPC
MohammadRezatomek: your feature about style of programming contest was great
zdravko_btomek: why don't you take part in today's srm?
tomekRepentinus: I don't know what jokes
tomekRepentinus: but both
tomekRepentinus: at the same time
rajeshsrtomek: U have a blog like Petr?
ortschuntomek: and Petr's challenge in last second.. have you felt like you're not gonna make it ?
tomekrajeshsr: no, I do not have a blog
januxtomek: What is the best path to be taken to learn dynamic programming?
Ductomek: how better are you in algorithms now than the time in high school? 2x, 3x or more :p
Lugeratomek: do you use 'hot codes' for SRMs
felixjtomek: if you're going to implement an algorithm that you've never code, what will you do? google for some examples? or how?
tomekortschun: that was a desperate shot...
CamiloSototomek: operations reasearch books about DP, its good way to learn DP like lieberman or tahha ?
MohammadRezatomek: "your feature article about style of programming contest was great" do you want to add some more advice?
tomekDuc: I have learned a lot of theory in the meantime, and I have a lot more experience ...
muntasir_120tomek: so, you were involved in setting up the GCJ's contest system?
RockFiretomek,why do you prefer code inspection?
moshiurtomek: your favourite programmer ? :P
TeCNoYoTTatomek: practicing on TopCoder or Reading books ... how can person manage these ?
tomekfelixj: understand how it works
zdravko_btomek: do you think there will be gcj 2009?
WindyLancelottomek: What graph algorithm have you found most useful in TC? If you have to choose one.
tomekmuntasir_120: yes
Lugeratomek: do you use 'hot codes' for SRMs
vexoriangood news everyone.
samshutomek: by the you go along well with Petr
tomekzdravko_b: I don't think that's decided yet
rajeshsrtomek: Before spoj,how u used to practice? When u are at high school preparing for IOI, I don't think spoj existed, right?
samshuvexorian: what??
vexoriansamshu: tomek thinks there will be a gcj.
Ductomek: you said you usually debug by code inspections. do you mean you only do this when you cannot find incorrect test case?
progfoolhii evryone
tomekrajeshsr: right, it didn't exist, and I didn't have access to internet at home for a while; I would get all the past problems from previous polish olympiads and IOIs
zdravko_bvexorian: he said it's not decided
progfoolhiii tomek
tomekrajeshsr: and write solutions for them
samshuvexorian: oh..i'd rather prefer more SRM's
vexorianzdravko_b: I said good news everyone before that.
khanhptnktomek: will you take rank 2 from acrush after this match :))
zdravko_bvexorian: you still mean it :) ?
tomekkhanhptnk: if ACRush competes and falls, then maybe; I'm going to have to go to work
innocentboytomek: are you competing today ? :)
rajeshsrtomek: Great, what will u do, if u don't see the solution?
Ductomek: sometimes i cannot get accepted for a problem although i read every line of code and see nothinig wrong. I cannot find any incorrect test case also. then what to do in these case : p
samshutomek: do you get along well with Petr?
Repentinustomek: Tell your boss that you'll quit if you can't participate in SRMs :D
tomekrajeshsr: if I truly can't see a solution, I would let it go for a while; but it's rare, I'm persistent :)
tomeksamshu: of course, Petr is a nice guy
progfooltomek, did u ever have concerns with the maths during programming?
pt1989progfool: i really really doubt that
tomekDuc: read again :P
pt1989progfool: tomek is the concern
pt1989progfool: he doesnt have concerns :P
moshiurtomek didn't register for today's match yet... :(
progfoolohh yaa.....:))
progfoolwhat do i do if i want to improve the maths......actually computational maths
samshutomek: do you think rankings/ratings say all about coding skills?
WBocongtomek: Thanks for your advices!
khanhptnktomek: do you have any methods to improve the accuracy of programming ?
mbr1tomek: how far can someone go in algorithm competitions if he's not a genius at math?
daiwbtomek: Any suggestion on the books to read to improve algorithm and math? :)
progfooltomek: what do i do if i want to improve my maths
moshiurtomek: how to improve in math for programming ?
tomekprogfool: then study maths; read Concrete Mathematics
progfooltomek: thank you.......
moshiurtomek: is Concrete Math enough ??
Ducsuhendry: yes, how abt you
pt1989tomek: does coming from a university with a poor coding culture gives u no chance of competiting with the better ones?
tomekkhanhptnk: write pretty, well structured code; don't rush it
mohan8990tomek: I m just a beginner. How to enhance my coding ability. Also suggest me a book for c++ and Data Structures pls
tomekkhanhptnk: then it's more likely to be correct and easier to fix any bugs
progfooltomek: i heard that ull rarely need to debug ur codes....u can run it the first time u it true??
moshiurtomek: do u think Concrete Math is enough for maths ?
tomekpt1989: you university doesn't matter, we are living in a global society
Alekstomek: is Daniel Czajka your brother? =)
samshutomek: how much has TC helped you at work?
tomekprogfool: yes, it's true :P
pt1989tomek: yes but i spend so much of my time in useless activities
tomekAleks: no
adrianoo07tomek: have you got girlfriend?
cjoakes22Thank you tomek and everyone else for joining this chat. There are 5 more minutes left. Please ask your last questions at this time.
pt1989tomek: i think people in better universities do better things
wilbertliutomek: do you have a daily training?
moshiurtomek: do u think Concrete Math is enough for maths ?
khanhptnktomek: are you an easygoing person ? :))
tomekwilbertliu: I don't do much training per se these days
progfooltomek: how do i practice so that i can even code like that
progfooltomek: is there any wel defined approach?
tomekwilbertliu: I used to, when I had a lot of free time, to practice for the ACM contest a lot
khanhptnktomek: have you ever felt frustrated on your ability ?
vivekmrathodconcrete math is a about recursions, number theory and also had some nice algos
okidogitomek: what do you mean by a lot?
khanhptnktomek: i mean when you can't solve a problem, what do you think ?
rajeshsrtomek: why u don't compete much in SRMs these days.
sushil2006090ny1 from IIIT A
rajeshsrtomek: ?
progfooland Petr is also listening i guess........please can u answer one question?...
tomekokidogi: 2-3 times a week, I would sit down for 4 hours and write code
FameofLightlitwin: only english
tomekokidogi: anyway, I do that even more at work these days :)
tomekokidogi: just different kind of code
felixjtomek: just 4 hours?
amrsaqrtomek: being a good problem solver, is it a gift, or something that develops by practicing and reading ??
progfoolPetr: Do you do work with C# in google???
plltomek: Do you think a graduate student is too late to learn Algorithm like students in highschool or universities?
nggtomek: if u look at acm standings ( why do u think that there are so many great polish teams (9 out of the top10 is polish)
pszemsza_tomek: not sure whether someone asked about that: what do you do in google?
tomekamrsaqr: I think it's mostly a learned skill; I used to be more of a math person, until I met people doing programming competitions at math camps
rajeshsrtomek: U strated from Maths olympiad?
samshuprogfool: i think he is not
tomekpszemsza_: currently I work on managing resources in datacenters
progfoolsamshu: yes..perhaps:(
khanhptnktomek: i mean when you can't solve a problem, what do you think ?
tomekrajeshsr: yes, I did the math olympiad
samshuprogfool: if i remember correctly what he said in his spotlight session
Ductomek: could you still maintain good university result when practicing for acm :p
aurortomek: were you involved in organizing the last GCJ too?
RockFiretomek,do you have any strategy to decrease the time on debuging?
tomekngg: I am not sure, but we have a lot of high school people doing competitions in Poland
qinhaotianhi guys
tomekngg: so it's a large, competetive groups of people
qinhaotianlets have fun coding today :)
qinhaotianGOOOD LUCK TO U ALL <3
tomekauror: yes, I was
samshuprogfool: something other than c#
samshuprogfool: ;)
progfooltomek: How were u feeling during the systest at TC) this year??
qinhaotianHow is everyone doing today sirs?
Sarkintomek: Thanks for the answers.
RockFiretomek,do you have any strategy to decrease the time on debuging?
tomekDuc: ha, that's a good one, but mostly yes
MohammadRezaFereshte.: ha ha
LotusHe's still here
khanhptnktomek: have a excellent work day ! :))
TeCNoYoTTaamrsaqr: aha ..... okZ ya 3amot :D
progfooltomek:.jus one question were u feeling during the systest at TCO this year??
khanhptnktomek: have an excellent work day ! :))
samsamtomek: do you participate today?
Sarkinsamsam: NO!
DAletomek: do you have any local polish TC community?
progfooltomek: is bzz perhaps!!!!!
xjtuhyhpt1989: tomek will be here for a long time if he do not compete srm today?
samsamSarkin: you are not tomek.
tomekprogfool: I was quite confident, relieved that Petr didn't manage to get more than 3 challenges more than me after all :)
cjoakes22This is the conclusion of this chat with tomek. You may discuss this Spotlight Session in the TC forums at Thanks again everyone!
knuthyGood luck for you all
prunthabanBye tomek!
moshiurGOOD LUCK......
shankar556288tomek: Thank You Tomek!!!
tomekthanks everyone, have a good match
nggtomek: i dunno if u were studying in the university of warsaw, but there were 3 teams in top10 from that university, do they have lots of lectures about algorithms, etc?
DAletomek: thank you anyway :)
progfooltomek: i watched the match....u did an excellent challenge....the last one ....perhaps john's he got segmentation fault
CONDOR_316tomek: Thank you for the help :)
samshuis there a way to become colourless??
progfooltomek: that was soo thrilling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Repentinustomek: Thanks.
emotionalBlindtomek: thanks a lot :)
yacekhf & gl ;)
qinhaotianwhere are u vector?
elmariachi1414tomek: Thanks!
pszemsza_ngg: yeah, they have
ortschuntomek: thank you so much for answering out questions
antidgood luck
progfooltomek: thnkz anyways was soooooo good talking to u.....and thnks for all those help
muntasir_120tomek: thanks
rajeshsrtomek: Thanks! Wish u compete a lot in more SRMs and give us ur great codes!
tomekngg: just a lot of people at Warsaw do competitions
wilbertliutomek: Thanks tomek.. :)
progfooltomek: good luck at work...
ortschuntomek: thank you so much for answering our questions
Lugeratomek: thanks!!!
wilbertliutomek: If you are a coach, what will you do to improve beginner?
amrsaqrtomek: thanx tomek, good luck :)
nggtomek: thx anyway
tomekwilbertliu: try solving a bunch of problems, then you'll see what you need to learn for yourself
tomekwilbertliu: just need to realize what you don't know
wilbertliutomek: Oh.., okay.., thanks anyway.. :)