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Chat transcript from TCHS SRM 62: Spotlight Session with Yarin
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cjoakes22Welcome to the Spolight Session with Yarin
cjoakes22Thank you Yarin for being here to answer everyone's questions
Yarinhi everyone
abs_abshi there
abs_absdo you have any blog or any web page ?
Yarinabs_abs: no, i don't. i've been thinking about it though
nicolodavisYarin: How in the world do you type so fast? :)
cjoakes22Hello everyone. Welcome to the Spolight Session with Yarin
CamiloSotoYarin: Hello
SarkinYarin: How old are you?
irancoldfusionYarin: Do you work or study?
Yarinnicolodavis: i dunno :) but i'm not nearly as fast as Minilek here...
YarinSarkin: 30
zdravko_bYarin: Do you have a girlfriend ;) ?
Yarinirancoldfusion: i'm a professional programmer since 5 years
-ronin-what Online Judje Systems you use for practice, and do you use them at all?
Yarinzdravko_b: lol, nope
ahm.kam_92Yarin: hello Yarin
ahm.kam_92Yarin: How r u ?
CamiloSotoYarin: how much time u must spend to prepare for topcder and iccpc
CamiloSotoYarin: for example
Yarinahm.kam_92: actually i have a cold and some slight fever. so i won't be participating in today's SRM. it's not stopping me from asnwering questions though!
vijaykrishnanyeah saw
CamiloSotoYarin: in a week
rockaustin2k6Yarin how much can u advice me how to code to become red?
YarinCamiloSoto: well, nowadays, nothing really.
abs_absdoes having a girlfriend helps in becoming a RED ? ;)
ahm.kam_92Yarin: sorry for that
YarinCamiloSoto: i did prepare some for the recent Google Code Jam thoguh. brushing up my coding library
CamiloSotoYarin: well but for us beginners
ahm.kam_92Yarin: hope u will be in better health soon
CamiloSotoYarin: what do u think
SarkinYarin: Did you participate in the IOI?
CamiloSotoYarin: ?
ahm.kam_92Yarin: so, did u participate in IOIs before ?
ahm.kam_92Yarin: and how old r u ?
Yarinrockaustin2k6: well, do about 1000 problems in the practice room or on some online judge
Sarkinahm.kam_92: 30
CamiloSotoahm.kam_92: hello ahmed
Yarinahm.kam_92: thanks
ahm.kam_92CamiloSoto: hello camilo
CamiloSotoabstractwhiz: hello nadeem
zdravko_bYarin: what exactly do you work?
pdallagoYarin: when did you first learn any interesting algorithms?
YarinCamiloSoto: when i did most of my practice, i spent probably 15-20 hours a week. this was back in 1999-2003
yiuyuhopdallago: hey
YarinSarkin: yes, in 1997. i came 10th.
nfx333Yarin: Do you know Tourist(G. Korotkevich from Belarus)? What u think about him?
ahm.kam_92Yarin: have u participated in IOIs before ?
Sarkinahm.kam_92: Yeah
Yarinzdravko_b: I work at a small startup company, Silobreaker. it's in Stockholm, Sweden
Sarkinahm.kam_92: 1994 and cam 10th
ahm.kam_92Sarkin: uh
ahm.kam_92Sarkin: :)
vijaykrishnanYarin: do u work/study? where?
Yarinahm.kam_92: yes, IOI 1997 in South Africa. 10th place. Really weird problems that year...
CamiloSotoYarin: Well, other one i have chat with other high rating topoders and they say the most important topic to improve its DP, do u agree, ?
hamedvalizadehYarin: How many hours in a day do you usually spend with you computer?
ahm.kam_92Yarin: mmm, nice
CamiloSotoYarin: well all are important but this its mots important
ahm.kam_92Yarin: so, what about ACM ?
YarinCamiloSoto: i can agree. it certainly is one of the first things to practice
ahm.kam_92Yarin: have u entered once in the finals ?
Yarinhamedvalizadeh: excluding work, not that much. i have a lot of other hobbies
FameofLightYarin: Mathematics , has real good connection with solving problem , does it also affect writing small and clean code
yiuyuhoYarin: how old you are Yarin, if you don't mind revealing? ;)
RepentinusYarin, what's best competition environment for practice? TC, SPOJ, USACO..?
Yarinahm.kam_92: yes, I was in the ACM world finals 2001 in Vancouver. we came 11th or something like that.
pdallagoI'm guessin 27
SarkinYarin: What helps better reading books or practicing?
ahm.kam_92Yarin: nice!
Sarkinyiuyuho: 30
hamedvalizadehyiuyuho: he is 30
stormskyYarin: how to learn "Graph Theory",which book i may read and how to practice this kind problem?
YarinRepentinus: i haven't use SPOJ. TC i think is very nice with all the educational content available. USACO is a good place to start for high schools students
yiuyuhoSarkin: lol, Thanks
yiuyuhoSarkin: Do you guys know what does he do for living?
hosam_samyahm.kam_92: hea eh el room deh
Yarinstormsky: my course litterature in graph theory was a book by West (not sure title, but probably just "introduction to graph theory").
vijaykrishnanYarin: do u work/study? where?
Yarinstormsky: i liked that book. it's very mathy, but it helps you as a programmer as well
FameofLightyiuyuho: Yarin> zdravko_b: I work at a small startup company, Silobreaker. it's in Stockholm, Sweden
pdallagoYarin: weird question, how do you like living in Sweden?
cjoakes22hosam_samy: Please speak only English in this lobby. thank you
ahm.kam_92hosam_samy: enta awwel marra teshoof practice session ?!
YarinSarkin: I'm all for practivcing. i've only really read one algo book, in 1998 or something like that. the rest is practice. i think i've done like 1500-2000 problems throughout the years
stormskyYarin: ok, i'll look for the book,thanks
ahm.kam_92cjoakes22: ooops
ahm.kam_92cjoakes22: sorry
ahm.kam_92cjoakes22: :S
Yarinpdallago: best country to live in :)
RepentinusYarin, what do you think of the Pirate Bay?
hosam_samyahm.kam_92: ah
yiuyuhoFameofLight: interesting, does he enjoy working there?
ahm.kam_92hosam_samy: whisper please
FameofLightyiuyuho: I don't know , you can ask now
yiuyuhoFameofLight: Cool ;)
YarinFameofLight: yes. petr mentionedf mathematical thinking. i totally agree with him. also, it's very neat to code in "functioanl style"
hamedvalizadehYarin: When have you started parogamming?
yiuyuhoYarin: Do you enjoy working at your company? Have you tried other options?
YarinRepentinus: lol, nice place to get stuff from :)
ahm.kam_92Yarin: so, where do u work ?
abs_absYarin: can you tell us more about your current work profile ?
mohan8990Yarin: Can I write additional method for the problems?
Yarinyiuyuho: yes, it's a small company, only 7 developers. so i get to do all sorts of things
RepentinusWas your TC rating considered as an extra point to hire you when you were hired?
Yarinyiuyuho: i've been contacted by other companies for sure. i'm currently happy where i am though
FameofLightYarin: thanks , This question must be put forward many times , Any special thing "apart from others" you like to mention for improving your coding Skills , That make you write really hard algorithms fast
yiuyuhoYarin: a small company, don't you get stressed out when the economy is going now?
Yarinmohan8990: not sure what you mean?
yiuyuhoYarin: That my most worry
lucasufrnYarin: how often do you take vacations?
YarinFameofLight: one thing is probably not to code the first thing that pops to your mind. i've done that mistake many times myself (and still do).
YarinFameofLight: think all steps of the problem through, and see if there are any corner cases. a single corner case can destroy your entire solution outline
mohan8990Yarin: Can I Write My own method other than the method given in SRM
CamiloSotoYarin: i have been practicing DP most i can but i still think there its something missing, instead of practicing beacuse i still dont make them fast, even worst i cant construct solutions by myself alone yet, what other thing i most practice for improve i
Yarinlucasufrn: many of my vacations are related to competitions. last year, i had five vacations one week each, spread out throughout the year... a bit horrible, relaly
SarkinYarin: Sorry if I ask you this question the third time but I'm having some internet troubles Did you solve all the USACO when participated in the IOI if you remember?
yiuyuhoCamiloSoto: you should calm down and do about 100-200 easy problems to get your fundamentals down ;)
yiuyuhoCamiloSoto: Dont go on Div 1 1000s
YarinCamiloSoto: hmm i'm not sure, sorry.
yiuyuhoCamiloSoto: Even I can't understand those ;)
CamiloSotoYarin: i see
CamiloSotoYarin: thanks
RepentinusYarin: Was your TC rating considered as an extra point to hire you when you were hired?
YarinSarkin: no, i only learned about USACO several years after I did the IOI. i recommend it to my IOI students though (i'm the IOI delegation leader of Sweden)
FameofLightYarin: Did science helps in improving your coding specially Physics
afonsecawhat's the name of the company that Yarin works?
YarinSarkin: my first and only IOI was my introduction to algorithm competitive programming. i hadn't done any proper training before that
FameofLightafonseca: Yarin> zdravko_b: I work at a small startup company, Silobreaker. it's in Stockholm, Sweden
yiuyuhoFameofLight: lol
SarkinYarin: How old where you at that time?
afonsecawhat kind of software?
YarinFameofLight: no, i hate physics :) I'm really glad that I didn't have to study any physics at university level. only math and computer science
YarinSarkin: 19
yiuyuhoYarin: do you still practice?
YarinFameofLight: so if physics related problems pop up at topcoder, i'm usually at a slight disadvantage
suhendryYarin: what's your favorite type of problem in programming contest? :-)
Yarinyiuyuho: not much, no. I participate occasionally in SRM's when the time is fine (usually Saturday SRM's). I also try to do some interesting problems from ACM regionals and the IOI contests.
FameofLightYarin: are your psychology about the physics and disadvantageous
thocev5Yarin: which university did you attend? have you ever wished you picked some other?
Yarinsuhendry: those that require much code! because then my typing speed can be an important factor, hehe
kodaYarin: Hi Jimmy! You work with the Swedish national qualifiers for the IOI. What is the current trend regarding the number (and level) of participants? What do you think is the most effective way to ensure a steady stream of contestants?
SarkinYarin: Do you find reading books useful if yes can you recommend some?
yiuyuhoYarin: is it because you cannot find time due to work? Or just at a different stage in life now?
Yarinthocev5: Umeåniversity. a small one really, but it was my home town. nice to not hvae to move. i have never considered selecting a good university very important.
afonsecagreat answer :)
marcadianYarin: i heard you are fast typist, how fast? ever try typeracer? :D
Yarinkoda: hi Daniel :) the trend is decreasing... we have started to hvae contact with previous years contestants earlier on now. also, we've strated with internet qualifiers
CamiloSotoYarin: Do u like some king of sport or phisical exercise ?
RepentinusYarin: But do you think that being educated in MIT or school with similiar level gives you more knowledge, better skills, etc?
suhendryYarin: ouch, i hate that kind of problems :D
Yarinmarcadian: 600-700 cpm, depending on the type of text. i've only tried
ktuanYarin: small Univ & company, are you willing with your current life ?
yiuyuhoRepentinus: not when you are Yarin ;)
pt1989Repentinus: yes same question
YarinCamiloSoto: i used to do long distance running quite a lot. not this year though, sadly.
pt1989Yarin: did u goto a coding camp?
ktuanYarin: could you give some advices to write a good problem ?
YarinRepentinus: don't think i can answer that question since I don't know much about MIT really.
Yarinpt1989: no, i'm entirely self taught.
pt1989Yarin: cool
pt1989Yarin: gives me a lot of hope :D
CamiloSotoYarin: Really, very nice me too, this year i compete on 21km running maraton, i wiuld like to run the big one have u ever try the big one?
CamiloSotoYarin: i mean 42km?
Yarinktuan: there's no formula for creating good problems, really.. the best problems are those that are different from all existing
decowboyHow cluttered is your desk?
YarinCamiloSoto: nope, but i sure plan to run a marathon someday. i've done a couple of 20km workouts, but never any longer
pt1989Yarin: can u tell about ur journey and how u improved?
SarkinYarin: Do you recommend TC for IOIers?
Yarindecowboy: i try to keep it as clean as possible. i'm pretty pedantic
YarinSarkin: yes, definately! especially the challenge phase when you have to look at other peoples code is very, very, good practice for new prople
CamiloSotoYarin: have u ever try to code, after a lot of running its very nice, brain its total UP
CamiloSotoYarin: i think its very nice for improving, what do u think?
YarinCamiloSoto: no, i usually don't code after running :) a coca cola and a book in the sofa is best then hehe
yiuyuhokonqueror: yo
CamiloSotoYarin: jejejjeje
konqueroryiuyuho: hello :)
drain_bamageYarin: what are your favourite movies ? :)
Yarindrain_bamage: since I'm a big tolkien fan, LOTR would be pretty high on the list
sahiltiwariYarin: how many hours you practise programming problem ?
CamiloSotoYarin: nice, i do it like this sometimes, but of course after shower
CamiloSotoYarin: jajajajajajjajajajajaja
Yarinsahiltiwari: Nowadays I don't really practice "competitive algorithm programming". I participate occasionally in SRM's when the time is fine (usually Saturday SRM's). I also try to do some interesting problems from ACM regionals and the IOI contests.
FoundationYarin: Do you get nervous before a programming competition?
drain_bamageYarin: nice !!!!! :D LOTR rulez
kshitij_svYarin: You don't seem very active on topcoder off late, why so?
saradarTorshiziwhat is important in contest? mathematic or programming ability(coding)?
RepentinusYarin: What are your favourite fiction/science fiction books?
YarinFoundation: not any more. i think that may be an advantage for me on onsites. a lot of people who are better than me are fairly new, and can be nervous
moshiurYarin: i have a very poor knowledge in math. what is the best & quickest way ot improve ??
moshiurYarin: *to
FoundationYarin: Is there a way to become less nervous?
YarinRepentinus: i don't read SF so much, really. does the hitchhiker's guide qualify? :)
FoundationYarin: Other than lots and lots of practice?
pt1989Yarin: By SF u mean sourceforge ? :P
kneupane Yarin: I am bew to prgramming ?? what is your suggestion ??
YarinFoundation: less nervous before competitions? well, participate in more competitions!
FoundationYarin: :)
FoundationYarin: Thanks.
marcadianYarin: what language do you use at work?
msg555I still get nervous :)
SarkinYarin: That's right when I'm not in a SRM I can solve the problems better that when I'm in a SRM why? did that happen to you?
saradarTorshiziadmins: what is important in contest? mathematic or programming ability(coding)?
Foundationmsg555: :D
RepentinusYarin: I want to ask the same thing which was asked from Petr too: tea or coffee?
Yarinmarcadian: C#. the only language i use nowadays
Foundationmsg555: Even after 100+ SRMs?
Foundationmsg555: So I guess it's normal to be nervous then. :)
kshitij_svYarin: Do you work/study?
Sarkinmsg555: You shouldn't only beginners :D
yiuyuhoFoundation: yes
yiuyuhoFoundation: lol
YarinSarkin: yes, definately. when practice coding, it's much easier to be calm, and think about the solution in detail before implementing it. that's usually faster in a real competition as well, but then you much more easily start of in the wrong direction
Foundationyiuyuho: :)
YarinRepentinus: Coffee! tea == hot water if you ask me
blackunicornYarin: How important do you think, are algorithm skills in the professional software development arena?
Yarinkshitij_sv: work
kshitij_svYarin: Which company?
jeromeemoseswhat are the basic math stuff one need to know to be a good coder?
Yarinkshitij_sv: Silobreaker
CamiloSotoYarin: hey, one last question, people that works on research like physics, or maths are good coders like tomek, u, petr?
kshitij_svYarin: Ohh. I guessed Google. :)
pt1989kshitij_sv: me too
dorjayhey which book should i refer for alogo dotn say "Corman"
themasterYarin: hi
Yarinblackunicorn: not so much. much more important is implementation technique. that is, KISS = Keep It Simply Stupid. a lot of people don't
FoundationYarin: Do you get frustrated when a problem is difficult to solve speedily?
sahiltiwariYarin: Do you think reading solution of other coders can help to improve coding skill ?
pt1989dorjay: Cormen it's not Corman
kshitij_svYarin: What does your job consist of?
YarinCamiloSoto: was that a question?
kshitij_svYarin: As in what exactly is your job, i.e, what do you work on?
YarinFoundation: no, not really. i like solving hard problems as well. but i have a better chance if the problem is fairly easy, and it's mostly about finding the most efficient way to implement it.
themasterYarin: do you know the average time taken for someone to become red assuming he is 80% good??
CamiloSotoYarin: yeah thats is true, do u know very good coders that works on research like physics?
SarkinYarin: Do you use any plugins in the SRMS does they help?
moshiurYarin: what is the best way to practice when theoritical base is poor
blackunicornthemaster: that is a very ambiguous question.. :P
Yarinkshitij_sv: kind of hard to summarize, but i work on the server side of a fairly complex information retrieval system.
FoundationYarin: Ah. Thanks, I sometimes become flustered when a I have no ideas about solving a particular problem. What do you do in such circumstances?
RepentinusYarin: Do you know any esoteric languages? Which? Do you like esoteric languages?
themasterYarin: can you gess?
themasterYarin: guess*?
kshitij_svYarin: Does your algorithm competition experience help you in your current job ? If yes, how
Yarinthemaster: well, if you're good when starting at topcoder, you become red after 2-3 matches. if you are a good talent, but fairly new, it might take longer certinaly
YarinFoundation: i try to find hints, but not total give-aways
YarinRepentinus: esoteric languages?
solafideYarin: In what order would you open and solve a set of TC problems? Would you do the 250 first to warm up, or the 1000 first since it's most valuable, or the 500 for some reason I can't fathom? What comes second?
YarinRepentinus: not sure what that is
themasterYarin: thank you
FoundationYarin: Esoteric as meaning for the select few.
FoundationYarin: only a few use it.
FoundationYarin: In other words.
RepentinusYarin: languages like brainf*ck, whitespace, eyc...
CamiloSotoYarin: do u know very good coders that works on research like physics?
FoundationYarin: Thanks, how long do you spend on a problem before looking for hints/solutions?
YarinFoundation: oh. i see. well, i think all those are cute and hilarous in some ways, but i've never really tried learn them :) Befunge and Malbolge (sp?) are probably my favourites then...
CamiloSotoYarin: beacuse i know some that works but in algorithms
CamiloSotoYarin: research
CamiloSotoYarin: ?
YarinFoundation: 10-15 hours probably
FoundationYarin: Wow, you have that much time to devote to a single problem?
YarinCamiloSoto: not physics, no.
YarinFoundation: well, if it's an interesting problem, i don't want it spoilt. i can think about it on the tube to work, or on the lunch, etc
kshitij_svYarin: What do you do during leisure? As in what would be your hobbies
SarkinCamiloSoto: It seems you like physics a lot.
FoundationYarin: Ah. Thanks. :)
CamiloSotoYarin: there is any coder that has arrive to a medal field or near?
moshiurYarin: Did u solve in any OJ for practice ??
CamiloSotothat is for all
YarinFoundation: play chess. or guitar hero. or something else. i try to read a lot as well
CamiloSotoSarkin: yeah i love it
FoundationYarin: That's nice.
Yarinmoshiur: yes, i did like 800 problems or so on UVA
FoundationYarin: Do you play chess competitively?
SarkinCamiloSoto: Nice.
FoundationYarin: Not sure if that's a word.
YarinFoundation: but i'm pretty serious in all my hobbies. as in, i like to become good or very good at the stuff i spend time on
YarinFoundation: yes i do
moshiurYarin: how to learn math for programming ??
FoundationYarin: :) Me too. It's hard though...
Yarinmoshiur: get a book about discrete mathematics. that's pretty much the only math book you need
boris.grubicYarin: why are you using C# ?
Yarinboris.grubic: I use C# simply because I think it's the best general-purpose programming language available. I also think languages like C#/Java are better in these kind of contents because they're better at catching logical errors.
RepentinusYarin: Do you like any other simple strategy games besides chess too? Tetralink, the Game of Go, etc?
gcosmincand anybody tell me if you still need a 3 tchs participations in order to be able to enter the tournament?
Foundationgcosmin: No
YarinRepentinus: haven't tried any other such game seriously, no
Foundationgcosmin: They changed it this year.
CamiloSotoMinilek: hello
FoundationYarin: Do you enjoy competitive programming better or development?
fadetoblackYarin: and why not C++ ?
CamiloSotoMinilek: sup, ?
gcosminFoundation: thx. so i can enter the tournament regardless of how having no tchs? (i would like to participate in the srm)
YarinFoundation: competitive programming is more of a holiday... but i've come to like software development much more than i would have though just 5 years ago. there are so many other challenges that are interesting
Foundationgcosmin: That's what the admins told me. :D
Repentinusgcosmin: If I remember correctly then you have to participate in one.
ashproYarin: u remember what ur first rating in TC was..?
fadetoblackYarin: for example there is no set, priority_queue in C#
piks_18Yarin should we be strong in mathematics to come to red color rating in topcder...?
moshiurYarin: how many hours a day u practiced, as a beginner ??
FoundationYarin: Ah. So you enjoy different aspects of each?
Yarinfadetoblack: C++ is just ugly. there certinaly is set in C#, you hvae HashSet and SortedDictionary etc for a tree-like set structure
gcosminFoundation: isn't there anything said regarding this on the site?
nicolodavisYarin: C++ is ugly??
Sarkinashpro: Look at the graph!
Foundationgcosmin: Not really...
Yarinfadetoblack: also, it's not so important what is in the default language library. you can have such stuff prewritten or in your own libraries
dorjayYarin:Which book You can refer as"Algo For Dummies"
fadetoblackYarin: ...and how can I write red-black tree in C# for example??
Yarinnicolodavis: lol, in some ways yes :) templates for instance. i much prefer generics in C#
gcosminRepentinus: thx
SarkinYarin: Why do you think C++ is ugly??
nicolodavisYarin: Hmm, but dont you think C++ can be more widely used in programming contests?
nicolodavisYarin: As in many online judges dont support C#
YarinSarkin: C++ is not a language i would every want to use in commerical, system programming. there are so many things that can go wrong which you won't catch
innocentboyYarin: How long did you type before achieveing 700 CPM ? :)
YarinSarkin: C++ is all fine and nice for small projects and other things.
nicompWhat do you mean by System Programming?
Yarininnocentboy: not sure really. I didn't really measure my typing speed until i was in highschool, and already then i was at about that level
SarkinYarin: DirectX mainly uses C++ and that means all game programming!
RepentinusYarin, but don't you think that C++ is a good language if it is used by a good C++ coder?
SarkinYarin: And game programming is not a small project!
YarinSarkin: well, there are performance issues of course. C++ is good for that, obviously
boris.grubicYarin: How much your typing speed is helping you ? :)
LarryDo people still ask you about ztetris?
YarinSarkin: if performance was not an issues, i'm sure the development cycle of games would be less. also, most of the game coding today is the logic, right? done in some custom script languages
bugzpodderLarry: congrats on being red
YarinLarry: it happens that i get emails about it yes :) i think i got one just ac ouple of days ago
askvijLarry: what is ztetris ???
Sarkinaskvij: A game obviosly
LarryYarin: I think in 98 or so, I was trying to learn ASM so I can write programs in my TI86, and as it turns out, you wrote that tutorial (though I didn't know it at the time!)
Larryztetris is something that destroyed productivity of too many high school students
CamiloSotoandrewzta: hello
edwin_andresGaizka: que mas
SarkinLarry: Why?
YarinLarry: really? i don't remember doing a Z80 tutorial. but my memory might be failing
moshiurLarry: :D
SarkinYarin: Did you use plugins in the SRMs?
RepentinusYarin: Do you have a plan to become a target?
moshiurYarin: do u have wickness in any kind of problem? :D
SarkinYarin: Do they help?
YarinSarkin: i use the FileEdit plugin only
SarkinYarin: I don't get that plugin :D
nicolodavisYarin: Yeah imagine C# without intellisense :)
YarinRepentinus: i was a target during severla years. my rating dropped badly a couple of years ago. i still think i can become a target if i participare more often
Yarinnicolodavis: yeah, it still amazes me that so many people uses VIM/Emacs as an editor and uses "printf-debugging". I think that's just throwing away important minutes.
RepentinusYarin: Are you going to participate today?
wilbertliuYarin: Hi Yarin.., what is the best strategy to do daily training? i mean individual training, not as a team
YarinRepentinus: no
nicolodavisYarin: Yeah Visual Studio rocks. Just wish they had a linux port.
imrankane2005Yarin: which editor do you used for SRM ?
stjepanYarin: well you don't have much choice at most competitions... (I use vim)
moshiurYarin: how do u debug ??
Yarinnicolodavis: it's even much more better with ReSharper... if you use C# that is
pankaj_kby all means vim editor rocks
RepentinusYarin: what do you think of using gdb via commandline?
diakatanaanyone tried Visual Slickedit on linux?
nicolodavisYarin: Ok. Ill look that up.
Yarinstjepan: that's the organizers fault, unfortunately
wilbertliuYarin: Other question, is DP easy for you?
YarinRepentinus: horrible...
Yarinwilbertliu: yes, i'm pretty good at DP problems
stjepanYarin: what IDE (debugger) do you use?
RepentinusYarin: Why?
Yarinstjepan: I use Visual Studio 2008 with Jetbrains ReSharper plugin.
black_adderI don't understand why you don't like the default Topcoder editor
black_adderwho needs plugins? :)
stjepaneveryone :)
oa12gbblack_adder: time is rating
Sarkinblack_adder: You can get a better rating.
Yarinblack_adder: then you have to type every single character in the code. i wouldn't be surprised if i only type 1/3 of the characters in the code i submit. the rest is generated or intellisensed
niquefaYarin: what can i do to do better in DP problems?
stjepanI can code much much faster with vim and test faster with moj+tztester
viswanathYarin: which kind of problems do you find easiest....I mean the moment you see you become happy
askvijviswanath: I guess it will be DP
wilbertliuYarin: Hmm.., if you are good at DP, are you train DP problems day by day?
moshiurYarin: how old r u ???
Yarinviswanath: something that screams DP. or grid problems! i love grid problems... even though they can be any kind of problem really, i still like to see grids in problem statements
nicolodavisYarin: Well all that matters when typing is your bottleneck. Mine is thinking :)
black_adderI'm just an amateur, but I think I read somewhere that in TCO (onsite phase) no plugins are allowed.
ptrrsn_1jansonh: Hai.
Yarinwilbertliu: i don't practice nowadays. but i guess i have a knack for it... the key to DP is to be good at mathmetical induction
Yarinblack_adder: that's not true
Yarinmoshiur: 30
moshiurYarin: started programming at _____ ??
Yarinmoshiur: 7
pagioYarin:Are mathematics(graph theory etc) important?
hamlet_fiisjeje toi como chino
Yarinmoshiur: i coded in BASIC until i started high school though! quite horrible really...
Yarinpagio: yes, for these competitions at least
sp2hariYarin: How long do you think one should practice? Do you prefer long practice sessions or a short one?
moshiurYarin: did u participate in ICPC ??
Yarinsp2hari: i did mostly shorter ones, but every day. i've never been to any training camps, or practiced in groups etc
askvijYarin: which was the first programming contest that you won ???
Yarinmoshiur: yes. only one world final though, in 2001
wilbertliuYarin: so mastering mathematical induction is the key? are there any suggestions to mastering DP? maybe doing some mathematical induction problems or?
Yarinaskvij: the Swedish IOI qualification 1997
Yarinwilbertliu: yeah, that might be worth a shot
samsamYarin: are you attending todays SRM
nicolodavisYarin: Any good resources for number theory and probability?
Yarinsamsam: no, i've catched a cold and can't really focus enough
CONDOR_316ramab1988: mama :)
Yarinnicolodavis: sorry, no...
BorispCONDOR_316: your mother is participating?
MahdetoYarin: Any advice for a begginer?
drain_bamageYarin: lol dark here...
ramab1988 en maga,.. en madtha iddiya?
cjoakes22Thank you all for participating in the chat today with Yarin.
cjoakes22Please ask your last few questions
livingroomliancoolboy: the same
RepentinusYarin: What do you think of probability? Probability problems make least sense for me...
YarinMahdeto: nothing more than try to spend 1h each day solve some problems on an online judge
sp2hariYarin: Ok. How do you proceed if you don't have any clue about the problem you are solving? Don't those kind of problems bring the confidence down?
kinoYarin: you a game programmer?
YarinRepentinus: probabiltiy problems are often DP problems, so i have not so much problem with them
CONDOR_316Borisp: I was not using English :)
wilbertliuYarin: last question for DP.., how to define a state quickly? like the dimension also? and the recurrence?
Yarinkino: i coded a game once for the game boy advance that was published. never again though...
ramab1988nanu kannada use mathda iddina..
BorispCONDOR_316: but still it meant the same didn't it?
Nesszorstcjuan: sup
askvijYarin: as a problemsetter what is the major difference between the topcoder problems and UVA problems ??
asmaamagdicpphamza: in Alex :D ?
srikanth_sgwats the most important thing to solve 500 in div 2?
moshiurYarin: any future plan ??
NotImplementedYarin: what participating in algorithm competitions gave to you?
CONDOR_316Borisp: nope...its like telling "dude" ..
Yarinwilbertliu: well, finding the state is the key. like, what do you need to know in order to know everything about the history, but without storing too much
ramab1988i didnt tell dude..
cpphamzaasmaamagdi: yes :)
drain_bamageparitosh1010: abbe bakchod lag raha hai kya ye sab ?
YarinNotImplemented: a lot of fun! and a lot skill as well in commerical programming, i think
itrootMick_Nick: hello
asmaamagdicpphamza: me too :)
paritosh1010drain_bamage: nahi sahi hai
Mick_Nickitroot: hi
cjoakes22Thank you Yarin for being here for this Spotlight Session
jbergmansterhow do we enter the competition room
NesszorsYarin what's your occupation?
drain_bamageparitosh1010: k
ardiankpYarin: are you still setting problems these days?
Yarinthanks everyone, good luck in todays SRM!
itrootMick_Nick: gl&hf
Mick_Nickitroot: thx
Yarinardiankp: only during onsite competitions
cjoakes22This is the end of this chat. Thank you all for participating
moshiurYarin: good luck all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nicolodavisYarin: bye
Yarinardiankp: i test problems fairly often though