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Chat transcript from TCHS SRM 61: Spotlight Session with Psyho
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PsyhoHey! :)
chandubabaPsyho: hey
ahm.kam_92how r u ?
PsyhoI have catched cold, so I won't compete today :(
ahm.kam_92:( oh sorry for that
ahm.kam_92hope u get well soon
PsyhoI could, but I would like to be a target some day :)
ahm.kam_92:D hope so
chandubabaPsyho: good luck for you
ahm.kam_92i am asking u about how did u got for that programming level ?
ahm.kam_92Psyho: ?
Psyhoahm.kam_92: through conscious practice :)
rooparamPsyho: hi Psyho ... :D
ahm.kam_92Psyho: only practice ?
ahm.kam_92Psyho: didn't u got camps reading books and others .. ?
Psyhoahm.kam_92: but are you asking about MM or algo?
ahm.kam_92Psyho: algo.
ahm.kam_92Psyho: i am a High School student
Psyhoahm.kam_92: I started competing at 22, so I never got to any camps :)
Psyhoahm.kam_92: I've read only "Introduction to algorithms" and it's more than enough
ahm.kam_92Psyho: :D so didn't u read books or other ?
ahm.kam_92Psyho: Oh nice
rooparamPsyho: what's the difference between algo and MM thinking ??
ahm.kam_92Psyho: so it's good as u say.
ahm.kam_92Psyho: so how old r u now ?
Psyhoahm.kam_92: sometimes some simple tutorials on the net, about the topic which I had weakness with
Psyhoahm.kam_92: 25 :)
zero.linhi, p
Psyhozero.lin: hey, how are you doing? :)
ahm.kam_92Psyho: nice!
zero.linno bad
ahm.kam_92Psyho: so what is the helping skill to be good in programming ?
zero.linPsyho: how about you ?
Psyhoahm.kam_92: hmmm, it's hard to tell, it depends on what you understand by saying "programming"
Psyhozero.lin: I have a cold ;/
rooparamahm.kam_92: mathematics ...
Psyhorooparam: hmmm, a really big one :)
ahm.kam_92Psyho: mmm, i mean algorithms
ahm.kam_92Psyho: is the practicing a good way to be red ?
Psyhorooparam: Algo is more about psychology and ability to stay focused during short amount of time
chandubabarooparam: do i need formal education in maths to be good in programing?
Psyhorooparam: and MMs are about long-term focus, and ability to stay open-minded
Psyhochandubaba: no :)
Psyhoahm.kam_92: it really depends
Psyhoahm.kam_92: everyone has a different weakness
chandubabaPsyho: how should i go about learning maths needed in programin applications?
ahm.kam_92Psyho: so what other websites of programming do u like too practice ?
rooparamPsyho: thanks
zero.linPsyho: :),would you take part in today`s SRM
Psyhoahm.kam_92: some people are very good in maths, but they can't write anything during the 75 minutes
ahm.kam_92Psyho: so they need to practice on speed yewah!
ahm.kam_92Psyho: yeah*
Psyhoahm.kam_92: in the end, it comes down to identifying your weakness, and trying to improve
chandubabaPsyho: oh
Psyhoahm.kam_92: that's the golden rule for everything :)
ahm.kam_92Psyho: :) yes
ahm.kam_92Psyho: so tell us about ur self :)
chandubabaPsyho: to become a windows operating system programing what skills should i have/
Psyhoahm.kam_92: hmm, I almost only compete in TC
rooparamPsyho: what is ur stream at college (computer science or something else) ?
chandubabarooparam: he is in school
Psyhochandubaba: I'm not a developer so I won't tell you :)
ahm.kam_92Psyho: only!
chandubabaPsyho: oh
Psyhochandubaba: but it depends on the company you want to work for
ahm.kam_92Psyho: so where do u work ?
Psyhoahm.kam_92: I don't :)
Psyhoahm.kam_92: I'm a happy unemployed guy :)
ahm.kam_92Psyho: so what do u do in life ?
ahm.kam_92Psyho: lol :D
Psyhoahm.kam_92: currently I'm trying to find my own place in the world
chandubabaPsyho: i dont know where i will get a job so how do i prepare for it?
ahm.kam_92Psyho: so ?
rooparamPsyho: u said u r 25, didn't u go to school ??
ahm.kam_92rooparam: lol
rooparamPsyho: *school = college
Psyhoahm.kam_92: and as for income - I was skill gamer some time ago, and competitions give also some cash :)
Psyhorooparam: I'm still finish my thesis work, but it's hard to say whether I'm still studying :)
ahm.kam_92rooparam: :D
rooparamPsyho: r u CS student ?
ahm.kam_92rooparam: r u married ?
ahm.kam_92Psyho: r u married ?
ahm.kam_92rooparam: sorry
ahm.kam_92rooparam: :)
Psyhorooparam: But I'm considering doing Ph.D., since I put a lot time in doing various "research" stuff during different competitions, and in strange way, I like that :)
Psyhoahm.kam_92: no, not married :P
rooparamchandubaba: indian's r always about job .... LOL
ahm.kam_92rooparam: :P so do u have kids ?
Psyhorooparam: yes, I'm CS student :)
chandubabarooparam: hehe
desert_lionahm.kam_92: ya kamel msh 3ayzeen ydakhlony TCHS??:S:S
desert_lionahm.kam_92: a3mel eh?
ahm.kam_92Psyho: so are this money that u got helping u to live in a good life ?
rooparamPsyho: what's r ur areas of interest in CS ?
Psyhoahm.kam_92: I believe I don't have any kids :D, but I guess others are not interested in my personal life :P
ahm.kam_92desert_lion: leeh ?
Psyhoahm.kam_92: I live in Poland, so the costs of living are that high
ahm.kam_92Psyho: :D
ahm.kam_92Psyho: nice!
desert_lionahm.kam_92: ana msh la2y ay admin aklemo
ahm.kam_92desert_lion: ah manta zaky
desert_lionahm.kam_92: eh?
ahm.kam_92desert_lion: ana ba2aly sana mesh 3aref akhosh
SarkinPsyho: I know you have been asked this question alot but how old are you? :D
ahm.kam_92desert_lion: 7ayetlobo mennak shehadet meladak bel english
desert_lionahm.kam_92: ybny ana ba3telhom soret el passport
ahm.kam_92desert_lion: we shehada men el madrasa bel enlish
PsyhoSarkin: 25
SarkinPsyho: Participated in the IOI?
SarkinPsyho: If yes when?
desert_lionahm.kam_92: ba3telhom soret el passport
ahm.kam_92desert_lion: mmm
ahm.kam_92desert_lion: i dunno ba2a
PsyhoPsyho: Hmmm, it's hard to tell :), I participated at local IOI, and got to top40 in Poland, but I didn't have any algorithm knowledge
desert_lionahm.kam_92: mafesh ay admin
ahm.kam_92Psyho: nice talking to ur self :P
PsyhoSarkin: Like I didn't know what graph is :)
Psyhoahm.kam_92: :P
PsyhoSarkin: I started competing at 22 :)
SarkinPsyho: Oh at 22!
ahm.kam_92Psyho: when did u started programmig at all ?
SarkinPsyho: It's like you started programming in University?
Psyhoahm.kam_92: It's hard to tell, I was programming a little bit with QBasic when I was 14
Psyhoahm.kam_92: I did mostly games
desert_lionhow old are you?
Psyhoahm.kam_92: then later, I was programming with C++/DirectX
desert_lionPsyho: how old are you?
Tomoshe's 25
SarkinPsyho: But algorithms when did you started with algorithms?
Psyhodesert_lion: 25
SarkinPsyho: Directx me too!
ahm.kam_92desert_lion: so when ?
PsyhoSarkin: If you don't count the CS courses, then at 22 :)
ahm.kam_92Psyho: so when ?
prunthabanPsyho: Probably this is already answered. What you do for a living now?
SarkinPsyho: What projects did you do in Directx or why you used directx for?
SarkinPsyho: Just fun?
ahm.kam_92Psyho: 3 years and then to red !!
ahm.kam_92Psyho: :D u r genius
Psyhoprunthaban: ... I'm trying to figure this out (and that's the really honest answer)
rooparamPsyho: what should i start reading for competing in SRMs ??
Psyhorooparam: "Introduction to Algorithms" (CLRS) - it's enough
Psyhorooparam: actually it's much more than enough
Psyhoahm.kam_92: no I'm not
ahm.kam_92Psyho: but u r :P
rooparamPsyho: and for MMs ??
SarkinPsyho: But it's all about Analysis and math!?
Psyhorooparam: for MMs you don't need almost any knowledge :)
Psyhorooparam: maybe except some basic optimization techniques (HC/SA)
rooparamPsyho: means only API knowledge of any language will do for MMs ?
Psyhorooparam: search some old forums for topics with books, and maybe you will find some
PsyhoSarkin: I did some 3D games
rooparamPsyho: ok
PsyhoSarkin: I started programming only because I wanted to make games
SarkinPsyho: Alone without nobody's help!
PsyhoSarkin: yes
ahm.kam_92Psyho: what do u c programming or gaming is better ?
SarkinPsyho: I think it's hard starting with Directx needs some books!
PsyhoSarkin: probably, but tutorials in the DirectX were enough
Sarkinahm.kam_92: Nothing is better than another thing it's all about fun!
myprasannaPsyho: What do u do these days?
Psyhoahm.kam_92: hmmm, gaming won't give any money most of the time :)
Psyhomyprasanna: it's hard to tell :)
myprasannaPsyho: I know :) Zorba :)
ahm.kam_92Psyho: :D u think of money ,i think of fun :P
Psyhomyprasanna: currently I'm just trying to understand what I want to do in my life :)
sundeepbluewhat kind of game do you develop?
ahm.kam_92Sarkin: yes all fun, but may be one is funnier than the other :P
myprasannaPsyho: awesome!
prunthabanPsyho: This is confusing. Are you studying/employed/unemployed. Choose one? :)
Sarkinahm.kam_92: If yes then it'll be algorithms cause developing games is sometimes boring!
Psyhoprunthaban: I'm finishing my masters
Psyhoprunthaban: and I'm not going for employment after I'll finish it
rooparamPsyho: what types of games u used to play ( counter strike, AOE, ... ) ?
Psyhoprunthaban: probably I will go for Ph.D. or doing something on my own
Psyhorooparam: I played a lot of SC (starcraft), and some FPP (mostly Quake3)
SarkinPsyho: Prince of Persia?
myprasannaPsyho: There are quite some people who did this, a few indians are humblefool, konqueror. And other famous ones are Zorba ofcourse, who went into full time gaming.
Psyhomyprasanna: I don't know what "Zorba" means :)
Psyhosundeepblue: I played it for the single player, and it was fun, but I was talking about the MP
Psyhomyprasanna: I'll look at it later :)
sundeepbluePsyho: OK. SORRY
myprasannaZorbahttp: :) Yeah later :)
ahm.kam_92Psyho: Ok, nice to talk with u :)
ahm.kam_92Psyho: i am going to practice
ahm.kam_92Psyho: bye
SarkinPsyho: Very
Sarkinahm.kam_92: Wiat
ahm.kam_92Sarkin: ?
Psyhoas about my life - if you like a lot of things to do, it's really hard to focus on one
Sarkinahm.kam_92: I'll go with you? :D
Psyhoand if you go to full-time work, you don't have time for everything else
ahm.kam_92Sarkin: ok follow me :P
ahm.kam_92Sarkin: but first brb
ahm.kam_92Sarkin: :)
prunthabanPsyho: So what is the one area you want to concentrate on coming years?
PsyhoSo, after trying to make games/making my own movie/being a skill gamer/going to acting school/...
Psyhothis list could a really long ;)
myprasannaPsyho: :)
Psyhoprunthaban: now that's the tough question, I don't know answer for :)
pat246which compiler do u prefer ..?
chandubabamyprasanna: is this zorba's homepage?
SarkinPsyho: Are you so good in maths?
myprasannachandubaba: Yeah his gaming page
SarkinPsyho: Does it help in TC?
chandubabamyprasanna: he makes these games?
Psyhoprunthaban: anyway, after competing some with on MMs, I started to really like complex problems, so there's a chance that I'll go for "academic career"
myprasannachandubaba: yes
chandubabamyprasanna: wow!!! nice
Psyhopat246: everything that gets the job :) I use GCC with cygwin (since I don't like linux:) )
PsyhoSarkin: Hmm, it depends on what you understand by saying "math", for me math is calculus and other things that are not very logical to me :)
prunthabanPsyho: You said you didn't have much algorithmic knowledge. Does it mean you do not use the standard techniques in MMs like genetic algorithms?
SarkinPsyho: Discrete math
Psyhoprunthaban: I've learned them on my own
Psyhoprunthaban: :)
PsyhoSarkin: well dicrete math is probably the only "fun math" I know of :)
Psyhoprunthaban: I use some hybrids of Simulated Annealing, which usually gets the job
Psyhoprunthaban: but I still don't know Bayes ;)
FameofLightPsyho: are u still studying
FameofLightPsyho: How you earn money apart from studies
PsyhoFameofLight: yes :) But I should finish my masters 2 years ago
PsyhoFameofLight: Currently most of my income comes from competitions
PsyhoFameofLight: few years ago I was a professional skill gamer
PsyhoFameofLight: I played also some poker online :)
Psyhowhy everyone is asking me about my life? :D
nicolodavisPsycho: What reading material do you recommend for Number Theory?
FameofLightPsyho: I saw you are pretty good at Marathon also apart from Topcoder , Any Interesting formula you use while desiging algorithm for marathon match
dupreePsyho: any advices on using or not using STL's
tsalmanPsyho: do u participate in acm icpc ?
anastasov.bgWhat kind of competitions do you prefer -- algorithm or marathon?
FameofLightdupree: you can't survive without using STL in C++
Psyhonicolodavis: very funny... I would recommend anything, the abitility of reasearching topics on your own is much more important
PsyhoFameofLight: there are no golden rules for marathons :)
Psyhotsalman: Yes and no. I did, but I never had any good team
Psyhotsalman: I actually never got to my regional (CERC) :)
dupreeFameofLight: who said..tomek's opinion is diff I prefer MMs much more, but they require much more time in SRMs, almost every problem is the same - it comes down to using tricks, and making everything faster and faster
dupreePsyho: u a student currently or proffesional
Psyhodupree: I'm still a student ;)
FameofLightdupree: I think he use good amount of STL in his codes , As I know after seeing his submissions in TOpcoder Matches , Competition are more orientied toward time and accuracy these daya
FameofLightdupree: you can't expect to be good without a good library , (Yours Library or Tested standard library)
PsyhoFameofLight: Yes, I still use STL, but sooner or later, you will use it too
PsyhoFameofLight: But I don't consider it as something you must learn separately - you'll learn it by reading other people code and such
FameofLightPsyho: Any tips on improving in Marathon Matches , I am unable to make good progress , just try to submit some randomazied algorithm
FameofLightPsyho: with some heuristics
dupreePsyho: so STL's are no evil,as projected by some people??
Psyhodupree: yes, it's no evil - completely opposite to marriage :)
FameofLightdupree: tell this point to not use library to any Java Coder , he will probably kill you :)
dupreeFameofLight: lolz!!
PsyhoFameofLight: well as I said before, if you want to improve, you need to know where are you making mistakes, what are your weaknesses
tsalmanPsyho: what do you do before a major onsite contest like TCO ?
PsyhoPsyho: It's like an endless loop (find a weakness -> get rid of it) :)
Psyhotsalman: you mean just before competition (like 5 mins) or... ?
tsalmanPsyho: say 1 week
dupreeFameofLight: and I still dont have any strong language base,and still registered for TCHS srm 61!!god help me
Psyhotsalman: then probably nothing :)
tsalmanPsyho: and just before is ok too :)
Psyhotsalman: during the onsites, I usually wear my big DJ headphones, which help to isolate from the rest of world :)
tsalmanPsyho: :D
zbazbaPsyho: how long have you been doing algorithm?
Psyhozbazba: 3 years
Psyhozbazba: my first SRM is the exact time, when I started competiing
tsalmanPsyho: do u plan to do future research on algorithms ?
Psyhozbazba: but then again, I had some algorithm courses already in my university
SuperCompilersearchramy wafa
ergeekpsyho, what was ur 1st srm score
Psyhotsalman: there's a chance for that :)
SuperCompilerhey any body can help me searching for some one?
lebedkinhornax: hi!
Psyhoergeek: what do you mean? you can check everything in the TC website
tsalmanPsyho: what would be your interest if you plan to do that ? :)
amit5148SuperCompiler: go to Main->Search and type his/her name
Psyhotsalman: Probably something around AI and psychology :)
amit5148SuperCompiler: wlcm
fish_ballHello, everybody.
xhaeHello, world!
mishastassenScruff McGruff: will you ever paticipate again?
tsalmanPsyho: a few days ago, i saw in the forum that you mentioned some problems from a saratov contest being less deep thought involved, how do you define easy and hard problems ? :)
mishastassenScruff McGruff: your last match was a long time ago;)
Scruff McGruffindeed it was mish
mishastassenScruff McGruff: but maybe you are happy with your rating :p
Scruff McGruffI plan on participating in a few minutes
mishastassenScruff McGruff: ok :)
Psyhotsalman: After you have, let's say 1000-2000 problems. And you still remember them. You'll notice that everything repeats
mishastassenScruff McGruff: are you planning to raise your rating?
elsantodel90dodi: E wachin
narriPsyho: are you going to world sudoku championship this year?
Psyhotsalman: so good problem is a one, that has something new, something that forces you to think
Scruff McGruffthat's the idea, no?
Psyhonarri: I hope :)
prunthabanScruff McGruff: Wow! Great to see you. The record holder :)
mishastassenScruff McGruff: well, it looks like you tried the opposite in previous matches ;)
Psyhonarri: I heard that there will be teams of 6 there
fish_ballPsyho: Can you share some technique in the challenge phase in srm?
mishastassenScruff McGruff: but good luck!
Scruff McGruffhaha
Scruff McGruffindeed
narriPsyho: that would be awesome
narriPsyho: maybe there will actually room for more normal solvers on the us team!
prunthabanScruff McGruff: Infact your achievement is more hard. It is not simple to get a rating of 1!
Psyhofish_ball: hmmm, watch Petr screencase :)
t-macGentle reminder to everyone that this is supposed to be a chat session with Psyho... if you'd like to have side conversations, please do them in the regular chat room so that others may participate here more easily
Psyhofish_ball: *screencast
Scruff McGruffwow, is this some lame attempt at a psych-out or what
pdallagoPsyho: do you have a lot of contact with other Polish topcoders?
fish_ballPsyho: But what does this exactly mean?
fish_ballPsyho: Goolge..
Psyhofish_ball: anyway, for the challenge phase, the most important thing is to know what are you looking for _before_ the challenge phase
DieIngwcg2008 opened~
dupreePsyho: advice for new b's in single line???
Scruff McGruffhey, is there a way to turn off the system messages
DieInganyone is seeing?
dupreePsyho: c++ progrmrs
Psyhofish_ball: usually challenge phase goes with two parts. In the first one you're looking for some common corner cases
LeppyR64Scruff McGruff: Options -> Disable Enter Exit Messages
fish_ballPsyho: yes.
Psyhofish_ball: you spend like 10-15 seconds per solution, then later after you've checked everything, you just try to deeply analyze whole solution
khanhptnkPsyho: hi
Psyhopdallago: not really, since I rarely go to the university :)
Scruff McGruffoops
LeppyR64Scruff McGruff: Better?
ulkanu001gaurav pal thr
Psyhopdallago: why do you ask? :)
imrankane2005ulkanu001: hi boop
rooparamPsyho: thanks for todaz session ....
zbazbaPsyho: on learning algorithm ,have you to do more problem ?
khanhptnkPsyho: what do you think you should improve ?
Scruff McGruffYes, thank you. Much better
Psyhokhanhptnk: me? :)
LeppyR64Scruff McGruff: Cheers
khanhptnkPsyho: of course !
fish_ballPsyho: I see, thank you.
khanhptnkPsyho: :))
Psyhokhanhptnk: I need to improve my english :)
global_killerulkanu001: hi
khanhptnkPsyho: which country are you from ?
Psyhokhanhptnk: Poland
rooparam**rooparam hopes todaz problems would be easy for himself.
flop_codersrm already started,rite?
serenadegl & hf
ulkanu001dont know
antonovDo you use IDE to compete in TC?
khanhptnkPsyho: english made you difficult when solving problems ?
dupreePsyho: how did u started of wid ur C++ skills
kshitij_svChat session over? :(
ali_zpHello everbody
LeppyR64flop_coder: register now, srm starts in 7 in
LeppyR64flop_coder: min
ardiankpPsyho: sorry I've just come, so this question might have already been asked. how do you approach marathon problem?
global_killerulkanu001: haa haa bhuppi
ulkanu001mera pehla srm
ulkanu001nahi main nahi hoo
kshitij_svulkanu001: All the best. :)
imrankane2005ulkanu001: 11
rooparam**rooparam hopes .....but not for others ;)
sushil2006090ny1 from IIIT A
pdallagoPsyho: because in Poland there's a lot of people doing this, so just to know a bit more about how you interact with each other
Psyhoardiankp: individually, it's impossible to have a general approach
celwellwhat, if any, plugins do you use?
vikas_devi am vikas
tsalmanPsyho: why did u choose wtf as your quote ? :D
imrankane2005sushil2006090: ka hai bhai
vikas_devi am dev
Psyhopdallago: I'm learning everything on my own, if that's what you want to know :)
sushil2006090rum pe hun
[Hanney]kefir: jak tam samopoczucie?
khanhptnkPsyho: how about programming
sushil2006090where r u
ardiankpPsyho: becoz when I open "any" marathon problem, I directly conclude "they are simply impossible"
sushil2006090i thot i would miss the srm 2day
khanhptnkPsyho: do you think what you should learn more ?
sushil2006090but luckily i am here
R0Nsushil2006090: hi
Psyhoardiankp: when I open MM, I think "it must be easy"...
LeppyR64flop_coder: You're welcome.
[Hanney]kefir: i na wzajem:)
ardiankpPsyho: so a bit explanation on "how to start", please? :)
Psyhoardiankp: So I spent a lot of time, until I'll figure out the way, hot to make it easy :)
andysoftkefir lol @ nickname
sushil2006090hi ron
raulooomarathon matches are harder thatn SRMs ?
pdallagoPsyho: I see, the russians seems to have a tighter, more closely-knit community
dupreePsyho: can u give a simple gideway to get start in c++
rooparam**rooparam wishes chandubaba best of luck ;)
Scruff McGruffi don't know how to whisper
Psyhopdallago: Polish guys probably too :)
hamlet_fiishola adolfo
LeppyR64Scruff McGruff: double click someone's name, and select whisper
celwellwhat plugins do yo use, if any?
Psyhopdallago: but I'm a bit of Loner :)
ulkanu001kshitij_sv: all the best to u also
Andimeohow is everyone going?
Psyhodupree: sorry I can't :)
sushil2006090uda rha hai kya bhai imran??
sushil2006090koi nhi dude
rooparam**rooparam wishes psyh get well soon...
ardiankpPsyho: hehe, ok then, we do srm first. thanks for the session :)
ardiankpPsyho: good luck
sushil2006090har bade aadmi ka ye haq hota hai
Psyhoardiankp: sure, gl :)
Psyhoardiankp: I don't compete today, I have a fever :)
Psyhogood luck, everyone - I hope I have been of any use ;)
dupreepsyho: and still no answers for c++
rooparam**rooparam thanks Psyho for his valuable time ;)
dupreepsyho: beginners..?/
winners21aghi all
Psyhodupree: if you really are a true beginner, then just grab a first book about c++ :)
dupreepsyho: huh,i did actually read 2 of them,still confused abt STL's
Psyhodupree: go & compete :P
dupreepsyho: yup thanks
Psyhobye bye