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Coder: Petr
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Coder Achievements
Date Description
11.14.2018 TCO18 Finalist
First Passing Submission
11.25.2014 2014 Algorithm Finalist
11.13.2013 2013 Topcoder Open Algorithm Champion
First Forum Post
One Hundred Rated Algorithm Competitions
One Hundred SRM Room Wins (Any Division)
SRM Winner Div 1
SRM Winner Div 2
Ten Marathon Competitions
Three Hundred Rated Algorithm Competitions
Three Marathon Competitions
Algorithm Target
Fifty SRM Room Wins (Any Division)
First Marathon Competition
Twenty Five Rated Algorithm Competitions
First Rated Algorithm Competition
Twenty SRM Room Wins (Any Division)
First SRM Room Win (Any Division)
Five Rated Algorithm Competitions
Five SRM Room Wins (Any Division)
09.28.2011 2011 TopCoder Open Algorithm Finalist
10.14.2010 2010 TopCoder Open Algorithm Finalist
One Hundred Forum Posts
06.01.2009 2009 TopCoder Open Algorithm Finalist
05.15.2008 2008 TopCoder Open Algorithm Finalist
11.02.2007 2007 TopCoder Collegiate Challenge Algorithm Champion
Five Hundred Forum Posts
04.28.2007 2007 TopCoder Open Algorithm Quarter Finalist
11.17.2006 2006 TopCoder Collegiate Challenge Algorithm Champion
One Thousand Forum Posts
05.05.2006 2006 TopCoder Open Algorithm Champion
10.14.2005 2005 TopCoder Open Algorithm Finalist
05.01.2005 TopCoder Coder of the Month for May 2005