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Review opportunities

In the table below you will be able to see which challenges are available for review, the type of challenge, the current number of submissions on each, the review timeline for each, and the number of review positions available for each challenge. If you click on a challenge name you will be able to see all of the details associated with that challenge review.

If you are not currently on the TopCoder Assembly Review Board you may send an email to requesting permission to perform reviews. Please keep in mind that only members who meet the Reviewer Qualification Requirements are eligible to join the TopCoder Review Board.

In order to sign up for a review position, click on the "details" link for any challenge with positions available, select the review roles you would like to apply for and click "Apply Now".

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Assembly Review Opportunities
Challenge Reviewer
Payment *
Submissions Review Start Open
!!Four Days!! SunShot - Solar Ags Android Prototype Conversion Challenge 1.0 $ 490.00 0 04.02.2015 04:03 EDT 3 details
SunShot - Windowstreet Financial Management Portal 1.0 $ 370.00 0 03.31.2015 10:59 EDT 3 details
Swift iOS Facial Recognition App PoC Assembly 1.0 $ 298.00 0 04.03.2015 09:00 EDT 3 details
SunShot - Solar Site Design iOS Application Skin 1.0 $ 538.00 1 03.31.2015 22:32 EDT 1 details
SunShot - PVimpact GreenButton Ruby Development 1.0 $ 370.00 0 04.03.2015 12:04 EDT 2 details

* The reviewer payment depends on the reviewer role and the number of submissions. The actual payment may differ.