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HP IDOL OnDemand is proud to be a platinum sponsor of TCO14. We’ve given the TopCoder community a number of challenges to compete in and the results have been fantastic. Now we’re looking forward to meeting the best-of-the-best in San Francisco.


HP IDOL OnDemand

IDOL OnDemand is a complete solution for bringing extensive data analytics to your app and for augmenting your Big Data solution using REST APIs.

Through our Early Access program, we’re exposing the capabilities of HP IDOL (Intelligent Data Operating Layer), the world’s leading on-premise human information processing engine, as a managed solution to deliver a broad selection of web services to developers.

The true power of IDOL OnDemand is evident when you start to combine the APIs. Consume IDOL OnDemand Indexing APIs to index your unstructured data from social media, mobile devices, CMS, Google docs, Dropbox, email, SharePoint or other sources. Once indexed, analyze and augment your content, using IDOL OnDemand APIs such as OCR, Sentiment Analysis, Extract Entity, Face Detection, Barcode Recognition and Text Extraction. Finally, leverage IDOL OnDemand Search APIs to find what you need and shine light on dark data with advanced search options such as Find Similar, Query Text Index, Find Facets, Clusters or Terms.

Learn more about our APIs at https://www.idolondemand.com/developer/apis.


Human Information API Platform

There is an overwhelming influx of human information generated in our daily lives that remain untapped and underutilized. Conversations that we have online and offline, pictures that we take, tweets that we post – this human information is often neglected due to the difficulty of understanding or harnessing it, yet it makes up the vast majority of all information that exists.

What would you create if you had access to an impressive catalog of dead-simple, but powerful tools that can deliver rich data processing capabilities to all of your unstructured data?

Imagine a sound system that automatically plays music based on the mood conveyed in your tweets, or a Nerf gun with face recognition that only targets people on your naughty list. With IDOL OnDemand APIs, the possibilities are endless. Unlock the full potential of your apps and the Internet of Things.

More information about getting started with HP IDOL OnDemand is available in our Community at http://community.idolondemand.com.


Careers opportunities abound

We’re passionate about delivering data processing APIs for developers to build a new class of apps that expand their ability to tackle the toughest information challenges.