As pioneers in data science, Booz Allen Hamilton relentlessly invents new approaches to help solve the most complex problems, as well as provide you with guides and training tools to make you a better data scientist.

Last year, for example, we published The Field Guide to Data Science. Widely regarded throughout government and industry as the definitive guide to the discipline, The Field Guide teaches you how to assemble your own data science team, as well as offers field-tested approaches, tips and tricks, and real-life case studies. Download it for free, here.

A few weeks ago, we launched Explore Data Science—a self-paced, web-based data science game that introduces players to the techniques and tradecrafts used by data scientists. As a programmer, mathematician, or other technical professional you embark on a galactic journey into the data science universe and navigate your way through six different worlds and immersive environments. The adventure begins as

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