The 2014 Topcoder Open Mashathon online portion will take place online between April 1, 2014 and June 30, 2014. The Mashathon online portion will take place in one (1) online period leading up to the onsite finals portion which will be held in San Francisco, California. More details coming soon. The Mashathon online portion will consist of a 10 challenge series across development and design competitions, with the top 5 winners across the 10 challenges winning a trip to the TCO to compete in the Onsite Mashathon in San Francisco, California. Competitors are only eligible to win one trip in the Mashathon track of the 2014 TCO and if the competitor has already won a trip to TCO across any other competition track, the next highest scoring competitor may win a trip.

The Mashathon Online Portion is part of the TCO14, and by participating in this challenge series, you agree to these rules.


Competitors can register for the Tournament and be eligible to participate in the Mashathon Online Portion between 9:00 UTC -4 on April 1, 2014 and 9:00 UTC -4 on June 30, 2014.

During the Mashathon Online Portion Period, Competitors who have registered for the Tournament no later than June 30, 2014 and who participate in the Mashathon Online Portion Challenge series competitions on the topcoder website, will receive points as outlined in these Rules.

Challenge Schedule

ChallengeDate1st Prize2nd Prize
Challenge 1: UX Wireframe Design Launches April 10th$1,000$500
Challenge 2: UX Wireframe Design Launches April 20th$1,000$500
Challenge 3: UI Prototype Launches May 1st$1,000$500
Challenge 4: API Design Launches May 5th$1,000$500
Challenge 5: Mobile Development Launches May 10th$1,000$500
Challenge 6: API Development Launches May 20th$500$250
Challenge 7: API Development Launches June 1$500$250
Challenge 8: API Development Launches June 10$500$250
Challenge 9: Mobile Development Launches June 15$750$250
Challenge 10: Mobile Development Launches June 20$750$250

**All Challenges Will Be Scored and Winner Announced By June 30th**

Competition Scoring

Scoring in the Mashathon Online Portion will be done on a per challenge basis with a running leaderboard. The top 5 point earners in this 10 challenge series, will earn trips to TCO14 to compete in the Mashathon Onsite. A competition is Tournament-eligible if the competition is identified as being included as part of the Tournament . All submissions will proceed through topcoder screening policies. Submissions that fail screening will not be eligible for placement points. Only Competitors who are registered for the Tournament will be considered in determining place and placement points. Placement scoring per challenge is as follows:

Highest Scoring Registered Competitor 11 Points
Second Highest Scoring Registered Competitor 9 Points
Third Highest Scoring Registered Competitor 7 points
Fourth Highest Scoring Registered Competitor 4 Points
Fifth Highest Scoring Registered Competitor 1 Point


Upon the completion of all Tournament-eligible contests in this Period, all of the individual placement scores that a Competitor receives during that Period will be added for a cumulative placement score for the Period. Up to five (5) competitors with the highest cumulative placement score during this Period will advance to the Onsite Championship.

In the event of a tie, the tie will be resolved in the following manner:

  • The tied Competitor who has the most 1st place submissions in Tournament-eligible contests within the Period shall advance.
  • If a tie still remains, then the remaining tied Competitor who has the most 2nd place submissions in Tournament-eligible contests within the Period shall advance.
  • If a tie still remains, then all remaining tied Competitors will advance

Onsite Championship

The top five competitors who win an all-expense paid trip to the TCO14 in San Francisco, California, USA from November 16-19, 2014 will be able to participate in our onsite Mashathon. More details about the onsite portion will be available soon.