Development Final Results

Congratulations to morehappiness the Development Champion!

Indemar: How did you find out about TopCoder?
morehappiness: I found TopCoder in an article of a programmers’ website in our country.
Indemar: How do you feel as the TopCoder Open champion?
morehappiness: Lucky and happy
Indemar: What do you find attractive at the tracks that you have competed in and helped you win the championship?
morehappiness: The CSFV projects with good prizes and a good copilot elkhawajah
Indemar: Do you have a special strategy when selecting the contests that you decide to compete on?
morehappiness: Usually, I choose the contests which I familiar with. But sometimes, we have to choose contests with new technology to earn points.
Indemar: Have you noticed other members being more cautious when working on the same projects as you?
morehappiness: I feel it’s much fair for every registrant to win. In order to win, I and other members both need to work hard on the project.
Indemar: Are they unregistering, so not competing with the ongoing champion or is it business as usual?
morehappiness: I think it does not affect them. They did not know I would become champion at that time
Indemar: How much time do you spend on TopCoder every day?
morehappiness: 8 – 12 hours
Indemar: I assume you work full time. What domain did you work in before you took on TopCoder?
Did it match your studies?
morehappiness: Before I work full time in TopCoder, I worked in an environment protection company. It is irrelevant to my major which is about text watermarking.
Indemar: Does your handle have a special meaning? What about your quote?
morehappiness: When I register on TopCoder, I was a little unhappy. So, I wish I can be happier from that special time.
Indemar: How many monitors do you have/use?
morehappiness: 2 monitors
Indemar: How many spare keyboards do you have :)?
morehappiness: Just one.
Indemar: How many hours do you sleep at night on average?
How about when there is a deadline nearby?
morehappiness: 7 hours. When there is a deadline, I choose to finish the project early, thus, I can still sleep about 6 hours.
Indemar: Do you have someone that you would like to dedicate the win to?
morehappiness: My wife.


Also congratulations to our top overall performers of the Development Competition

  • j3_guile
  • Yeung
  • GreatKevin
  • subchap
  • vvvpig
  • duxiaoyang
  • flexme
  • billthu
  • velorien
  • sparemax
  • flytoj2ee