Design Final Results

Congratulations to albertwang the Design Champion!

albertwang with his wife Joyce and his son Matthew at Lamma Island – a famous outlaying island in Hong Kong.

Indemar: How did you find out about TopCoder?
albertwang: From the university’s BBS board for ACM/ICPC discussions when I was in college.
Indemar: How do you feel as the TopCoder Open champion?
albertwang:Happy and excited šŸ˜€
Indemar: Do you have a special strategy when selecting the contests that you decide to compete on?
albertwang: Well, it’s really simple:

  1. Register early
  2. Read input documents quickly for a couple of times (normally within 2-3 hrs)
  3. If the key requirements are clear, stay registered.
  4. Otherwise ask questions, if the questions get cleared within 1 day, stay registered, otherwise unregister.
Indemar: Have you noticed other members being more cautious when working on the same projects as you?
Are they unregistering, so not competing with the ongoing champion or is it business as usual?
albertwang: For several times I did notice some member unregistered from contests that I actively worked on, but not as many as projects that I stayed away because of other highly rated members šŸ™‚
Indemar: How much time do you spend on TopCoder every day?
albertwang: 8 hours on average, around 6 hours for a typical busy day
Indemar: How many monitors do you have/use?
albertwang: Just the one on my laptop šŸ™‚
Indemar: How many spare keyboards do you have šŸ™‚ ?
albertwang: Only the one I got from last year’s TCO šŸ™‚
Indemar: How many hours do you sleep at night on average?
How about when there is a deadline nearby?
albertwang: 8 hours on average, around 6 hours for a typical busy day
Indemar: Do you have someone that you would like to dedicate the win to?
albertwang: This win is dedicated to my pretty, ever supportive and beloved wife.


Aslo congratulations to our top overall performers of the Design Competition

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