Puzzle #3: Results

This puzzle was a really fun one. The best thing about it was reading the guesses, especially the wrong ones. For example, quite a lot of people attributed earning the A+ grade for the shortest code to me. I”ve studied only in Ukraine, and we here don’t have A+ score – our scoring system is 2-5 in university, or 1-12 in school. This must be something about my public image that makes this fact the most likely one 🙂

This puzzle was also a pretty mean one. I put in several people who looked like they matched the facts about other people to see how easily you’re tricked, and sometimes this worked. Ok, enough talking, on to the answers 🙂

1. Appeared on two game shows – “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” and “Wheel of Fortune”.
This was connect4, last year’s blogger who invented this puzzle and gracefully provided me with this fact.
2. Was a commentator for World Cyber Games in 2007.
theycallhimtom was picked for creating a Warcraft 3 highlights show.
3. Got an A+ grade for a class entirely because of having written a programming assignment one character shorter than the instructor’s solution.
Fellow blogger Rustyoldman provided me with way more facts than I needed :-), and I picked this one because it allowed me to put in a false clue pointing to venco.
4. Submitted to contests in Shakespeare, Whitespace, Golfscript, False, LOLCODE, Piet etc.
No, it’s not me again – I know some of these languages, but I’ve never used them in a contest. Haven’t used them yet, this is, but the correct answer was quite possible to find out – bozzball makes his Google Code Jam qual as rainbow as he can.
5. Studied in the same college as the crown princess of Denmark.
This was another trick question: I put in gmark of Denmark, but a simple research would have shown that Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark, studied in Australia, thus the correct answer is dimkadimon.
6. As a youngster, was kissed on the cheeks by Muhammad Ali.
I was suspected of this as well, but it’s something I would never let happen – this is about NeverMore.
7. Took part in contests from Amundsen-Scott station, South Pole.
Nil_ct mentioned this in NASA-TopCoder Challenge forum, and a simple search like “site:topcoder.com South Pole” would have brought this up. I meant this to be a consolatory question, but surprisingly not everybody got it right.
8. Was screen-tested for commercials.
I know you’re all impatient to know which of the facts is about me (or at least I like thinking so) – this one is. I was like 12, and the test was to imagine that I was magicking myself a tail – no wonder I didn’t get in 😉
9. Used to have four 2s as his lucky number.
I really needed some fact about one of people I’ve put in as false clues, and after some really thorough forum search I’ve found this ages-old-fact about venco.

This time I know for sure that the scoreboard was useful – I’ve caught people watching it now and then. At the moment it shows ebd strengthening his lead – he’s around one puzzle ahead of the second place. Stay tuned for the next puzzles, which I intend to make more traditional. Or maybe not?

This entry was posted by nickolas on Thursday, July 28th, 2011 at 10:35 pm.
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