Oh noes! Not him again!

Hi, I am Rustyoldman, blogger once again.

It was with great surprise that I opened an e-mail from Jessie, only yesterday, inviting me to blog for TCO’11. After all, I did some blogging for TCO’09 and I thought that they would have learned their lesson, not to mention my constant attempts to be the craziest guy on the forums, but I guess they quickly forget. Muhaahaa..

I considered some of the drawbacks of blogging. It is a lot of work. I was up late writing every night last time. I was constantly lugging around my laptop and goofy keyboard, looking for an outlet, a chair and a good WiFi signal. It does add a fair amount of pressure to produce something during an already busy (but otherwise generally relaxing) day.  I do have to be sure to get up early for the start of the matches every day and watch the whole marathon competition from start to finish. I was going to be there anyway, so TopCoder paying for my trip is nice, but it wasn’t a such big deal that would make or break the whole thing. I was (and still am) considering making a +10,000km road trip from California to Florida and back with the TCO in the middle and I don’t know how this might interfere with the blogging. Recent bloggers have done some really nice work with TCO themed puzzles and games to keep things interesting between competitions and that will be a hard act to follow.

So taking all these negative factors into consideration I weighed the decision back and forth in my mind for a full two thousand milliseconds or so, before accepting the assignment. “Why?” you might ask. The best thing I can think of to say  is “it is for the love of the game.”

My assignment, as Jessie enticingly puts it, is:

“Rustyoldman – for algorithm and marathon as well as other miscellaneous competitions and things.”

That is pretty much my whole official job description, except for deadlines. I know what the algorithm and marathon stuff is but I have no idea what the mysterious other things might be. We might be in for some surprises.

There is one improvement to the blogging experience this year that I am particularly anticipating with eagerness. There is going to be some kind of link-up between the blogs and the forums so that people can discuss the posts and leave feedback for the bloggers. I really missed the feedback two years ago. The “Discuss This” link below should put you in a suitable thread in the forums.

PS. The Tournament Super Star category was chosen as being the funniest category in which to do introduction posts. Blame me for that one. And hi to the other Super Star Bloggers for this year, Nickolas, Invisiblepilot and Immortal, I look forward to seeing you in sunny Florida.

This entry was posted by Rustyoldman on Saturday, April 16th, 2011 at 7:55 am.
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