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TCO Chat Session Transcript

Handle Comment
jmpld40Welcome to the Facebook Chat Room!
FB_MattWelcome to the Facebook/TopCoder SRM 447
TAGjmpld40: ;-)
FameofLightFB_Clifton: what are the opportunities in India
AnilKishorejmpld40: same to you
FB_Mary_Annyay! and hello
shiv_vic123Hi all
FB_Mattwe currently don't don't have developer opportunities in India at the moment but we do sponsor visas and offer relocation assistance
Evadezwelcome facebook ppl
deepfritz01Do you have an internship duration? or is it completely dependent on the work assigned to intern?
FB_TimHey everyone, thanks for joining us
FB_CliftonFameofLight: Our internships are usually 12 weeks in duration.
FB_Mary_Anninternships are generally about 12 weeks long
mbr1do you have work for unexperienced young non students good for nothing programmers that love to code?
FB_CliftonFameofLight: Oh yes!
jaherIs there an office in Europe for software engineers?
DrahkirHi, are there any internship opportunities available for CS majors?
FB_Mary_Ann@Drahkir-- YES
FB_Clifton(Sorry, still learning this thing.) Right now all of our engineering occurs in Palo Alto, CA.
FB_Timmbrl: Your coding ability is generally the most valuable thing to us - more than various credentials
dchanahow do you determine our coding abilities/
krommPalo Alto? Do you happen to pay in those nifty IOUs? :P
DrahkirI'm going to Indiana University. If I were to be accepted for a FB internship, would I need to relocate?
abmdo people pursuing graduation have internship opportunities?
FB_Timdchana: www.facebook.com/careers/puzzles.php is a good place to start
FB_Mattyou can show us your skills by solving one of our puzzles
el_vituchoDo you consider the FB Puzzles solutions?
CodeRacerHi everybody!
TiKaydo you also support visas for international interns?
FB_Clifton@drahkir - yes all of our internships require relocation to Palo Alto, CA
FB_Timdchana: Once you get an interview we put you through pretty rigorous coding exercises
vpramodhi all
MauricioCFB_Tim: Are those exercises mostly algorithmic or mostly framework-ish?
nittuOm what basis u are going to call for interview?????
FB_Matt@el_vitucho yes we strongly consider puzzle submissions
FB_TimMauricioC: We have a variety of coding questions to test those skills as well as high-level architecture questions
FB_Mattit shows that you can code if you can get past the hard puzzles
FB_Davidel_vitucho: A correct puzzle solution will probably get you an interview
TheVipeerAre there internship opportunities for students from outside the US? Do you sponsor visas?
FB_TimMauricioC: for example you may be asked to design a large system similar to something used at facebook, then asked to implement a couple small parts of it
el_vituchoFB_David: how many puzzles do i need to solve to get an interview?
FB_Davidel_vitucho: The difficulty of the puzzle and quality of your code are definitely taken into account
el_vituchoFB_David: cause i did like 5
dchanahow many puzzles do I have to solve to know I will expect a call from fb?
nittuu will call for for onsite interview or it will be telephonic????
FB_CliftonTheVipeer: Yes, we offer internship opportunities for international students. We offer visa sponsorship visas.
FB_MattTheVipeer: yes we sponsor visas
paramaggarwalFameofLight: Hi, I am also from your coll. Who is it?
FB_Mary_Ann@nittu if you are not in the area, then the first interview will be via phone
FB_MattTheVipeer: if you're a solid engineer, we'll make it work
Rajat_Mathur90he is Hemant Verma sir
CodeRacergood, so any country can participate
MauricioCFB_Tim: Ah, I see. Cool! And how big are the algorithmic needs at facebook?
dchanahow do we practice and become good at the type of coding that facebook wants?
Rajat_Mathur90One of the better coders in 4th yr
ahmed.helalFB_Clifton: Are the internships bounded by a certain start/end date or is it just a 3 month intership that starts whenever suitable ?
FB_TimMauricioC: There's a huge amount of interesting work all over the company =)
adamuuI solved the sophie problem.
FB_TimMauricioC: Aside from what you see on the main site there is a ton of algorithmic processing going on to make it all work
FB_Cliftonahmed.helal: A majority of our interns starts during the summer months in the June - August timeframe. However we have interns here at other times in the year too. We typically follow the academic calendar.
luizrrodriguesE se alguéperguntar em portugues, quem responde? rs
CodeRacerare there any age boundaries?
dirtydeedswill you be interested in programmers in division2
FB_Cliftonluizrrodrigues: Hablo espanol.
ahmed.helalFB_Clifton: It is just that the academic calendar may differ from a country to another, not much though the difference could be a month or two.
tsebayothluizrrodrigues: Acho que precisa ser em inglê
tsebayothluizrrodrigues: :)
jmpld40Facebook folks: what's it like to work at Facebook, the atmosphere and such?
FB_Mattdirtydeeds: sure, if you can prove you're good we'll hire you. We suggest you take a crack at some of our puzzles
tryitn2FB_Tim: you work in C# or C++ ? what is facebook built on or do people work on php
FB_Mary_AnnCodeRacer no age limits
luizrrodriguestsebayoth: Nãmanjo nada de inglê..
nittuwill you call for interview on thebasis of the result of this srm????
FB_MattFB_Matt: Facebook = awesometown
FB_Cliftonahmed.helal: We can definitely work with you on the exact dates should it get to that point.
tsebayothluizrrodrigues: acho que nãexiste escritó aqui no brasil do facebook
adamuu**adamuu quotes Dilbert. "We don't like to use the 'O' word..."
supoFB_Matt: speaking of which, why there are no ranking lists for solvers of your puzzles?
tsebayothluizrrodrigues: então inglêéecessáo
luizrrodriguesFB_Clifton: Oláque oportunidade alguéque nãfala em inglêtem?
tryitn2FB_Clifton: you work in C# or C++ ? what is facebook built on or do people work on php
FB_Timtryitn2: The front-end is generally php and javascript, which I spend some time on. We started an open-source project called thrift that allows for language-agnostic client-server architectures that lets you work in basically whatever language you like
FB_Davidsupo: You should check out Dinosaur Island, there's a highscore table for it
FB_Timtryitn2: I do a lot of work in java, but C++ is also very popular
FB_Mattsupo: want to build it?
FB_Mattsupo: we have a puzzles badge
nittuFB_Tim: will you call for interview on thebasis of the result of this srm????
luizrrodriguestsebayoth: Realmente
FB_Cliftonluizrrodrigues: Lo siento - hablo espanol solo.
AjJiWhy aren't you using an online judge (almost instant response) for your puzzles ? :)
FB_Timnittu: maybe, if you opt-in to be contacted and you do a great job =)
FB_Davidel_vitucho: I'll check into your case and have our recruiters get in touch with you
supoFB_Matt: I just found about your puzzles 2 days ago, solved only 2 green ones and found out there is no global ranklist.. that is kind of dissapointing for people brought up at the topcoder ;-)
luizrrodriguesFB_Clifton: Okay, I use a translator ... rs
dchanahow do we improve our coding skillst that is suitable for facebook?
FB_Mattpuzzles link here - http://www.facebook.com/careers/puzzles.php
agsharathFB_Clifton: Hi Clifton, do you remember me? sharath from columbia univ
CodeRacerFB_* DO you mainly write a lot of code or you have some modelling platform?
ahmed.helalFB_Clifton: Are there internship opportunities for designers as well ?
FB_Mattsupo: yeah I agree, just need more developers to build out cool things like that
AjJiFB_Matt: Why aren't you using an online judge (almost instant response) for your puzzles instead of this "every 4hours" check ? :)
FB_Cliftonagsharath: Yes! How are you?
jaherwhat kind of internships do you have? Software engineer, UX designer ..., etc?
FB_Mary_Annahmed.helal: yes! there are designer internships
el_vituchowhy dont you give some another motivation to solve the puzzles? like more albums limits or smthing like that?
agsharathFB_Clifton: good! so is FB planning to come to columbia ?
agsharathFB_Clifton: this fall ?
tryitn2FB_Tim: do you focus more on distributed algorithms or multi-core (parallel) algorithms ?
FB_Timdchana: personally, working to get lightning fast at simpler topcoder problems was some of the best practice for getting a job here
FB_Cliftonagsharath: Unfortunately we've decided to focus our attention on fewer schools this year.
supoFB_Matt: I wonder, how many people and how much of their time is devoted to puzzles (creating new ones, adding features etc)?
FB_Cliftonagsharath: However, feel free to spread word about FB at Columbia.
dchanaFB_Tim: thanks!
ahmed.helalFB_Mary_Ann: what qualifies for a designer internship then ? i dont think its the puzzles also, is it ? :)
dchanaFB_Tim: Thanks
supoFB_David: I've already seen the problem statement of that one, sounds like fun ;-)
FB_Mattsupo: just a few, tim and david chatting here build our puzzles
MauricioCel_vitucho: How does "a possible job at Facebook" sound worse than "more album pictures"?
FB_Timtryitn2: Well in generally we are fans of multi-core work, but we also do a lot of distributed stuff
MauricioCel_vitucho: Plus, it would just encourage cheating
vpramodi want to apply facebook
CodeRacerso do i
FB_Timtryitn2: we use a lot of hadoop and other open-source distributed tools to keep everything running
vpramodbut they dont reply :)
el_vituchoMauricioC: Im asking that cause i solved some puzzles
agsharathFB_Clifton: Sure, I'm interested in full time oppurtunities in FB, I'll be graduating this december. What do you suggest to do to get a call
supoFB_Matt: and I guess it is not their priority #1 job right?
FB_Mattif you'd like to apply for our careers, show your interested here - http://www.topcoder.com/tc?module=Static&d1=tournaments&d2=tco09&d3=overview&d4=sponsors&d5=eventSponsor3Confirm
el_vituchoMauricioC: and after that i didnt get enough motivation to solve them all
tryitn2FB_Tim: hadoop is java right ? so no database , just key-value pairs
MauricioCel_vitucho: Oh, that makes much more sense. Sorry.
FB_Cliftonvpramod: Our apologies... we try our hardest to get back to all candidates.
el_vituchoMauricioC: i mean, theres one new puzzle every month
FB_Timtryitn2: Yeah, but we do have a huge distributed database and cache system as well
el_vituchoMauricioC: or something like that
dchanahow much do junior engineers make at FB?
FB_Timtryitn2: we definitely have some sql wizards around the office
vpramodi applied once and after that .. your submission system dont take my resume
MauricioCel_vitucho: You're way better than me at that, I just found out about FB puzzles :)
FB_Sarahvpramod: did you express interest in FB?
vpramodeven my updated resume
FB_Davidagsharath: A great way to get noticed is to solve a puzzle and attach your resume to the submission - it will get forwarded directly to our recruiters if the submisison is correct... it's how I got my interview
FB_Sarahvpramod: send it to us
joncalhounFB_Clifton: Did FB create the problems being used in today's SRM?
luizrrodriguesFB_Clifton: What chance a person who does not speak English have?
tryitn2FB_Tim: why do you need SQL when you use hadoop ? Aren't those different.
kevmo314Does Facebook have any internships?
vpramodwhere ?
ntnis FB hiring in California?
ShintaHi, do you have a recruitment plan for LatinAmerica?
FB_Sarahluizrrodrigues: it's important for everyone to speak english here
DucFB_Clifton: Hello! Does FB have any intership to work online?
pt1989Which countries does FB have workplaces in ?
agsharathFB_Clifton: Awesome. when do you suggest I apply?
dchanado you have to be very sociable to work at FB?
FB_Sarahluizrrodrigues: but it's fine if you're not fluent
FB_Mattntn: YES! our headquarters are located in Palo Alto, CA
FB_Timtryitn2: We use them for different applications. A lot of the raw data used by the site is stored in databases with a memcache layer on top of them
FB_Davidntn: Yes, definitely! We're based in Palo Alto
FB_Sarahpt1989: all eng offices
TAGFB_Matt: Matt - that's URL does not show ANY confirmation if Apply worked or not. Endless loop
ntnthank you
RotkivFB_Tim: any part time work for students?
tryitn2FB_Tim: sounds like clone of wikipedia :)
pt1989i mean which countries ?
FB_Timtryitn2: and a lot of other information is getting crunched in hadoop
samshuDo you recruit in India?
vpramodcan u plz tell me where i submit my cv?
FB_Sarahpt1989: we can recruit internationally
luizrrodriguesFB_Clifton: Thanks.
vpramodemail ?
tryitn2FB_Tim: or the other way around.
FB_DavidRotkiv: I have it on good authority that there is in fact part time work for students ;)
FB_RichardShinta: Hi, no plans for Latin America in the near term
FB_Sarahpt1989: but everyone has to relocate
ntnshould I just solve the puzzle to show my interests in Facebook?
FB_Sarahvpramod: sure
FB_Sarahvpramod: email it to me
pt1989FB_Sarah: where to ?
TechnophilisFB_David: When you have to apply to be able to start an internship by the summer ?
FB_Sarahvpramod: : skurien@facebook.com
wack-a-moleDo you have to live in the US to work at FB?
FB_Sarahvpramod: we can look ait
FB_Sarahpt1989: yes
supoFB_Matt: yeah I understand that. By the way, what is the level you expect from the aplicants for lets say an internship? Should I be able to solve all the puzzles in a week and then just drop you an email that I'm interested?
FB_Sarahpt1989: you will need to relocate
FB_Sarahpt1989: bu we can help you
FB_Sarahpt1989: we can hire internationally
mystic_tcunclever: please direct your question to service@topcoder.com
FB_Sarahpt1989: we have already hired several international
FB_Sarahpt1989: ppl this year
unclevermystic_tc: Thanks.
FB_Timtryitn2: very possible =)
diakatanaFB_Sarah: what prog lang if FB interested in
samshuFB_David: hi! do you recruit in India?
FB_Sarahpt1989: any language is fine
ahmed.helalFB_Mary_Ann: srry got dc :), did you get my last question ? it was about the qualifications for a designer internship interview
FB_Sarahdiakatana: any language is fine
tryitn2FB_Tim: do you build thoose tools yourself , like heartbeat tools or failover , or just use things like linux-ha tools
FB_Timtryitn2: I don't happen to know who invented these various approaches
FB_Sarahdiakatana: php
pt1989FB_Sarah: so how does one apply for an internship ?
FB_Sarahdiakatana: c++
mystic_tcunclever: I believe you can first check http://www.topcoder.com/tc?module=Static&d1=applet&d2=plugins
diakatanaFB_Sarah: whats the work mainly in?
FB_Sarahdiakatana: is what we mostly work in
FB_Timtryitn2: We have a huge and powerful set of internal tools that we built ourselves
mystic_tcunclever: two links at the top
FB_Sarahdiakatana: but you can interview in whatever you want
FB_Sarahdiakatana: language wise
FB_Cliftonluizrrodrigues: Sorry about that... unfortunately English is the preferred language in which we do business in.
DucFB_Sarah: Do you recruit in Singapore?
FB_Timtryitn2: Very little of what we use if off-the shelf, if any of it
FB_Mattsupo: we expect super fast, clean code. If you successfully solve some of our puzzles, the correct submissions will be sent directly to our recruiting team
FB_Sarahpt1989: send us your resume
vpramodso do u work in computer vision ?
FB_Sarahpt1989: skurien@facebook.com
pt1989FB_Sarah: ok, thanks
unclevermystic_tc: I checked it,but I can just get the API documents.
FB_SarahDuc: you can come here
dimkadimonIs it possible to work for FB without relocating, ie to work online?
FB_SarahDuc: singapore is totally great
tryitn2FB_Tim: how are things at facebook different from myspace ? what does it do better in terms of algorithm/processing/data
FB_SarahDuc: you can come here
pt1989FB_Sarah: what kind of skillsets are you looking forward to, and how long does an internship last usually ?
tryitn2FB_Tim: or orkut
FB_Sarahpt1989: internships are about 3 months long
FB_Sarahdiakatana: work is in everything
FB_DavidFacebook sponsors visas for people from other countries, if you're interested in coming to the US to join us =)
FB_Sarahdiakatana: front end and back end stuff
pt1989FB_Sarah: is 3 months the minimum or maximum or average?
sfmuneraFB_Sarah: Hi, have you hired any colombian?
FB_Sarahdiakatana: aout average
wack-a-moleSo how should you apply if you want to relocate to the US?
FB_Richarddimkadimon: we prefer to have you work in Palo Alto, given our highly collaborative work
supoFB_Matt: then do you advise me to just keep solving and they will contact me if interested?
TechnophilisFB_David: A kind of an insider question here : do you think that by solving the medium difficulty puzzles on the facebook's website you can get an interview ?
dimkadimonDoes the work at FB involve algorithms or mostly user interface?
FB_Timtryitn2: Well one thing that we do that seems to work well for us is starting and contributing to open-source projects
FB_Sarahsfmunera: no but we would love to
FB_Sarahsfmunera: :)
lantimilanWhen do students apply for next summer's internship?
vpramodi just join topcodder today .. only to chat with u guys..
FB_Mattsupo: yes, that's the best way to get our attention and prove your skills
FB_Sarahpt1989: average
vpramodso do i need to compete here or ..
FB_Timtryitn2: we've started a lot of projects (thrift, scribe, etc) that work on a huge scale and contributed them back to the open-source community
vpramodat the time of interview
FB_Timtryitn2: and we see awesome contributions on those from people outside the company, which is amazing
FB_Cliftonlantimilan: They start applying this fall.
agsharathFB_Clifton: Any numbers on how many facebook plans to hire this fall?
jchonphoenixjust curious
FB_Cliftonlantimilan: Fall being the September time frame. Our internship posting will be on our careers site in the next week.
jchonphoenixis facebook bringin the hackathon back to cmu this fall
FB_Cliftonagsharath: We don't have concrete numbers right now but I can tell you that if you're good and can hack we'll hire you.
supoFB_Tim: I loved what you guys did to the memcached and how you put it back to the community!
sfmunerawack-a-mole: wack
vlad_Ddbh: loza
joncalhounFB Sponsors: When would you suggest students who intend to graduate within a year to start applying for a full time job?
sfmunerawack-a-mole: Where are you from?
FB_Timsupo: thanks! have you gotten any use out of it yourself?
jmpld40Facebook folks: what's your favorite part about your job?
dimkadimonHow many TopCoders are already working for FB?
FB_Mattagsharath: we plan to do a lot of hiring, especially for engineers
FB_Cliftondimkadimon: Definitely the people and the feeling that I'm a part of something bigger.
FB_Marciajchonphoenix: we're not doing a hackathon again at cmu, but we'll be on campus for a tech talk and for the toc at cmu
FB_Timjmpld40: Big problems and big impact are one of the biggest attractions of working here
CodeRacerGuys, how you score the salaries of developers of FB, are they competitive enough?
chandubabaFB_Matt: non engineers?
FB_DavidWe currently have over 200 engineers and we're growing very quickly =)
wack-a-moleFB_Matt: What's the way to apply if I want to relocate to tue US?
FB_Timjmpld40: We have a relatively tiny team of engineers doing a lot to change the way people communicate and connect around the world
FB_Mary_Annchandubaba: what sort of non engineer?
supoFB_Tim: not yet, but right now I'm working on a django project that may need memcached quite soon, so I was just checking it out ;-)
tryitn2FB_Tim: just curios , do you use haskell or erlang or python or ruby for a parallel problem or you have some libraries of your own
chandubabaFB_Matt: doing IT degree
agsharathFB_Clifton: around how many solved facebook puzzles would guarantee a call?
jchonphoenix@Marcia: Thanks!
FB_DavidMy favorite thing about working here is the great coworkers - everyone is brilliant and interesting, and there's a really good sense of being on the same team =)
FB_Timtryitn2: Personally, I haven't. However a lot of the back-end of our chat service runs on erlang for that exact reason
jchonphoenix@Marcia: Thanks!
yellowgreenwe really dont need to be in the dev track to be qualified for facebook hiring?
FB_Mary_Anndefinitely a really smart team of co-workers--FB is great!
CodeRacerFB_David what about money you earn?
FB_Timsupo: that's awesome, I hope it turns out to be helpful for you!
FB_Mattchandubaba: yes, we're growing immensly and we have opportunities in many areas, but our priority now is hiring the best engineers in the world
el_vituchois mobile development important to FB?
TechnophilisDoes Facebook sponsor H-1B visas for international applicants ? and eventually a Green Card ?
FB_DavidSalary is based on experience and ability, we have competitive salaries =)
FB_Timel_vitucho: definitely, it's an extremely quickly-growing area for us
FB_CliftonTechnophilis: Yes we do.
yellowgreenFB_Clifton: where can we find the fb puzzle?
FB_MattCodeRacer: We don't publicly discuss salary of employees at Facebook, but we pay aggressive salaries, equity, and benefits that are based on industry standards and given our company‘s current stage of development
TechnophilisFB_Clifton: Okay Thanks
supoFB_Tim: thanks
andrey_korolAre you have some realocation program for developers family?
wack-a-moleI want to work at Facebook. What should I do?
FB_Timel_vitucho: our mobile site is gaining users extremely quickly and we are doing a lot of work to add features and generally improve the experience
realitydeviantFB_Tim: Do you have a website?
dchanawhos' the best coder in FB?
MauricioCyellowgreen: http://www.facebook.com/careers/puzzles.php
FB_Mattel_vitucho: mobile development is very important. We want facebook everywhere, and mobile is a perfect platform for facebook
el_vituchoDo you have like a mobile development team?
FB_CliftonMauricioC: Thanks!
yellowgreenrealitydeviant: have you ever heard of facebook.com?
FB_Mary_AnnMauricioC: Thanks!
FB_Timrealitydeviant: I'll have to consult my manager
wack-a-moleI want to work at Facebook. What do I do?
FB_Davidandrey_korol: Yes, we do offer relocation programs for families of engineers
MauricioCYou're welcome :)
Maximaurito.s: http://www.topcoder.com/tc?module=Static&d1=applet&d2=plugins
FB_Timel_vitucho: yep, we have a team dedicated to the mobile site as well as more specific projects like the iphone site
FB_Timel_vitucho: that team has been growing very quickly
CodeRacerFB_David could you provide the source for info about family relocation pragrams
andrey_korolFB_David: Thanks
TiKayHow's life in silicon valley?
FB_Davidwack-a-mole: A good way to get started is to solve a puzzle, see http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleMaster
FB_TimTiKay: I wouldn't leave it for the world =)
lucasufrnIn which field is the biggest segment of the employees involved in? (algorithms, architecture, designing, ...)
FB_Mary_AnnTiKay: always interesting and a little warmer than san francisco :)
FB_DavidTiKay: The weather's great =)
pt1989FB_Tim: how many FB challenges should we solve?
wack-a-moleFB_David: Will FB help with visas and housing?
pt1989FB_Tim: also is the internship flexible ?
FB_CliftonCodeRacer: We offer relocation assistance to you and your famil... it is consistent and competitive with what is offered in Silicon Valley.
FB_Davidwack-a-mole: Yep =)
wack-a-moleFB_David: Do you have to be graduated to apply? Or is there any project for students?
jmpld40to apply for Facebook jobs, go here: http://www.topcoder.com/tc?module=Static&d1=tournaments&d2=tco09&d3=overview&d4=sponsors&d5=sponsor3
FB_Timpt1989: solving one non-trivial puzzle is enough to get you on our radar, but to stand apart from the crowd I'd recommend doing a few more than that.
FB_Timpt1989: As for internships, they are definitely flexible but you'd have to discuss details with a recruiter
pt1989FB_Tim: thanks, i'll be on it ( but not at 6 AM :) )
jaherare the schedules flexible? Is it possible to work from midnight to noon?
FB_Timpt1989: Hah, cool. best of luck!
FB_Mattjaher: yes, we're very flexible
Pritamsyco: yo
FB_Timjaher: definitely. people work on whatever schedule works for them.
pt1989FB_Tim: does FB have a parent company ?
FB_Timjaher: as long as it's conducive to productivity =)
FB_Davidjaher: That's very possible, and lots of engineers do =)
pt1989FB_Tim: or is it independant ?
FB_Timpt1989: it's just us, no strings attached
yangweikun**yangweikun why are we here
FB_Davidpt1989: No parent company just us
yangweikun**yangweikun hello
soparrissayswhat is facebook?
sycoPritam: pritameeeeee
FB_Davidwack-a-mole: from solving puzzles
yangweikunwhy are we here
FB_Davidwack-a-mole: http://www.facebook.com/PuzzleMaster
Pritamsyco: what you doing in this chat lobby?:-P
FB_Mattjaher: We have a very flexible working schedule at Facebook. Everyone has different work style preferences about how, where and when they're most productive.
sycoPritam: er..i logged into this automatically
Pritamsyco: lol
QASHwhat is meant by a "non-trivial" puzzle
mohmdadelany arabian competitors here ??
pt1989QASH: hard puzzle
userundefinedhi there, where does facebook have offices?
mohan8990Any career in Facebook in India.?
soparrissaysno but i eat arab food
wack-a-moleFB_David: I have solved a few of the trivial ones
oldherldo you think being banned in china mainland affects your company a lot?
wack-a-moleFB_David: How many did you solve before they contact you?
FB_Cliftonuserundefined: Our main office is in Palo Alto for engineering.
FB_TimQASH: the ones labeled as hors d'ouevres are considered trivial. That's just "meep meep" and "Hoppity"
FB_Daviduserundefined: we're in Palo Alto, California
jaherare the intern positions open to undergrads from all schools or do you have a subset of schools you prefer to hire from?
userundefinedThanks. Any branches in Canada?
FB_Davidwack-a-mole: I solved 3, one hard and 2 easy
FB_Timjaher: intern positions are open to any students that can write awesome code.
FB_Mattuserundefined: Almost all of our Engineers work at the Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, California, but we do have smaller sales offices located around the world.
FB_Mary_Annjaher: all schools. You just need to show your coding prowess
FB_Cliftonuserundefined: We have an office in Toronto but it's for sales.
userundefinedgotcha. Thanks.
ArizaHey2, what's up
s4sagarsyco: Hi ! I nver see u online these days ! :)
CodeRacerFB_Matt Russia or Kazakhstan?
AtefFB_David: how about in the middle east, say around Egypt? :)
ank_itFor Facebook in Mobiles u use J2ME of same PHP??
el_vituchodo you let engineers work on projects that they have proposed? something like google does, one day of the week any googler can work on any other project that they want
jaherhow many interviews on average do you need to do?
QASHsubmission to those puzzles is a bit tough as well as late, can u guys switch them to TC?
QASHonly if it is flexible for u guys
FB_Timank_it: the mobile site is implemented in php
AtefFB_David: how about in the middle east, say around Egypt? :)
FB_Mary_Annjaher: for interns, 2-3 usually
tryitn2FB_Clifton: how much of your time do you spend designing , coding,testing ? Do you have people working on QA or do programmers do both
FB_Timank_it: as for native clients for various devices, I suspect they are implemented in all sorts of crazy languages
sycos4sagar: :)
FB_MattCodeRacer: no offices in russia or kazakhstan :)
sycos4sagar: been busy
jchonphoenix@el_vitucho: thats what the hackathons are
otterCan you guys name a few open-source projects that are particularly relevent to the Applications at FB ?
s4sagarsyco: ONly chat room @ TopCoder huh ;)
Minceare there any offices based in Singapore?
s4sagarsyco: Same mail ids ? :)
FB_Davidel_vitucho: Yes, there's a lot of freedom in what you want to work on and ability to create new projects when you see a need
FB_Sarahotter: hive
CodeRacerFB_Matt: it's a pity ;)
soparrissaysserious questions, serious question guys
FB_Sarahotter: thrift
FB_Sarahotter: all open source
el_vituchoFB_David: excelent
ankul_iiitawhat kind of projects do we get to see?
soparrissayshow much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
soparrissaysserious question
FB_Mary_Annsoparrissays: A LOT
wack-a-moleFB_David: Very nice, I remember I read the hards and they where indeed tough
FB_Timtryitn2: We don't have any dedicated testing staff. All engineers are responsible to make sure their code works and handle it if it breaks
el_vituchojchonphoenix: what is hackatons?
pt1989soparrissays: as much as CHuck Norris chucks
FB_Mattotter: memcached, hive, etc
wack-a-moleFB_David: I will try them again
soparrissayswhere wood is a a factor of constrained optimization
FB_Mattotter: we do a lot of open source work
MinceDuc: yea im in Singapore (:
wack-a-moleFB_David: Have you liked Facebook so far? What is what you like the most?
wrickI have done almost all the Facebook puzzles :)
FB_Timtryitn2: So ideally, I think we spend the most time designing, then a little less coding, and a little less testing. But everyone does do at least some testing.
yellowgreenwrick: then what are you waiting for?
jchonphoenix@el_vitucho: basically a 24hr time frame to code w/e u want then present it
wrickFB_Sarah: hi
FB_Davidwack-a-mole: It's a fantastic place to work... I'm really happy here. The atmosphere is great, very relaxed and fun, and everyone is very smart =)
ank_itThe Developer does the testing of his codE???
MasterLuoHello, FB means Facebook?
el_vituchojchonphoenix: interesting
FB_CliftonMasterLuo: yep
Pomberthe objetive of the puzzles is efficience?
jchonphoenix@el_vitucho: they held one at my university last year
FB_TimMasterLuo: yep
jimdavis= =~
ortschunFB_David: are you planning to open some offices in Europe? sorry if it is asked before..
jaherhow long do you usually test a feature internally on average before it is launched?
ArizaAnyone have Facebook??
wack-a-moleFB_David: Are you originally from the US? How old are you? (If you don't mind)
dimkadimonHow does working at FB compare to working at Google?
soparrissaysare you going to use the result of this match in a facebook product or service
FB_Mattto apply for Facebook jobs, go here: http://www.topcoder.com/tc?module=Static&d1=tournaments&d2=tco09&d3=overview&d4=sponsors&d5=sponsor3
MasterLuoFB_Clifton: thx. Facebook is very good website for erveryone.
PawaAre you aware of the fact that Russian largest social network Vkontakte is simply cloning Facebook? Any plans to sue them?
FB_Mary_Anndimkadimon: You have a much bigger impact.
FB_TimPomber: It requires efficiency to pass the grading robot, but we also consider style and elegance when determining if we should bring someone in for an interview
FB_Davidortschun: We have branches in Europe, London I think, but not for engineering... that's done only in california
Ariza dimkadimon: I think Google is better.... :D
FB_Mattdimkadimon: I came from google and facebook is much faster and a more fun place to work
PomberFB_Tim: thanks
dimkadimonPawa: Also odnoklassniki looks similar
MinceWhats the youngest engineer at Facebook ?
FB_Timjaher: small things can get several hours of testing before they are pushed out, but ideally are always running under unit tests. larger features can take months or weeks with lots of simulated load and other good stuff.
CodeRacerShould I be a fan of FB to start working there )
soparrissayswhat animal is ur favorite in dino island
TiKayFB_Matt: how much money did you get for that statement? ;P
ZxMYShow much is the prize?
fun2onhow to get started for Competition
Pawadimkadimon: they are cloning classmates, not facebook :)
FB_CliftonTiKay: Lots. ;)
FB_DavidMince: We have lots of people in their early 20s
MasterLuonovicenet: You are so cute.
remOlexiy: you are participating today?
ZxMYShow much is the prize?
wrickFB_Sarah: sent
soparrissaysi think the prize is a job
MinceFB_David: cool.. thanks
ZxMYSsoparrissays: lol
guptavarunFB_Matt: I would like to build leaderboard/ranklist for Facebook Puzzeles
FB_CliftonMince: The average age is late 20s but we have people here from all ages and backgrounds.
otter10 mins to go~
ZxMYSZxMYS: a job at facebook,sounds good.....
MinceFB_Clifton: Any Singaporeans?
atulbansalfacebook has only 200 engineers?
FB_Sarahwrick: awesome
guptavarunFB_Matt: Can I be allowed to work on that
FB_Sarahwrick: i will be in touch!
vjtrioloI'm lucky if I can write code that works, forget awesome.
FB_Timatulbansal: it might be a bit higher than that with all the interns right now, but it's very close to that
FB_Richardatulbansal: give or take
zjintz200 engineers?
eraserhdHeh, my wife just told me that on the news they said something like "they are thinking about shutting down Facebook because too many people are abusing it."
FB_MattTiKay: it's true, we get to do more and have greater responsibility at facebook
wrickFB_Sarah: no probs
FB_CliftonMince: We had an intern from Singapore. Not sure offhand... my mom is Singaporean if that counts. :)
sfmunerawack-a-mole: Hi, what part of Colombia are you from?
DucFB_Sarah: Hi, what's your address to send my resume again? :)
FB_Davidatulbansal: We have a little over 200 engineers. We pride ourselves in having over a million users per engineer - where else can you reach so many people =)
Ryaneraserhd: they aren't shutting it down, just making it lamer
WangDanningHow do you think a job at TopCoder
FB_SarahDuc: skurien@facebook.com
FB_Mattguptavarun: it could be a side project :)
MinceFB_Clifton: Cool. From all backgrounds, regardless of university?
atulbansalwhats the average team size?
FB_CliftonMince: Yes!
FB_Mattguptavarun: to apply for Facebook jobs, go here: http://www.topcoder.com/tc?module=Static&d1=tournaments&d2=tco09&d3=overview&d4=sponsors&d5=sponsor3
FB_SarahJedi_Knight: hi
vpjDuc: hey are you coming to Amrita?
FB_Richardatulbansal: 3 -5 per project
sfmunerawack-a-mole: Yo tambié y dó estudiá
FB_SarahJedi_Knight: are you interested in an opportunity at Facebook?
Mince(: Interesting..
FB_Mattatulbansal: average team size is small. from 3-6 people
jchonphoenix@el_vitucho: /
FB_Mattatulbansal: it's actually impressive how small teams can make such a huge impact
eraserhdIf you ever get positions around Cleveland, Ohio, let me know. :)
MaxiFB_Sarah: Hi, I would like to know internship opportunities for students.
fmmlsa: oi verdinha
atulbansalwhich technologies/computer languages are mostly used in Facebook
FB_Timeraserhd: Not open to joining us in california? =)
wack-a-moleHow many people is working at Palo Alto?
FB_SarahMaxi: hi Maxi
guptavarunI am expoloring to contribute to Apache Mahout. Are you guys using it?
wack-a-moleIs it true that Facebook sucks?
FB_SarahMaxi: great! you should email me your resume: skurien@facebook.com
FB_SarahMaxi: i can check if we have a fit
FB_SarahMaxi: sound good?
FB_Mattwack-a-mole: the majority of our employees work in Palo Alto
eraserhdFB_Tim: Cost of living here is _really_ low. Last time I got a relo to California offer, they couldn't match, adjusted to cost of living.
FB_Mattwack-a-mole: approx 800-900
chhung6AEtheReal: HI!!
FB_SarahAkim: hi
s4sagarFB_Sarah: Hi, In India too ?
FB_Davidatulbansal: We use many languages, but for a start: PHP, Python, Erlang, Haskell, Perl, C++, Ruby, etc... =)
eraserhdEven though it was > 50% more than I was making.
FB_SarahAkim: are you interested in Facebook
ortschunFB_Sarah: could we apply for 2010 summer internship?
FB_SarahAkim: if you are
MaxiFB_Sarah: Excelent! Thank you :)
fmmlsa: sumiu???
FB_SarahAkim: we woul dlove to chat with you
wrickFB_David: Haskell? Really????
atulbansalI see
FB_SarahAkim: email me your resume: skurien@facebook.com
FB_Timeraserhd: Hah, fair enough. The cost of living here is pretty bad but Facebook does compensate engineers agressively relative to companies in the area, especially ones our size
k4knightdo u have internship?
FB_Sarahortschun: of course
FB_Sarahortschun: we have those available as well
rator10FB_David: What does Facebook do where Haskell is useful?
FB_Mary_Annortschun: intern@facebook.com
FB_Sarahortschun: send me your resime: skurien@facebook.com
waitatshuouch i accidentally registered for the agent thing
maradonahHello everybody
k4knightbut where can we find internship information?
s4sagarFB_Sarah: Internship avl in India too ?
FB_Mary_Annwe are definitely looking for 2010 interns right now
k4knightlike the intro to each position
MauricioCwaitatshu: Just don't submit anything and you should be fine :)
maradonahFB_Sarah: do you have the option of freelancing?
BBTigerWhat a hot day
FB_Sarahs4sagar: not in india
FB_Sarahs4sagar: ou can come here
fmmlsa: hello?
FB_Sarahmaradonah: no
fun2onyou and i in this
FB_Cliftonk4knight: Go to www.facebook.com/careers and go to our "university" tab.
ortschunFB_Sarah: thx =)
FB_Sarahmaradonah: you have to relocate
MinceWorking for facebook -> Must go California? No chance to like remain in Singapore?
atulbansal1Last question: How many hours does an engineer work per week on an average
fmmlsa: enter!!
k4knighthaha, good luck guys
askvijFB_Sarah: Internship opportunity is for students only ??
FB_CliftonMince: Unfortunately, all of our engineering is in Palo Alto, CA.
FB_Sarahaskvij: yes
FB_Sarahaskvij: only for stduents
wack-a-moleFB_David: Nice talking to you. Thanks!
FB_Sarahaskvij: must be in school
FB_Timatulbansal: some work more than 50, but nobody is forced to. We have a lot of people that run on a regular 9 to 5 schedule.
acm.uagood luck!!
TheVipeerthanks for FB representatives for being so helpful :) I'll have to go now for the match
[VVasi]**[VVasi] WTF! LOL!
FB_Sarahaskvij: yes
pmnoxWhat makes work at Facebook unique?
MinceIc.. How about in the future? Any foresights?
FB_Sarahaskvij: just fo students
FB_Mattgood luck everyone!!!!
jmpld40Before the comeptition starts, I just want to thank Facebook for chatting. SO thanks!
FB_Sarahaskvij: **If anyone is interested in Facebook
FB_Mary_AnnThanks this was fun! Good Luck!!
ntnthanks to all FB_* :)
el_vituchothank facebook
FB_Mattpmnox: the speed at which we scale and push out code
FB_Sarahaskvij: send us your resume: skurien@facebook.com
FB_Timthanks everyone!
jmpld40Additionally, if you want to apply for a job, go here: http://www.topcoder.com/tc?module=Static&d1=tournaments&d2=tco09&d3=overview&d4=sponsors&d5=sponsor3
FB_Davidpmnox: We're changing the world =)
FB_Sarahaskvij: and make sure you say you're interested in learning more about opportunities
TAGWhat are hard requirements for internation empoyees? Like degree, work exprience, etc. ?
Evadezthank you facebook ppl
CodeRacerthank, friends
AtefThanks facebook :)
askvijFB_Sarah: :)
FB_CliftonGood luck everyone!
psacawadamn it I forgot to register!
pmnoxdo you have to write a lot of documentation?
fmmlsa: why??
zjintzthanks for the info!
jmpld40Finally if you have more questions for Facebook after this chat, you can post in their forum: http://forums.topcoder.com/?module=ThreadList&forumID=528190
el_vituchopsacawa: hahaha
el_vituchopsacawa: thats funny
bbharaththanks facebook
mbr1psacawa: wait until the next month :D
FB_Timpmnox: some of our super-awesome engineers do
FB_Sarahpmnox: hi if youa re interested in an opportunity
ank_itBest of Luck 2 all
FB_Timpmnox: in generally people should be writing more =)
FB_Sarahpmnox: please email us: skurien@facebook.com
FB_MattTAG: If you really want to catch our attention, see if you can solve our puzzles http://www.facebook.com/careers/puzzles.php
novicenetI believe ChunGe
Heruman312Thanks facebook!
FB_Timpmnox: Writing great docs is one of the things that can help you stand out as a productive engineer here
TAGFB_Matt: but what if something is missing - how you will get around H1B visa requirements?
novicenet believe ChunGe,AC Everyday
vpjThanks FB
FB_RichardTAG: there are still some h1b remaining and we would sponsor the h1b application
michaelrpgwhy can't I click enter room? I registered
pmnoxYes, I agree. I was curious what was your opition about this subject :)
tryitn2thanks FB_Tim , FB_Clifton , FB
PomberFB_Sarah: how do i send the answer of a FB puzzle?
FB_MattTAG: for really good engineers, there's always a way
pmnoxSRM start, I hate to go
fmmlsa: gooooood SRM =)
pmnoxthx for chat
FB_Timthanks for all the good questions tryitn2
TAGFB_Matt: OK .. Thanks ..
FB_CliftonGood luck everyone!
FB_Timbye guys =)
ThapsThanks Facebook, you really make our lives easy, THANKS!
atulbansalNice ti talk to facebook
FB_DavidGood luck all!
stonetscreen scrollin fast!
FB_Mattgood luck everyone
Pomberhow do i send the answer of a FB puzzle?
FB_Timyeah, good luck everyone
Heruman312I wanna become a green!
Mindhunter74Why don't you compete at Topcoder, Facebook guys?
FB_TimPomber: by email - there are details on www.facebook.com/puzzlemaster
FB_TimMindhunter74: A lot of us do
FB_TimMindhunter74: David and I are active competitors, among others
FB_MattPomber: go to our puzzles page to read more about submissions http://www.facebook.com/careers/puzzles.php
Heruman312ten seconds more!
Mindhunter74Great. I've expected that :)
FB_TimMindhunter74: =)
Mindhunter74FB_Tim: Gotta split! See ya :)
FB_TimMindhunter74: good luck!
FB_Davidgood luck!
FB_DavidBye everyone!

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