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To remain competitive in our industry, we are in need of individuals that are capable of taking us to the next level. If you are a skilled engineer, mathematician, problem solver extraordinaire, then we would like to talk to you.

Citi is a global company with several opportunities in our Capital Markets division in locations all around the world. We deal in complex financial algorithms and are constantly pushing the limits of our systems to gain the extra edge that keeps the competitors in our rear view mirror. The capital markets are lightning fast and we must consistently provide solutions that can keep pace.

Some of the things that we do and value at Citi:
Building the next generation of High Frequency Trading technology
Using machine learning algorithms to analyze historical trading patterns
Employing grid systems for processing massive amounts of financial data
Embracing the diversity of our global work force
Fostering an environment that encourages creative solutions through meritocracy
Engaging in conduct that is transparent, prudent, and dependable
Directing $50 Billion over 10 years to initiatives that help mitigate climate change
Supporting the microfinance sector in more than 40 countries around the world
Committing more than $121 Million in total philanthropic giving in 2011

Come and be a part of a team committed to being the best players on the streets.

We will be sponsoring a single round match on April 11, 2012 so join us in the Competition Arena for a chat session to discuss our exciting career opportunities. Learn more about TopCoder SRMs here.

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