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Chat transcript from TCHS SRM 57: Spotlight Session with Petr
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PetrHi there!
toweleneeI am sorry what we should read to became good coder.
cpphamzaPetr: Hi Petr
Petrcpphamza: Hi
Petrtowelenee: How do you define good coder?
toweleneesomething like Burunduk1
towelenee*someone sorry for my bad english
Petrtowelenee: No, I mean - good at solving algorithmic competition problems? Then practice should be the way
cpphamzaPetr: I totally agree that practice is the strongest factor, can you tell us how long have you practiced on solving algorithmic problems?
Petrcpphamza: There's a story about that in TC features. In short, since 1997 :)
Petrcpphamza: My biggest increase in skill was at Russian IOI preparation camps
cpphamzaPetr: I've read that, but I've heard that you've stopped practicing since a while, so from 97 till when?
Petrcpphamza: I've almost stopped practicing when I entered university in 2002
Petrcpphamza: And completely stopped practicing after going to the second ICPC final in 2005
cpphamzaPetr: is this because you think there isn't much more outthere to study/practice?
cpphamzaPetr: I mean can you explain how come you stopped practicing 3 years ago and you still ranked number 1 given that many people are practicing hard
Petrcpphamza: Well, I wouldn't state it that sharp
espr1tPetr: And did starting work affect in any way your competition skills?
Petrcpphamza: I'd say that I've stopped practicing because 1) There turned out to be a lot of competitions taking place, so only participating in them brings much practice
Petrcpphamza: and 2) practice itself was too little fun for the time spent
Petrcpphamza: I still participate in every SRM and in Russian Open Cup (~8 ACM-style competitions a year)
Petrespr1t: It made me write several SRMs in Java :) Other than that, I don't think there's any influence
CONDOR_316petr: are there any books that will help..other than cormen..
PetrCONDOR_316: I don't think so
PetrCONDOR_316: Books should come as reference when you can't solve some problem
PetrCONDOR_316: Not as textbooks
cpphamzaPetr: I understand, well you said that your largest skill boost was in the IOI camps, as far as I know camps are like 1 week of contests/lectures, I don't know about Russian camps specifically
cpphamzaPetr: but I'm wondering how did they affect you that much in that short amount of time?
CONDOR_316petr: when u practice, should it be like doing DP problems..then moving on the graph related..or a healthy mix ??
Petrcpphamza: Well, it's 2 weeks twice a year
Petrcpphamza: Each day has a 5-hour contest
Petrcpphamza: And a lecture from the top competitors from past years that are now teachers
Petrcpphamza: Often the contest next day is based on the previous day's lecture, so that you remember it better
Petrcpphamza: I know it sounds really simple, but it seems to work
espr1tPetr: Another thing I wondered - do you think it's better to solve more easier problems to practice (which increases writing skills) or less but harder problems (which increases the thinking part)?
PetrCONDOR_316: I think a mix is better - but when you can't solve a problem, don't just skip it, but learn what you're missing
Petrespr1t: I think writing skills should come automatically sooner or later, so I'd go for the thinking part
oa12gbPetr: is it better to know more algorithms or just know a few ones and practice hard on them?
Petroa12gb: I think it's not the best way to separate learning algorithms from coding them
Petroa12gb: I think it's better to try solving some problem related to an algorithm to learn it
oa12gbPetr: then learn by solving not reading and from the analysis of the problem I can learn more
Petroa12gb: Yes, but I'd even emphasize that by writing the solution by yourself you learn even more
Petroa12gb: Even after reading the analysis
oa12gbPetr: ok
oa12gbPetr: thanks
martins256what's going on here?
CONDOR_316petr: and important is it in solving problems..and practicing
petar1martins256: Petr is answering to our questions:)
jay23jackreally? where's him
petar1here in the room:)
Petrjay23jack: in Moscow
samshuAm i allowed in here
Petrsamshu: everyone is
jay23jackPetr: oh,i see.i wish to go there
samshui mean i do not qualify for TCHS...And i thought Spotlight was only for TCHS participants
Petrsamshu: no, I believe everyone is allowed. Why would TopCoder restrict people from coming here?
oh_NoPetr: i think sometimes i coudnt solve some easy task like generating permution but can solve some hard task like DEV 2 1000(for me off course).do you think it is a general problem?cant to solve some easy task?how i can overcome this?
samshuOk then.. thanks Petr!!
jay23jackPetr: how are you?
Petroh_No: Read the analysis after the match, and write the code
Petroh_No: If the analysis doesn't make sense, search the Internet and/or books
Petrjay23jack: Fine
oa12gbPetr: sometimes like the last srm I can't understand the formula in the analysis so I can't code anything
jay23jackPetr: oh,and how old are you?
oa12gbPetr: in the 1000 for example
MB__Petr: which online judges do you like to do, which you were doing much when you was starting to learn?
Petrjay23jack: 23
CONDOR_316petr: Petr: and important is it in solving problems..and practicing
tharisPetr: is there any kind of trick for DP problems, something that we could look and say ""Probably the DP relation is this type...""
tharisPetr: ?
PetrMB__: I've never solved more than 5-10 problems on any online judge
jay23jackPetr: how young! i thought you're older
MB__Petr: wow
samshuPetr: Jus one year older than me and Wow!!
Petroa12gb: You can try asking on the forums then, there're always people willing to explain
jay23jackPetr: do you take part in the ACM?
cpphamzaPetr: yea I've noticed that you're simply not on the rank lists of any online judge! can you explain that?
PetrCONDOR_316: I don't know because I don't know how it is not to know math :)
CONDOR_316petr: :)
ahm.kam_92Petr: hello :)
Petrtharis: No, DP is probably the best example that only practice can help
ahm.kam_92Petr: how r u ?
Petrtharis: There's no trick, just ability to notice patterns
ahm.kam_92Petr: nice to meet u here in ur room :D
samshuPetr: Do you think that 22 is old to start programming??
tharisPetr: thx... Guess I'll have to practice much more
Petrsamshu: tourist is red and was banned from TC for some time for being under 13 :)
ahm.kam_92Petr: i have a question :)
ahm.kam_92Petr: how old r u ?
Petrcpphamza: I learned too late about online judges
tharisahm.kam_92: 23
MB__Petr: how were you practising before?
Petrahm.kam_92: fine
MB__Petr: doing old ACM problems and math?
Petrsamshu: dunno. I think not, especially if you have technical education
NikaustrPetr: Hi, Petr. Did you take part in this year's Google Code Jam?
PetrMB__: solving contests prepared for us by our coaches
ahm.kam_92Petr: u work in google, right ?
PetrMB__: when in high school - 3 problems for 5 hours
PetrMB__: when in university - ACM-style
MB__Petr: :D
samshuPetr: Do you think Programming comes naturally??
PetrNikaustr: I've prepared some problems for it :)
MB__Petr: 3 problems for 5 hours, that's almost 15 problems a day :D
CONDOR_316petr: how long do u think ( for a beginner) should be spent on trying to solve a problem..before looking at the solution..say a DP problem..
PetrNikaustr: Did you like the one about triangle of the given area? ;)
Petrahm.kam_92: yep
MB__Petr: were you practising one a week only?
NikaustrPetr: ))) thanks... ))
MB__Petr: or very often?
Tavo92Petr: What book would you recommend about algorithms (I know that ""Introduction to algorithm"" is very good)?
PetrMB__: It was different throughout the year
ahm.kam_92Petr: in which country u work ?
PetrMB__: 2 times we had 2-week long camps for best Russian high schoolers
PetrMB__: where we practiced each day
PetrMB__: during other time, I practiced very rarely
MB__Petr: I see
hjdaveshould i practice each day
Petrsamshu: no, I don't. It's a skill
MB__Petr: I was thinking before that you were practising a lot
PetrCONDOR_316: As long as it's still interesting for you
yiuyuhoMB__: Petr is just a genius ;)
PetrCONDOR_316: When you become bored, chances of inventing a solution lower significantly
NikaustrPetr: Do you use much of your algorithm skills while working at Google? I mean you do solve problems very well, but sometimes tasks can be far from the TopCoder SRM format.
PetrMB__: 2 weeks from 9am to 7pm is a lot :)
tharisI think Petr should ask for a indemnization to TC... All these questions... :x
Petrahm.kam_92: Russian
Petrahm.kam_92: Russia
MB__Petr: will you start in this SRM?
samshuPetr: Have you ever used your TopCoder experience in Google? Do you think TopCoder has helped you be a better Programmer??
PetrTavo92: I have no other recommendation. That book is good for sure )
ahm.kam_92Petr: what do u work ?
PetrNikaustr: Algorithm skills come from a different angle
yiuyuhoPetr: do you find the Division 1 1000 points more/less difficult then problems appearing else where?
martins256Petr: your parents are geniuses? :)
PetrNikaustr: You rarely encounter maxflow or something like that
samshuPetr: Sorry i did not see Nikaustr's question!
stjepanPetr: how much do you practice? how much did you practice when you were a high school student?
Tavo92Petr: What do you think is better, to solve a lot of problems or to read a lot? Or the two of them together?
PetrNikaustr: But general ability to design a write a program that solves a given task, sometimes solving some logical puzzles on the way, is important
imrankane2005Tavo92: what`s the name of book Petr mentioned. I hav just arrived here
PetrNikaustr: I've coded Aho-Corasick once )
PetrNikaustr: (at work)
NikaustrPetr: ??? really??
Petrahm.kam_92: can't say :) I'm working on improving search quality
NikaustrPetr: it's interesting what the situation was ... )
oa12gbPetr: in the IOI camps u were in u think the more usefull thing was the old coders who gave u leactures or the problems u solved?
Tavo92imrankane2005: I asked him if he can recommend a book, and he said Introduction to Algorithm is very good
ahm.kam_92Petr: :) nice!
PetrMB__: yes, I will participate in the SRM
imrankane2005Tavo92: Thanx :)
PetrNikaustr: can't say :)
samshuPetr: If you dont mind revealing on what are you working at in Google??
NikaustrPetr: )) aah, OK :)
Petroa12gb: The problems
toweleneePetr have you been in LKSH
glue2gleesamshu: he said ""I'm working on improving search quality""
PetrTavo92: I think it's better to solve problems, and to read how to solve one when you can't invent a solution by yourself
vlad_DPetr: do you have a gf?
Petrvlad_D: I'm married
MB__Petr: what's the best thing to do to come from 2300+ to target?
vlad_DPetr: kids?
Petrvlad_D: not yet :)
samshuglue2glee: Thanks for helping Petr out in answering :)
ahm.kam_92Petr: comeon and get ur maximum rating again! :)
cpphamzaPetr: hey, were you married when you came to Banff this year?
PetrMB__: That's a tough one. I think accuracy should be crucial at that point
NikaustrPetr: hmmm, that's interesting. I plan to finish my PhD, learn a couple more algorithms, and try applying for a position at Google. Where do you work, by the way? I think I'd like to go to Pittsburgh.
tsalmanPetr: Do you solve problems only because u enjoy them or, because u like to be a winner ? :)
Petrcpphamza: no, but I was with my wife-to-be )
imrankane2005Petr: Could u plz mention some good book in Math for ACM
yiuyuhoPetr: wow, congratz ;) I think that makes news?
Petryiuyuho: :) why?
Petryiuyuho: thanks
PetrNikaustr: I work in Moscow
PetrNikaustr: never moved in my entire life
pcaldeiraPetr: if you had like 3 months to prepare yourself for an important contest and had low skills on pretty much every type of problems, where would you spend more time on? I heard DP and graphs are the most important skills... should I make those a priority
yiuyuhoPetr: I dont think it's known to the world until just now ;)
Petryiuyuho: I'm sorry for not answering your question above
Petryiuyuho: about div1 1000's
NikaustrPetr: Oh, oops :), I thought you were in America :). Work in your home-city... hmm, that sounds great! )
cpphamzaPetr: yes, congratulations
Petryiuyuho: I think they are quite specific - given the timeframe here at TC
samshuPetr: How do you interpret TopCoder ratings as (Grey=?,Green=?)
igiPetr: i really like to practice, but when i am solving some harder problems, i think about them for an hour or something like that i then i usually skip it because i dont know what to do, how can i overcome this?
SwitchCasePetr: Hi, durin your younger years as programmer... there mustve been times when u looked up to someone and wished u were like them..... Who was/were they and what things did u do in specific to be such a great coder??
Petrsamshu: They are for comparison, absolute values don't make much sense
Petrigi: try to read the analysis, understand the solution, and then (important!) code it?
samshuPetr: But a grey Coder is not as good as a Green is He??
Petrpcaldeira: I think DP is the most important one, both at TopCoder and in ACM
Petrpcaldeira: but it's the hardest to improve on :)
ahm.kam_92Petr: how can i improve my programming skills, specially in algoithms ?
martins256samshu: you dont need Petr to get answer to that question! :D
pcaldeiraPetr: ok, what about IOI level?
PetrSwitchCase: Most of people I wanted to be like were just better programming competitors
samshuantarctican: Ahh!!
igiPetr: but after all this thinking and without results i lose my will to even look at it?
Petrpcaldeira: IOI, in my view, is really random
igiPetr: anymore
rajeshsrPetr: What do u think made u, what u are now? Do u consider practice as a very important thing?
vlad_DPetr: what's your aspiration in life?
SwitchCasePetr: no one specific???
PetrSwitchCase: nope
Petrigi: then you should look at the analysis earlier
Petrigi: when you only start losing your interest :)
Petrrajeshsr: yes, it's surely the most important thing
igiPetr: haha :D
Petrrajeshsr: but of course one should not underestimate my teachers
pcaldeiraPetr: yeah, i also think ad-hoc problems are the most common in IOIs... which means the only way to something is practicing as much random and varied problems as we can find?
igiPetr: i think its the biggest problem that i want everything to slove quick
Petrvlad_D: Just to live a good and interesting life, and try to make it better for my loved ones
rajeshsrPetr: Any strategy of practice u followed?
yiuyuhoPetr: who were all your teachers, besides andrewsta?
stjepanigi: topcoder is the best place for that ;)
smiljoPetr: what sites would you recommend to learn DP?
smiljoPetr: except topcoder
martins256Petr: what do you do on your free time? what are your hobies?
FixmanHey Petr!
Petryiuyuho: KOTEHOK, max_b, Victor Matyukhin, many others
pt1989Petr shud write a book
pt1989it will be a bestseller
ahm.kam_92Petr: how can i improve my programming skills, specially in algoithms ?
samshuPetr: Did TopCoder ratings matter to Google when you joined them??
igiPetr: sometimes i code without thinking enough about the problem and then at the 50th line i realize that my idea is wrong..
stjepanmartins256: there's an interview about Petr, you can get the answer to the question there
cytmikepeople are all flying in
FixmanDo you go to every SRM you can, or you don't go to one if you think you are not very prepared and could lose points?
jbernadasPetr: Hi Petr. My brain have a hole in the math section, and I want to fill it. Is Concrete Mathematics a good book?
Petrrajeshsr: no - back in my days we didn't practice by ourselves
toweleneePetr: I am sorry have you been i lksh
Petrrajeshsr: we basically solved contests that were prepared by our teachers
Petrtowelenee: Yes, 2.5 times
NikaustrPetr: You are gonna have a lot of questions now, I see... )
imrankane2005Petr: Could you plz mention some good book in Math for ACM Preparation
pcaldeirawow... wasn't this supposed to be for high school students only?
Trafalgar_Lawhi guys
solafidePetr: how much time did you put into practicing?
ahm.kam_92Petr: really ??
innocentboypcaldeira: :)
vlad_Dpcaldeira: every one else is invited
Petrimrankane2005: maybe Concrete Mathematics by Knuth et al.?
rajeshsrPetr: waugh! thats great, this explains why I don't find u much in many online judges. any Online judge u practised?
vlad_Dpcaldeira: too
binarywithmeneed ACM suggestions
ZhangjianI want to know how to become a big cow.
Petrmartins256: Soccer, cross-country skiing, movies
Petrmartins256: The usual ones :)
ahm.kam_92Zhangjian: easy :D
jbernadasZhangjian: eat a lot...
leadhyena_inranZhangjian: hire a wizard
Trafalgar_Lawhi guys this is my 1st time here so how does this work
imrankane2005Petr: Have you read all it`s volume ?
FixmanPetr: If you think you aren't very prepared for an SRM, will you risk to it or keep your points?
toweleneewhat group
Petrsamshu: I don't think so, but being a winner of Google Code Jam did matter
binarywithmePetr: I need Some suggestions regarding ACM preparations.
Petrjbernadas: I think it is, but I'm not sure it's a cure-all
leadhyena_inranEveryone... if I can have your attention....
jbernadasPetr: but it is a good start, right?
Zhangjianbut i dont study algorithm well
AnilKishoreleadhyena_inran: yes Sir !
Petrjbernadas: One thing that is absolutely crucial is to be able to think 'mathematically'
ahm.kam_92leadhyena_inran: yes ?
binarywithmePetr: I need Some suggestions regarding ACM preparations.
leadhyena_inranif you could please whisper your questions to me and I will direct the most prevalant questions to Petr
CONDOR_316petr: how do you manage to challenge soo many in the challenge phase ?? is it understanding of the problem or experience?
ramab1988how do u improve yourself, when u cudnt clear the first rounds itself? coz i am facing the same problem..
Petrjbernadas: I'm not sure how you develop that
leadhyena_inranthat way we keep it a bit more organized
MB__leadhyena_inran: oh
Petrleadhyena_inran: we have little hope of that working :)
binarywithmePetr: pet I need Some suggestions regarding ACM preparations.
Lingmumleadhyena_inran: Maybe you are a coder?
leadhyena_inranPetr: I had a feeling
jbernadasPetr: I always try to describe problems mathematically, specially the DPs, but sometimes, I get a formula that I cannot simplify
cpphamzaleadhyena_inran: I totally agree on that
stjepanleadhyena_inran: how much do you practice? how much did you practice when you were a high school student?
Trafalgar_Lawhow does this work guys? this is my 1st time here
hjdavehello peter
PetrCONDOR_316: Maybe that's because I've taught high school students for some time
tanmoychatterjePeter: What are your future goals after passing out of Moscow univ?
PetrCONDOR_316: And learned how to spot mistakes
kcm1700oh, Petr is here. Hello Petr.
Lingmumleadhyena_inran: I hope you can give me some suggestions..:-)
srik_samaleadhyena_inran: How will you organize so many questions? And you need to send it to Petr too :)
AnilKishoreleadhyena_inran: I guess u r planning to ask ur own questions.. and will not redirect ours :P.. come on its Petr :)
samshuPetr: Read the analysis after the match, and write the code
Repentinusleadhyena_inran: Which problems would Petr solve at the moment if he would be young and experienceless at the moment?
samshuPetr: Sorry
leadhyena_inranAnilKishore: better if you whisper folks... that way it won't overload Petr
glue2gleeTrafalgar_Law: go to chat room 1 from lobbies
samshuPetr: Any reason why you've selected c#..thats really odd
ahm.kam_92srik_sama: admins are admins
ahm.kam_92srik_sama: :)
AlirezaShafaeiThis is not gonna work this way!
CONDOR_316petr: u thought algorithms ??a bunch of lucky kids :)
oh_NoPetr: what you seggest to do to become a good programmer?
stjepanleadhyena_inran: how much do you practice? how much did you practice when you were a high school student?
samshuleadhyena_inran: But that keeps the question hidden
Petrsamshu: because it prevents me from making stupid mistakes
srik_samaahm.kam_92: :)
leadhyena_inranPetr: Petr, I think a lot of people are interested in your practice regiment... can you go into detail on that?
Petrleadhyena_inran: Sure.
tanmoychatterjePetr: Whats the modfe of teaching in Moscow they stress more on practicals, self learning ???
ziliangPetr: do you have a girl friend?
yiuyuhoPetr: Is C# more error prune than Java?
PetrWhen I was in high school, I've practiced for 2 weeks 2 times a year at Russian IOI preparation camps
stjepanziliang: he's married, no kids :)
yiuyuhoziliang: he's married ;)
pcaldeiraziliang: he just said he's married
PetrThe daily schedule was: 9am-2pm contest, 3pm-7pm lecture
Juanitojbernadas: Tienes ese libro Concrete mathematics en digital viejo?
jaskiratbhatialeadhyena_inran: my question is, is it better for learn n work on java certification or to learn algorithm to get a good job?
PetrI attribute most of my progress to that camps
sycopcaldeira: that dint answer the first question :D
martins256Petr: tell me some recent movies that you like, i'm in moevies to! :)
PetrThese days, I just solve contests, and that brings me enough practice
toweleneePetr: what the best way for debuging
leadhyena_inranPetr: what kind of reading and curriculum did you have at the camps?
leadhyena_inranPetr: and did you use online judges a lot?
PetrWe didn't have much reading, because there was no time for it
PetrWe just used our scribes from lectures
leadhyena_inranPetr: a lot of it was notetaking... interesting
martins256leadhyena_inran: he said that not more than 10 probs on any jidge
NikaustrPetr: cool. that must have been a great school!
PetrThe curriculum was rather straightforward: graphs, some algebra, DP, etc
stjepanPetr: I can't believe how could you be so good with only 2 * two weeks of practice a year! :-o
kcm1700Petr: How do you prepare data for Challenges during SRM.
PetrI didn't go much into online judges
yiuyuhostjepan: those camps are made to make Petr :P
MB__leadhyena_inran: will transcript from this room be available on TC website?
PetrBecause I've learned about them too late
leadhyena_inranPetr: So, what do you feel makes for a great coder? Is it internal talent or practice, or a combination, or something else entirely?
yiuyuhostjepan: I imagine they are very difficult to prepare
leadhyena_inranMB__: yes
nicoelruloleadhyena_inran: i would ask Petr: what is he planning to work on in the future. Soft development, investigating, etc..
jigsawhackerPetr: ARe you doing your phd?
oh_NoPetr: what you seggest to do to become a good programmer?
igiPetr: what do you think is the bigger contribute to being good programmer, natural talen or practice?
jigsawhackerPetr: I second igi's question?
Petrleadhyena_inran: The honest answer is: I don't know. But I have a feeling that practice is more important than talent, but of course the combination is best
stjepanyiuyuho: but still, that is amazing, you have to keep practicing to be good... and it seems he isn't practicing too much nowadays neither.. is he just a genius? :)
anowarjamanhey petr\
Nikaustr******* definitely practice... *******
leadhyena_inranonce again... everyone please whisper your questions to me
kazakoffPetr: How much time have you been in programming?
tsalmanstjepan: maybe :-p
Petr2ALL: I'm mostly answering leadhyena_inran's questions, because I couldn't keep up with answering all of them
igisamshu: sry
Petr2ALL: Please direct them to him
leadhyena_inranPetr: interesting... do you do better with more practice? is there a point of diminishing returns?
samshuPetr:It all Helps
stjepan+ for Igi's question
anowarjamanleadhyena_inran: how u??
Petrleadhyena_inran: I think I've got to that point, that's why I don't practice for the past 2-3 years
binarywithmePetr: could u give answ2er of only my one of question ow et ready for ACM
igistjepan: thx
oh_Noleadhyena_inran: what you seggest to do to become a good programmer?
anowarjamanPetr how old are you?
leadhyena_inranPetr: do you consider yourself a fast coder? do you think typing speed is important?
pt1989Petr should have a fansite
Petrleadhyena_inran: But I think that at least for yellows, they're not there yet
martins256hes 23
NikaustrPetr: I'm sure you have to do all 3 problems at SRM to be at that point.
victorlfPetr: do you program during the whole year, or rest for some weeks or months every while?? haven't you ever got tired of programming?
imrankane2005martins256: isn`t Petr pursuing phd
crazyb0yPetr: when will you re-run your third contest on sgu?
R0Nbinarywithme: ask to l
jigsawhackerPetr: How are you so accurate?
igisamshu: what was the answer?
innocentboyimrankane2005: no I think
jaskiratbhatialeadhyena_inran: my question: is it better to practise algo rather then a particular lang?
R0Nbinarywithme: ask to leadhyena_inran
igistjepan: rekao mi je neki lik
anowarjamanPetr what is your studying area???
Petrleadhyena_inran: No, I don't think I type fast. But I think it's important to be able to type blindly, not to make stupid misprints because of looking at the keyboard, and not at the screen
tanmoychatterjePetr: in SRMS whats the strategy you take 250-500-100 or 500-250-1000 or 1000-500-250 and so one?
jigsawhackerleadhyena_inran: How are you so accurate?
Petrleadhyena_inran: especially in TC
leadhyena_inranPetr: I can agree with that... a lot of people still talk about some great challenges you've made in the past, like the TCO2008. Could you tell us your challenge technique?
igisamshu: i cant find it
PetrThere're 2 completely separate ones
pt1989Petr: do u generate challenges when u start coding?
Petr1) I know what I'm looking for - most often the bug I've resubmitted because of
samshuigi: The honest answer is: I don't know. But I have a feeling that practice is more important than talent, but of course the combination is best
leadhyena_inranPetr: I do that a lot too :)
Petrthen I just think of a 'keyword' to look for
igisamshu: thx
Petr2) I don't have any specific bugs to look for - then I try to choose a solution that is simple enough and try to spot logical errors
leadhyena_inranPetr: so you set up some sort of priming you're looking for in a failed solution and it triggers you to throw a case...
PetrI rarely notice misprints or suchlike
antonovleadhyena_inran: How to solve problems concerning dictionary order?
samshuPetr: Thanks a lot Petr ..All the Best for the Future dude!!
Petrleadhyena_inran: Like ""this problem requires long longs, so it the DP array is of ints, challenge""
tharisPetr: do you and tomek get on well? :p
Petrtharis: sure, but we don't meet much
tanmoychatterjePetr: How good r you in you often use recursion in your coding?
leadhyena_inranPetr: At what year in your life did you start coding? When did it become a calling?
pdallagoQ: do you write down everything on paper first, or just the main ideas? how do you know when it's time to switch from thinking to coding?
Petrtharis: I've bumped into him when I was in Mountain View in August
Petrleadhyena_inran: 1997 - I was 11
tharisPetr: ok, lol :)
leadhyena_inranPetr: and your first computer? For me it was the TI994A... :) shows my age
tanmoychatterjePetr: How good r you in you often use recursion in your coding?
Petrleadhyena_inran: I became addicted when I started winning
Hornaxleadhyena_inran: to Petr:How many hours of practice for train for roi or vkoshp needs?
SanePetr: Did you use code snippets?
leadhyena_inranPetr: that will happen
Petrleadhyena_inran: It was a 80486 one with Windows 95 installed from floppies
victorlfPetr: do you program during the whole year, or rest for some weeks or months every while?? haven't you ever got tired of programming?
Petrleadhyena_inran: It was an award
Petrleadhyena_inran: At All-Russian Olympiad
tsalmanPetr: so the feeling of being a winner made u practice more and more ? :)
Petrleadhyena_inran: Before that, I practiced at the local education center
litwinPetr: What editor are you using ? vim ?
antonovPetr: How do you debug while competing in TC?
innocentboyleadhyena_inran: what editor are you using ?
leadhyena_inranPetr: that's cool... so your math talent also contributes to your coding skill?
Petrlitwin: Visual Studio
oh_Noleadhyena_inran: what you seggest to do to become a good programmer?pls answer!
leadhyena_inranPetr: or do you feel more of a separation between math and CS?
Petrantonov: using Visual Studio step-by-step debugging capabilities
martins256hehe most of winners start with practice then win, but Petr starts with winning and just then practice
Petrleadhyena_inran: I think my 'mathy' thinking contributes a lot
remPetr: Do you use code snippets in Studio or other things to type solution faster?
Petrleadhyena_inran: Because logical puzzles are often an important part of algorithmic problems
tharisPetr: which SO (if linux, distro) do you use?
tharisPetr: and IDE?
leadhyena_inranPetr: Also many are asking you what other math competitions you've been in...
Petrleadhyena_inran: All my education was in Math, not CS
Petrleadhyena_inran: so I can't say much about whether CS education helps more
kazakoffPetr: Do you know about 40+ facts about you ( How can you comment it?
tanmoychatterjePetr: any particular maths book you consider as Bible?
Petrleadhyena_inran: I've participated in All-Russian Math Olympiad, but wasn't even close to get to the IMO
Petrkazakoff: Some of them are funny :)
leadhyena_inranPetr: I've tried those problems, they were impossible :)
Petrtanmoychatterje: no
leadhyena_inranPetr: the IMOs
antonovPetr: Whenever I use that debugging technique, I can't settle my bug when looping to deep, especially memoization!
stjepankazakoff: is there an english translation?
Petrtharis: Windows, Visual Studio
martins256leadhyena_inran: not for chinise guys
Petrtharis: at work - Linux, Eclipse
antonovPetr: How to solve that bugs?
tanmoychatterjePetr: which topics in maths excite you?
kazakoffstjepan: sorry, no
karpioPetr: is P=NP? :)
Petrantonov: Set breakpoints to some obvious invariants failing
tckPetr: what is your current occupation ?
Petrtck: I'm a Software Engineer at Google
HornaxPetr: How many hours of practice for train for roi or vkoshp needs?
stjepankazakoff: as far as I can see ( I understand it only partially ) sounds like chuck norris stories :D
leadhyena_inranPetr: I understand that you're employed, with family. Does your work schedule and family interfere with TC? How do you schedule yourself?
libePetr: Did you get PHD?
Petrleadhyena_inran: TC doesn't take much of my time
Petrleadhyena_inran: we're allowed to do TC while at workplace
Petrleadhyena_inran: and my wife understands that TC is very important to me
leadhyena_inranPetr: that's something I wish could be adopted EVERYWHERE
Petrleadhyena_inran: so I rarely have a scheduling problem
tanmoychatterjePetr: who / what is more important : wife or tc or job in google?
kazakoffstjepan: I can translate it to you with program, but english won't be good
PetrHornax: As many as you can afford :)
leadhyena_inranPetr: very cool... someone asked earlier if your TC rating has helped you with employment, school acceptance, etc...
Petrlibe: no
Petrleadhyena_inran: No, but winning the Google Code Jam did
leadhyena_inranPetr: lol
glue2gleePetr: what would you tell someone who is feeling he is stuck, and feeling he is is not learning anything new? what if he doesnt have any good coach, or summer camps? and feeling so talentless and confused?
libePetr: Do you have a plan to get PHD degree?
igiPetr: does it help you a lot on your work, all this knowledge in solving and expirience from cs contests?
AnilKishoreleadhyena_inran: You ahve been warned for asking too many questions :P
antonovPetr: Excuse me, how can we know where to set breakpoints? It may be too deep inside the the memoization. Stepping may cost much time to find out!
Nikaustrglue2glee: I would suggest a couple-of-weeks-off. I always do that and it helps )
Petrglue2glee: Maybe take a break from solving problems? You won't get far if you're not excited about it
antonovPetr: In those case, I usually change to bottom-up DP
pt1989Petr: do ppl wid no exposure to ioi / imo training have any chance against those who do?
Petrlibe: I'm not sure
SoyojaPetr: So... Have you mathematics master degree?
antonovPetr: but, it's a minus wthen competing in TC
Petrigi: yes, it does, but not directly
Petrigi: ability to write simple and working code is priceless
remPetr: Before submitting solution, do you usually test it only on samples, or create your own tests also?
yiuyuhoPetr: I like to know that too
igiPetr: is your job exciting as SRM?
pt1989Petr: do ppl wid no exposure to ioi / imo training have any chance against those who do?
AnilKishorePetr: Being a Problem writer sometimes helped you much ?
amrsaqrPetr: I have a brother who works in application support, does he have a chance to work in google, if yes do I have the chance to switch to programming inside google.
leadhyena_inranI'm going to open up the floor a bit... everyone can ask questions direct to Petr... I will return shortly
Petrantonov: Well, you should try to understand what breaks in your solution, and set breakpoints there. Like 'this array is OK at the end, but that is not, so let's see when the wrong value gets written to it'
cpphamzaPetr: Be careful the goal of this session is to exhaust you and give other people today's SRM win :)
libePetr: What is your most favorite programming language?
Petrpt1989: I think yes
antonovPetr: thanks
Petrpt1989: They do
thariscpphamza: LOL
zedoulPetr: what is your suggestion site or book for problem solving?
pt1989Petr: but how do they make up for their lackings
tsalmanPetr: which programming competition was hardest to you ?
Petrlibe: I have no preference
pt1989Petr: do u know anybody personally who has done something similar?
Petrlibe: Whatever does the job
oh_NoPetr: what you seggest to do to become a good programmer?
PetrSoyoja: yes
martins256Petr: have you done any IQ tests? :)
Nikaustrmartins256: )
Petrrem: only samples in most cases
Petrrem: some TL testing if I'm worried about it
Petrrem: I do most of the testing after submit
Petrrem: that's why I resubmit often :)
tsalmanPetr: do u have any plan to do phd ? :)
sam14871Petr: we dont have very good coaches to guide us toward the coming contests( eg. regionals ).how could we guide our team the best way u think?
innocentboyPetr: I second martins256' question :)
pt1989Petr: do u know anybody personally who has done something similar?
Petrigi: it's exciting, but in other sense
libetsalman: he says he isn't sure.
igiPetr: i think ill study cs, but i am thinkig, hey, what if it is to boring, what if ill have to 8-hour type some code that can be considered brute force, if you know what i mean?
tsalmanlibe: ok
PetrAnilKishore: I'm not sure
igiPetr: i think about when ill work
kcm1700Petr: Do you know how to use ""BrainF**K"" or ""WhiteSpace"" Programming Language?
tsalmanPetr: do u think having a good mentor can make a difference ? :)
yiuyuhoigi: that wont happen if you become a good coder ;)
Petramrsaqr: I'm not sure about that - he'd better check what vacancies are open at Google. When inside Google, you can switch positions provided you qualify
igiPetr: after finishing universitiy
pdallagoPetr: are you still thinking about the problem while coding, or do you try to write down everything first?
antonovPetr: Before coding, do you try to find out all bugs in your algorithms? Have you ever fallen into cases that when debugging, you realize your solution is wrong?
Petrtsalman: I depends on the definition of 'hardest'. IOIs were hard because I wasn't able to solve most of the problems
pt1989Petr: is clarity thought more important that considering multiple approaches simultaneously?
Petrmartins256: no
pt1989Petr: *clarity in thought
skaterdude69Petr: How old are you, Petr?
glue2gleeskaterdude69: 23
HornaxPetr: What type of train is good, if in my region isn't special schools or clubs (with math or CS profile)? Only online contests or something else?
Petrsam14871: Participate in online contests probably - and take part in discussions of problem solutions
igihow much is a good coder payed?
pt1989Petr: is clarity in thought more important that considering multiple approaches simultaneously?
Petrigi: I don't think that happens often - most of the time, you can invent a way to avoid such 'brute force'
rajeshsrPetr how do u think one should practise, if he lacks good teachers like u had!
pt1989Petr: *is clarity in thought more important than considering multiple approaches simultaneously?
Petrkcm1700: no
kolistivraPetr: How long should we wait until we look at the solution of a problem that we can't solve? how long should we think about the problem?
Petrtsalman: I'm not sure, as I haven't seen any 'mentor-mentee' pairs in programming contests
Petrpdallago: I still think about the problem, and that bites me sometimes
Petrpdallago: but I think that I win in speed in the end
stjepanPetr: how good are you at math? do you have similiar successes in mathematics?
_sunnyPetr: What was the toughest SRM problem for u?
Petrantonov: Yes, that happens sometimes
microbrainwhat is the best book of algorithm in your opinion?
Petrpt1989: I think yes
pt1989Petr: thanks
cpphamzaPetr: How come you win in speed given that you said you are not a fast coder?
PetrHornax: Online Contests, TC fora
igiPetr:how much is a good coder payed?
Nikaustrcpphamza: He is a fast thinker though..
Petrkolistivra: until you get bored
Nikaustrcpphamza: )
Petrkolistivra: (if that's during practice)
Petrkolistivra: during contest - until you have time :)
pdallagocpphamza: I guess he means he wins in speed by starting to code earlier
shravasHow has married life influenced your coding?
Petrstjepan: no, I don't have any achievements in maths
zedoulPetr: what is best book to study solution find?
Petr_sunny: Don't remember something specific.
ahm.kam_92zedoul: he didn't study from books
Petrcpphamza: I said that I don't type fast - but typing is minor here at TC
antonovPetr: is it best for us to double check our algorithm before coding, though it may waste some time, but ensure better results?
jbernadasPetr: any recommendations when training other people?
Petrcpphamza: being able to write good code from start is much more important
_sunnyPetr: What is ur advice to understand probability better?
batiestutaPetr: how many hours of practice per week
Petrigi: I don't think we should discuss that
cpphamzaPetr: you mean good code at the start make you win by speed?
pt1989Petr: is it true that peers around you if are more interested in coding catalyse u? or was it fairly independant for u?
Petrantonov: You should try that and see if it helps. I don't do that, but that may be my mistake
zedoulahm.kam_92: really?
Petrjbernadas: Prepare a lot
rajeshsrPetr: What is ur favorite programming book?
dogboxPetr: i don't know if someone's asked already, but how long have you been coding?
Petrjbernadas: Because it's easy to get into situation when you're explaining something too difficult
ahm.kam_92zedoul: yes he studied from the lectures of the camps of the IOI and russian contests
jbernadasPetr: a lot of?
AlirezaShafaeiHey Petr, I'm in a kind if situation which I don't have any other choice than self practicing,What exercises do you suggest?any important book do you suggest?
skaterdude69dogbox: Since he was 11. He's 23 now, so 12 years.
Petrjbernadas: And thus are not really explaining, but more of talking to yourself, and nobody will understand you
NRPGdogbox: What languages do you know?
Petrjbernadas: I've got into that situation frequently
NRPGPetr: What languages do you know?
zedoulahm.kam_92: thanks.
jbernadasPetr: thanks :)
ahm.kam_92zedoul: :)
ahm.kam_92zedoul: u r welcome
Petrbatiestuta: Just SRMs and sometimes other online contests
leadhyena_inranPetr: I was going to ask you personally about your normal coding experience away from TC for a moment... when you do coding at work or at home, what's your preferred language, IDE, environment?
pt1989Petr: is it true that peers around you if are more interested in coding catalyse u? or was it fairly independant for u?
karpioPetr: what human (not programming) languages do you know?
shravasPetr: How has married life influenced your coding?
Petrleadhyena_inran: I get enough coding at work not to do it at home
ahm.kam_92Petr: lol
igiPetr: where can we learn to program real softwear, like games?
Petrleadhyena_inran: at work, I use C++/Java in Eclipse, or in vim for fast patches
robi.petranovicPetr: What to you consider the coolest algorithm and why?
dan19Petr: Do you play chess or the game of go?
HornaxPetr: Who's your ""main trainer"" for your opinion? (now and in a past)
leadhyena_inranPetr: how about unit testing? are you a proponent?
Petrkarpio: just Russian and English
AlirezaShafaeiHey Petr, I'm in a kind if situation which I don't have any other choice than self practicing,What exercises do you suggest?any important book do you suggest?
silverprincePetr: I am a very big fan of yours :)
Petrleadhyena_inran: we do a lot of unit testing at Google
Petrleadhyena_inran: and I like it
LPetr: what are you working on at Google?
barubelajarwhat do you eat everyday to solve problem?
Petrdan19: both, but as an amateur
Tavo92barubelajar: Is that a joke xD ?
ahm.kam_92barubelajar: lol
glue2gleeL: improving search technique
binarywithmePetr: can i mail u sometime? if u permit
PetrHornax: my teacher in Moscow 57th School - Alexey Gorodentsev
binarywithmePetr: regarding some suggsestions?
leadhyena_inranPetr: do you do a lot of architecture as well? Application design?
dan19Petr: What is your approximate kyu (or dan) level at go? Do you have a nickname on KGS?
PetrHornax: oh, I've read 'math trainer'
stjepankazakoff: tnx very much!! :)
PetrHornax: In terms of programming trainer - I don't know. They all contributed a lot
pt1989Petr: do u wish to teach oders in future after u retire perhaps?
PetrL: improving search quality. Can't say more.
fadetoblackPetr: ))
binarywithmePetr: for some suggestons?
zbazbayour mail's address
Petrleadhyena_inran: no, most of the design is for backend modules. I don't do any UI
Petrleadhyena_inran: architecture - yes
igiPetr: where can i learn to code some real softwear?
Petrleadhyena_inran: but there's a lot of ready solutions that can be easily adapted at Google
barubelajarwhat are you going to be for your career?
sam14871Petr: do you think the problems now a days require more than learning algorithms and their tweaks? if so, what other fields ( eg. math maybe ) do you suggest for learning to do better these days?
leadhyena_inranPetr: has the Google philosophy influenced you a lot there or have you brought your own philosophy to Google?
Petrfadetoblack: yes, my best achievement is 7th place at All-Russian Olympiad
BatusaiXPetr: which math subjects are useful for topcoder?
Petrleadhyena_inran: Google has definitely influenced me a lot
pt1989Petr: do u like d food at google? lol
binarywithmePetr: which math subjects are useful for topcoder?
rng_58Petr: What did fadetoblack say?
Petrleadhyena_inran: I've not been very 'industry-ready' when I came there
ferrari_puravPetr: So how is life at Google?
Petrrng_58: whether I've participated in math olympiads
HornaxPetr: What you think about ""star desease""? You have got so many rewards =)
Petrpt1989: a lot
microbraindoes tc rating affect google job admission? :D
pt1989Petr: :)
HornaxPetr: *What do you think about ""star desease""? You have so many rewards =)
tanmoychatterjePetr: do you think business and intellect converge?
PetrHornax: it's better spotted from outside
Mgcclbinarywithme: I think... combinatorics and graph theory
skaterdude69Petr: Petr, what is your IQ?
binarywithmeMgccl: tnx..
NikaustrPetr: ))
stjepanyes, indeed :)
Petrskaterdude69: dunno
pt1989Petr: do u like to stay back @ ur workplace indefinitely?
ferrari_puravPetr: So how is life at Google like?
rajeshsrPetr: Any programming book u cherish and wud like to recommend?
nigulhPetr: do you find TC algorithm problems still interesting, or are they too simple and just speed-typing?
binarywithmeMgccl: ptr looks busy...unale to answer
Petrsam14871: logical thinking (you can name it math, but it's really only the basis of math)
aman.mohdraghibkhan_786: have i found u
HornaxHornax: it's better spotted from outside ? ??????? ?? ????? ????? ?????
KunalKumarPetr: Do you still get time to learn algorithmic theory? If so how do you manage it?
Phiber_Optikdid u meet larry or sergey
Petrpt1989: no, I love staying at home as well :)
Petrferrari_purav: it's cool
pt1989Petr: ok
pt1989Petr: nice :)
felix_halimPetr: do you read many academic papers?
Petrnigulh: They are interesting indeed
AmtrixPetr: How do you learn programing ?
binarywithmePetr: wch book u perfere?
aman.mohdn e tips for newbees
leadhyena_inranPetr: Would you have tried to work at google had it not been for TC?
pt1989Petr: do u hate microsoft?
Petrnigulh: I still spend most of the time thinking, not typing
ahm.kam_92Petr: do u think u will leave TC oneday if u have kids or become older :) ?
Phiber_OptikPetr: did u get to meet larry or sergey??
Petrleadhyena_inran: I don't know. They won me when they opened an office in Moscow
Mgcclbinarywithme: yep. most of TC are not math, learn algorithm and technique stuff from USACO training portal can help.
tanmoychatterjePetr: would you shift to microsoft if they offer you better pay package that google?
Petrpt1989: no
yazhiniPetr: Do you play Age of Empires?
PetrPhiber_Optik: I've never tried to, but I think it's not impossible
ferrari_puravpt1989: Dont start that now!!!
Petryazhini: no
AmtrixPetr: How do you learn programing ?
Mgcclpt1989: omg why would people just hate stuff...
silverprincePetr: do u play aoe or commandoes games ?
Petrtanmoychatterje: microsoft doesn't have R&D in Moscow (AFAIK)
binarywithmePetr: thnx
chandubabaPetr: is there any website similar to usaco but allowing c#
leadhyena_inranPetr: but definitely the exposure must have helped...
hamdanilPetr: are you participating in SRM 418?
AmtrixPetr: How do you learn programing ?
wrickleadhyena_inran: you should try lure Petr to work for topcoder ;)
pt1989Mgccl: u dont kno d dark side do u?
stjepanhamdanil: he said yes
tanmoychatterjePetr: If it opened then would you consider it as an or any other company for that matter?
chandubabaPetr: is there any website similar to usaco but allowing c#
Petrleadhyena_inran: yes
tckPetr: do you have any specific overall goal for the future ?
pt1989Petr: wat movies/music do u like?
AmtrixPetr: How do you learn programing ? readning book,practicing...
Mgcclpt1989: nah... microsoft is not dark at all...
Petrtanmoychatterje: well, pay is not the only thing that matters
superkinhluanPetr: do you consider moving to the States to work?
wrickPetr: how important is your algorithmic knowledge for what you do at work? i personally find that i only need to use my knowledge of algorithms and data structure much more infrequently than i like
Petrtanmoychatterje: I'm not sure if they could create such a good work environment there
pt1989Mgccl: enter *nix my fren
AmtrixPetr: How do you learn programing ?
hamdanilPetr: do u play computer games a lot? what games?
Petrtanmoychatterje: but I could consider changing jobs if they did
leadhyena_inranPetr: I see you're registered for SRM 418... do you need practice before you go in?
onesunPetr: Are you describing yourself of being talent or hardworking ?
tsalmanPetr: Do u have any relatives who is a programmer ? :)
tanmoychatterjePetr: ok pretty smart answer
pcaldeiraPetr: do you enjoy working at Google? doesn't industry work bore you sometimes, when compared to contests like TC?
Mgcclpt1989: tried. not quite good enough for desktop usage.
binarywithmePetr: Are you describing yourself of being talent or hardworking ?
Petrpt1989: I'm mostly your average consumer there - I don't have any 'taste' to them
tsalmanPetr: i mean can we expect to see future Petr's ? :)
stjepan+ for leadhyena_inran's question
AmtrixPetr: How do you learn programing ?
Petrpt1989: I just like them when they're good
binarywithmePetr: Are you describing yourself of being talent or hardworking ?
pt1989Petr: u are average? and when are they good?
Petrleadhyena_inran: :) I should go make some tea in the last 5 minutes
chini_1010nitdgp: oye.. nitdgp ...
AmtrixPetr: How do you learn programing ?
NikaustrPetr: :)
HornaxPetr: why you use C# on TC? Are you use it on other contests?
Petrpcaldeira: Working at Google brings another excitement, not quite the same as TC brings
pdallagothere's the secret: it's the TEA!
kcm1700Petr: Thanks for answering our questions~.
leadhyena_inranEveryone, let's give a big hand to Petr for participating in an amazing chat session!
HornaxPetr: and what's the reason of it =)
AmtrixPetr: How do you learn programing ?
LPetr: will you win this SRM? ;)
ahm.kam_92pdallago: lol
ahm.kam_92pdallago: :)
jmpld40Thanks SO much Petr, great chat
NikaustrPetr: Thanks, Petr!
superkinhluanhold on, my question is unanswered
pdallagothanks Petr
PetrL: of course
leadhyena_inranI know I got a lot out of it, and I hope you did so too!
no-shinepdallago: :)
OlexiyOpdallago: I've tried that, doesn't help much
ApofisPetr is the best
AmtrixPetr: How do you learn programing ?
jmpld40this chat will be posted next week for those of you that missed it
wiesiu_pPetr thnx a lot
abhicoolPetr: yeay!! Thank you :)
skaterdude69Petr: Petr, you're awesome, bro.
barubelajarPetr: All the best for your SRM
Petrsuperkinhluan: no
pt1989Petr: thanks
rajeshsrPetr, Nice chat and tips! All the best!
pdallago**pdallago claps
Jedi_Knightusing MSU.Petr;
AmtrixPetr: How do you learn programing ?
The_donThanx peter..:)
binarywithmePetr: Are you describing yourself of being talent or hardworking ?
Petrsuperkinhluan: I didn't like how people that move to States live there
abhicool**abhicool claps
ahm.kam_92jmpld40: Thanks
jmpld40You can post unanswered questions in the spotlight sessions forum
ferrari_puravPetr: You rock man!
tanmoychatterjePetr: i sincerely hope your excitement to code stays for long in Software industry
Petrsuperkinhluan: Europe is possible, but I don't think it will ever be States
AmtrixPetr: How do you learn programing ?
k_walidahm.kam_92: sa
superkinhluanPetr: what makes you don't like States?
ahm.kam_92k_walid: wa 3likom el salam
ahm.kam_92k_walid: :)
R0NPetr: thnx..
pcaldeirathanks a lot Petr... good luck!
Petrsuperkinhluan: I've just talked to other Russian people that moved there
kcm1700good luck!
k_walidahm.kam_92: how r u?
ahm.kam_92k_walid: fine
AmtrixPetr: How do you learn programing ?
Petrsuperkinhluan: and I don't think they're happy about that, for my definition of happy
superkinhluanPetr: I see, thanks for the answer
ahm.kam_92k_walid: balash kalam hena
tharisthx and good luck Petr :)
binarywithmePetr: tnx Petr ..............
ApofisPetr how old are you
krishbharadwajPetr : Thanks a lot for your time.. I helped me a lot :) All the best :)
Petrsuperkinhluan: the environment is too different and sometimes hostile
remPetr: what is better to drink before SRM, tea or coffee?
tanmoychatterjePetr: thx chatting with you Petr...
Petrrem: tea
AmtrixPetr: How do you learn programing ?
rajeshsrPetr, great! what is ur definition of being happy?
PetrAmtrix: by programming, mostly
abhicoolPetr: why not coffee ?
ahm.kam_92Petr: Ok go and do 2 cups of tea
binarywithmePetr: Are you describing yourself of being talent or hardworking ?
ahm.kam_92Petr: one for me and the other for u :D
Petrabhicool: dunno. Mostly because I feel like tea just now :)
kolistivraPetr: Petr, what is the meaning of life?
abhicoolPetr: lol ok
AmtrixPetr: with a book of algorithms ?
nigulhPetr: when do you sleep, when competition is 4AM (or 5AM)?
ApofisI m drinking now tea xD
Petrkolistivra: I may be 42
raviupreti85abhicool: oye abhijat
Petrkolistivra: It may be 42
pt1989Petr: fav color? (not in hex #000 mine though )
zedoulwow questions are more interesting..
abhicoolraviupreti85: wrong no.
Petrnigulh: I try to go to sleep at 8pm
ferrari_puravPetr: Has there been any such occassion lately where you haven't been able to solve a proble?
Mgcclkolistivra: wow such an obvious question...
espr1tPetr: ""I may be 42"" - so you may be the meaning of life? :)
Petrferrari_purav: sure, check my SRM history
rajeshsrespr1t: :)
Petrespr1t: Why not? :)
AmtrixPetr: What is you favourite algorithm book ????
WCoderespr1t: LOL
PetrAmtrix: CLRS
espr1tPetr: Well, that means you are 6 timest 7? :D
FameofLightPetr:What is the best way to improve mathematics?
MgcclMasterLuo: what's with that Chinese stuff...
tckPetr: how many hours do you sleep per day ?
pt1989Petr: fav color?
Petrespr1t: wasn't it six by nine?
Larryanyone else having trouble connecting direct?
tsalmancompcj: cormen
Petrtck: 8
espr1tPetr: it was the incorrect question :)
MasterLuoMgccl: ??
tsalmanLarry: no :-/
LabApofis: Introduction to Algorithm
Petrespr1t: how do you know? :)
compcjtsalman: thanks
compcjtsalman: thanks
espr1tPetr: speaking of which I liked your last quote better :)
Amtrixis CLRS cormen ???
MgcclMasterLuo: ...
kode.smithPetr: how many hours do you sleep?
tsalmanApofis: introduction to algorithms
MasterLuoMasterLuo: do i know you?
tsalmanApofis: but cormen, lieserson, rivest, stein
Borispespr1t: ti da ne podgotvq6 pe6o za o6te edno systezanie s teb v edna staq?
tsalmanApofis: *by
Amithkode.smith: 8 , answered previously :)
espr1tBorisp: hahaha ako pak e pri men shte se chuvstvam kato vazata s petuniite (ako si chel putevoditelq)
Amtrixis CLRS cormen???
FameofLightPetr: what is the best way to improve mathematics ?
sanky29288Petr: Hi , Are u going to write a book called N ways to become a coder like Petr?
Apofisyou are right
KunalKumarPetr: do you manage time to go to text books? If so how much time?
MgcclFameofLight: for that question... go to
Borispespr1t: 4el sym da
Borispespr1t: ma i pe6o e
LarryPetr: so how can I be like you when I grow up?
espr1tBorisp: sus sigurnost :)
fadetoblackPetr: is it very difficult to study in MSU?
PetrLarry: Like you didn't grow up already?
csadamI sleep 10 to 12 hours a day but I'm not good at algorithms. Any ideas why? :)
Petrfadetoblack: no, it's rather easy
espr1tBorisp: Brat mi uspq da se regne v posledniq moment :)
kolistivraPetr: Petr, if you were able to solve a problem fully, would it be NP vs P?
LingmumPetr: what is your constellation
Borispespr1t: verno?
SulverusSainell: ))
superkinhluanLarry: you need to have your parents like his'
LarryPetr: a boy can dream!
Borispespr1t: sa ako kaje6 4 ei mom4il se e
Labcsadam: you should sleep only 8
SulverusSainell: priv...uda4i
Labcsadam: :))
AmtrixPetr: Do you programing sometimes APIs ????
kode.smithPetr: what makes you think more creative?
Lukasz16agood luck
PetrOK, thanks for the chat everyone, I'm sorry for not answering most of the questions
ApofisPetr: want to be my mentor?
KunalKumarPetr: do you constribute to open source?
hamdanilgood luck everyone
SulverusSainell: sps
zedoulgood luck all
Petrbut I'm a slow typer
NikaustrPetr: Good luck today!
frank44Larry: gl
losvaldgood luck
martins256good luck
chandubabagood luck all
compcjtsalman: good luck
Amithkode.smith: thanks Petr
CONDOR_316petr: thanks a ton :)
RepentinusGood luck Petr
AmithPetr: thanks a ton
simplysuperb_knWhat do you do day to day in Google?
kvishalGood luck everybody
mindtechguyPetr: Hi man How are u?
javasoulThanks a ton petr
ferrari_puravPetr: All the best for today (though i dont think u need