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Problem Preview

The Connectivity Map (CMap) is a Broad Institute project that enables the discovery of functional connections between drugs, genes and diseases through the generation and analysis of gene expression signatures. Recent technological advances and laboratory automation have enabled data generation scale-up resulting in a massive catalog of drug and gene signatures. When coupled with powerful pattern recognition algorithms, these data represent a rich reference library for the research community.

CMap utilizes a novel, high-throughput gene expression profiling technology to generate gene expression profiles at scale. The crux of this approach is that instead of measuring all ~20,000 genes in the human genome, CMap measures a select subset of approximately 1,000 genes and uses these “landmark” gene measurements to computationally infer a large portion of the remainder. The current algorithm is effective but imperfect, and improving the imputation methods will have an immediate impact on the quality of data and the biologically meaningful connections that can be discovered. With this in mind, we have designed our first contest to stimulate the exploration of new and improved inference methods.

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Competition Overview

In TopCoder Marathon Match events, the system will be testing submissions for optimization according to the scoring criteria outlined in the problem statement that is associated with this event. Each event may have a different scoring mechanism. Competitors will have to understand the scoring mechanism in order to effectively compete. Participants may submit code written in one of the following languages: Java, C++, C#.NET, VB.NET, or Python.

Once the submission phase of a Marathon Match has ended, final testing will run and may take several days to complete. Upon completion of final testing, the final results will become available in the Marathon Match Archive on the web site. Competitors will be able to see the test case details, other competitors' submissions, and all final results. For rated events, the ratings will be adjusted once results are final.

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Opens: 06.28.2016
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