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Problem Preview

Robonaut 2 (“R2”), a humanoid robot that operates both on Earth and on the International Space Station, commonly uses tools. For example, it manages inventory using an RFID reader and fastens bolts with a drill. In order to use a tool, R2 relies on an algorithm to determine a 3D representation of the tool. The algorithm works with the robot’s control system and allows R2 to create a plan for grasping objects and completing its tasks.

There exist several algorithms that could be used to determine the 3D representation of the tool. However, the robot employs an older, less capable set of vision sensors, due to its space heritage and having been exposed to high levels of environmental radiation over time. Many existing algorithms assume that the vision data being used is of relatively high resolution, detail, and quality, and such algorithms are not effective when used with the grade of vision data available to R2. As a result, the R2 team needs you to create vision algorithms for determining the 3D representations of 6 different tools that will be effective with noisy, stereo vision data.

The objective here is to create algorithms that will receive a pair of noisy stereo images of common space tools such as an RFID reader, an EVA handrail, or a softbox, among others, and determine the 3D representation of the object in the image pair.

Competition Overview

In TopCoder Marathon Match events, the system will be testing submissions for optimization according to the scoring criteria outlined in the problem statement that is associated with this event. Each event may have a different scoring mechanism. Competitors will have to understand the scoring mechanism in order to effectively compete. Participants may submit code written in one of the following languages: Java, C++, C#.NET, VB.NET, or Python.

Once the submission phase of a Marathon Match has ended, final testing will run and may take several days to complete. Upon completion of final testing, the final results will become available in the Marathon Match Archive on the web site. Competitors will be able to see the test case details, other competitors' submissions, and all final results. For rated events, the ratings will be adjusted once results are final.

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Registration & Submission
Opens: 02.23.2016
13:00 EST
Closes: 03.08.2016
13:00 EST

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