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SRM 625

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This match is dedicated to [topcoder] member Harsha Suryanarayana known under his handle humblefool. He tragically died after being hit by a car on June 15, 2014. humblefool was a [topcoder] member since October, 2005. During his more than 8 years with [topcoder], he competed in 238 algorithm matches where he reached red rating in October, 2007. At the current moment, Harsha is the highest rated [topcoder] member in algorithm track among all 2281 active coders from India. He was also very active in component design track, submitting in 86 competitions and winning 45 of them.

The match will award $5,000 in prizes in honor of humblefool. The prizes of $200 will be awarded to best 20 performers in Div-1 and the prizes of $100 will be awarded to best 10 performers in Div-2. All members will be given an option to donate their prizes to Harsha's wife.


Single Round Match Description
  • Maximum of 20 coders per room
  • Ratings will be adjusted post-match
  • Members will be emailed prior to the match with date and time (opt-in)
The match will feature a mixed programming language format. For each individual problem, the coder will have the option of using either Java, C++, Python, Microsoft® Visual C#® .NET or Microsoft® Visual Basic® .NET to code the solution. Syntactical knowledge of all four languages will be helpful during the challenge phase of each round of competition.

Divisions and Room Assignments:
  • Members rated 1200 or better compete in Division-I
  • Members rated 1199 or lower compete in Division-II
  • Members not yet rated compete in Division-II
  • Room assignments place members of like divisions together
  • Rating changes go into effect in next participated match

Anyone who is at least 13 years of age may compete in any Single Round Match.

Click here for complete rules & regulations