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Competition Overview

Please note that this event is being run for a TopCoder customer. By winning a prize in this event you agree to transfer ownership of your submission to TopCoder.

This is a summary with highlights of the challenge details. Please make sure to read all of the rules carefully before competing.

You must be eligible to compete in the match as defined in the rules.

This Marathon Match is a money match that has a $30,000 prize purse! The top ten highest scorers will receive prizes with the first place winner receiving $10,000!

In TopCoder Marathon Match events, the system will be testing submissions for optimization according to the scoring criteria outlined in the problem statement that is associated with this event. Each event may have a different scoring mechanism. Competitors will have to understand the scoring mechanism in order to effectively compete. Participants may submit code written in one of the following languages: Java, C++, C#.NET, VB.NET, or Python.

Once the submission phase of a Marathon Match has ended, final testing will run and may take several days to complete. Upon completion of final testing, the final results will become available in the Marathon Match Archive on the web site. Competitors will be able to see the test case details, other competitors' submissions, and all final results. For rated events, the ratings will be adjusted once results are final.

For more details on the Marathon Match format, click here


There is a total $30,000 USD cash prize purse for this challenge, 100 T-shirts, 5 stickers that have flown in space and 5 letters of recommendation. $25,000 USD is allocated for the final prizes and $5,000 are allocated for checkpoint prizes. The contestants with the 10 highest non-zero final scores will be awarded the following prizes.


One week after the start of the challenge the first set of checkpoint prizes will be selected. The contestants with the top 4 highest provisional scores (on the leader board) at that time will receive the prizes listed below. Then two weeks after the start of the challenge, the second set of checkpoint prizes will be selected for the contestants with the 4 highest provisional scores at that time. See below for the exact date and time for the selection of the checkpoint winners.

 Week 1Week 2

Each of the contestants with one of the top 100 final non-zero scores will win a NTL ISS Longeron T-Shirt.

There will also be final bonus prizes for the top 5 final finishers. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th place final winners will receive stickers from NASA which have actually orbited the Earth. These stickers were flown on Space Shuttle Endeavour, on mission STS-134, May 16, 2011. TopCoder will also provide a letter of reference for each of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th place final winners describing their performance in the challenge. These could be used to aid your job search, for applying for entry into a school or even for your astronaut application.

If there are ties for any of the non-cash prizes, the tie will be broken by selecting the earliest submissions. In the event of a tie for a cash prize, the associated prize money will be divided evenly between the tied contestants.

Before the challenge, this problem was extensively tested by an experienced marathon competitor (but for a shorter time period than the actual challenge). The tester's pre-challenge solution will be submitted at the start of the challenge (using the handle "mm_tester") and will not be modified throughout the challenge. This will make the tester's provisional score visible throughout the match. The tester will be eligible for the final prizes based on his initial submission, but not the tester is eligible for the checkpoint prizes. The tester's identity will not be revealed until the challenge is over.

Registration & Submission
Opens: 01.16.2013
13:00 EST
1st checkpoint: 01.23.2013
13:00 EST
2nd checkpoint: 01.30.2013
13:00 EST
Closes: 02.06.2013
13:00 EST