When are winners announced?

Each competition shows a Winner Announcement date. Winners are announced on or before that deadline. Studio encourages contest holders to alert the competitors via the forum if there will be a delay.

Where can I see the Winners?

Once winners are chosen by the client, a button on the Contest Details page labeled “See the Winners” activates. This leads to the Winner page. You can also find the winner page via a link under the contest name in the Past Contest page.

Why can’t I see the winners in every contest?

Some contest holders hide the submissions and winners from the public because they want to keep the design private or they have given the members sensitive material to work with. In these cases, the designs will not be viewable on the Winner page, but the winner names and prize amounts will still be shown.

Hey, I won! How do I get paid?

See this section for details about how to claim your prize and how to receive your payment.


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