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  • claygirl

    Submission File Naming

    Helpful 6

    When prepping zips with your final submission, be sure to name them in a clear way so you do not mix up source with submission or attach the same thing twice.

  • gh3ablo

    Save Time — Upload the Right File Format

    Helpful 5

    Be sure to package your submissions in ZIP format. The Studio uploader will throw an error if you use any other format — precious submission time lost, *ouch*. :P

  • gh3ablo

    A Method for Successful Entries

    Helpful 3

    If you’re doing large-scope contests, do incremental submission uploads! This guarantees that you have at least one submission that gets through in case of power failure, internet connectivity problems, etc. before the deadline. You can always delete unwanted submissions when you’re done. :)

  • systic

    Submit Again in Round 2

    Helpful 2

    If you don’t win a Checkpoint Prize in Round 1 it does not mean you lost the contest; review and apply client feedback, then submit again in Round 2. You still have a great chance to win.

  • eng01

    Submission Checklist

    Helpful 2

    Remember to create checklist from contest requirements to make sure nothing is left to do before submitting.

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