Studio Reviewer

Specification Reviewers:

Summary: A member who reads and evaluates a contest specification and input files and then uses a scorecard to ensure the contest is ready for posting by checking it against predetermined contest criteria.
Payment: $75
Timeframe: Varies. Most spec reviews take less than 2 hours. Some take longer if the contest holder has to make changes to the spec before it can launch because it will need a second review.
Restrictions: Training is required before you can perform spec reviews. Spec Reviewers can’t review their own contest specs.

Submission Screeners:

Summary: A member who checks every submission in a single contest for copyright infringement, cheating and incorrect file types and then passes or fails the submission.
Payment: $100 ($150 for logo contests)
Timeframe: Varies. Most contests take about 2 hours to screen once you’re familiar with the process.
Restrictions: Training is required before you can screen. Screeners can’t screen a contest they have submitted to, or screen contests from a project they are copiloting.

Members are chosen to go through training based on many different criteria and are chosen solely at the discretion of Studio admins. If you are interested in any of these positions, please email with your TopCoder username and what you are interested in. Keep in mind that these are the current payment, responsibility summaries and timeframe estimates and they are subject to change.


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