Studio Copilot

Interested in becoming a Studio copilot? Here’s what you need to know!

What is a “Copilot”?

Copilots are members who learn the process of creating, launching and monitoring a Studio contest for a TopCoder client. As a copilot, you will work with clients, TopCoder PMs, other copilots and the Studio community.

What skills must a Studio Copilot have?

Studio copilots must have experience competing or working as front-end designers, graphic designers, marketing specialists, wireframe creators/information architects, app UX/UI designers, etc. They must also have great communication skills and good writing skills.

How much can I earn?

Most contest management fees start at $600 (per contest, not per project — there can be multiple contests per project!)

How much time does it take?

Contests can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to write up, launch and complete. All projects are different, but many require a few Studio contests. You can also expect to work with a software copilot and stay in touch during the duration of the project. It requires you to be committed and ready to work to get the best results for the client.

Can I still compete? Are there other restrictions?

Copilots can certainly still compete! They just can’t compete on their own projects (obviously). They also can’t do spec reviews or screen submissions in contests they are managing.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, please take a moment to see if you’re the right match for our clients by answering some screening questions below.

Question 1: Have you competed in Studio?
Yes move to next question.
No move to question 3.

Question 2: Have you won a final placement of any kind in Studio within the last 3 months?
Yes –move to question 4.
No – move to next question.

Question 3: Do you have special approval from Studio Admin to complete training and begin copiloting under supervision?
Yes – move to next question.
No – Stop. Please email to apply for special approval. Include your username and please explain why you think you would be a good copilot in Studio.

Special approval is typically granted to designers who have not yet competed in Studio, but come from a design background. To qualify for special approval, you must be able to demonstrate the appropriate skills. These include one or more of the following: graphic design, wireframing, marketing, UX/UI, app design, and other front-end design skills found in Studio competitions. You must also demonstrate good communication skills/writing.

Question 4: Are you able to read and write in English without heavy use of translators? (You don’t have to have perfect English)
Yes – move to next question.
No – Stop. Our copilots must be able to effectively communication with our clients and competitors and we have found that the heavy use of translators (such as translating an entire email message or spec doc) is generally ineffective and prone to major errors.

Question 5: Are you able to speak with confidence and have past experience and the skills to become a “specialist” in your chosen area, such as mobile UI, wireframing, idea generation, etc?
Yes – Great! If you would like to go through Studio copilot training, please email with the words “Passed Screening” in the subject line. Please list recent contest wins in Studio or show that you have special approval from Studio Admin.
No – Stop. Our copilots are considered Studio specialists and must have a background that supports their skills. please continue to compete in Studio and apply again when you have become more proficient.

Members are chosen to go through training based on many different criteria and are chosen solely at the discretion of Studio admins. Keep in mind that these are the current payment, responsibility summaries and timeframe estimates and they are subject to change.


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