Special Member Roles

Are you interested in taking a more active role in Studio? We have several ways to learn more…and earn more! Take a look at the opportunities listed below!


A Copilot is a member who learns the process of creating, launching and monitoring a Studio contest for a TopCoder client. Studio Copilots are “specialists” in the Studio process. Most contest management fees start at $600 (per contest, not per project — there can be multiple contests per project!) Contests can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to write up, launch and manage. Copilots work directly with clients.


There are two types of reviewers in Studio: Specification Reviewer and Submission Reviewer/Screener. A specification reviewer reads and evaluates a contest specification and input files and then uses a scorecard to ensure the contest is ready for posting by checking it against predetermined contest criteria. Submissions Screeners check every submission in a single contest for copyright infringement, cheating and incorrect file types and then passes or fails the submission.

There are also opportunities to be on special review boards for Spec Review and Screening once you’ve worked as a reviewer or screener for a certain amount of time.


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