Special Screening Considerations

Some Studio contests are screened a little differently than others. Learn more about those cases here.

Idea Generation Contests

Can I use images/photos that I did not create in Idea Generation contests since it’s not a graphic design contest?

There are two situations in which you can paste imagery into your Idea Generation submission:

  1. You have taken a screenshot and it’s obviously a screenshot (you can see a containing window, you have markups over the image, or there is some other easily identifiable “screenshot” quality).
    • Keep in mind that you may not take a screenshot of sensitive material, such as personal information or other elements that are not publicly available.
    • In most situations, you are not allowed to use individual elements from a screenshot, such as icons, logos, nav bars, etc. Your screenshot must be comprised of a screen, not elements.
  2. You can include images/photos that the client has supplied in the contest or instructed you to use from their own website. Do not include logos or other elements that are separate from screenshots or not provided by the client in your submission (Facebook logo, for example).

Can I use images/drawings I created myself?

Yes. Drawings, sketches and full designs are acceptable as long as you include source files for designs that were created digitally.

Can I copy text from another source?

No. Just like other contest types in Studio, your submission should be solely created by you. All sentences should be written by you unless you are clearly quoting and attributing text to another source. However, even quoting and attributing text should be done with care and only make up a very small portion of your submission.

What else will be screened in an Idea Generation submission?

Profanity will not be accepted and anything offensive as defined by the TopCoder Terms will also fail. “Non-submissions” that are not related to the contest such as rants, commentary or letters will also be failed. Submissions must be in English unless otherwise noted.


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