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  • iamtong

    Watch the Forums

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    Set a “watch” on your contest forums. There are several times that clarifications are made and posted to the forums.

  • iamtong

    Time Management is Important

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    Have schedules. Take some rests. Do not work late. Your healthy body and relaxed mind will make you work smoothly in a highly competitive environment like Studio.

  • grv.ashu

    Studio Forums – helpful advice at your fingertips

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    Use the contest forums and search before you post anything; your problem might be already solved. Don’t hesitate to raise your doubts — copilots love to answer them.

  • oton

    If You Fail — Try, Try Again

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    Nobody’s perfect. Sometime we have failures. Even a very silly mistake like forgetting to declare a font. A few times you may even repeat it. But get a smile with that and take a deep breath. Your failure in a contest yesterday will make perfection in a later time.

  • yoki

    Studio Family on Social Media

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    Get to know Studio members! We can be like a family!! Try to get close with Studio members more in social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Make friends. I guarantee they are friendly, fun, cool people. Just use keyword search ‘TopCoder’.

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