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  • oton

    I Won! Now What?

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    You are happy winning your first contest, right? But it takes time before the money is transferred to your account. Getting paid the first time can make you nervous. So, complete all documents necessary (tax form, agreement, etc) and follow the guidelines carefully. If you have a question or problem, ask directly to, they are very helpful (trust me!). Once you get your first payment in, later will be easy.

  • oton

    Where’s My Payment?

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    If you have any problems with payment related to a contest or any other work, do not post to forum or other place, make sure to email and cc-ing the or the person related to the work (PM/copilot).

  • oton

    U.S Dollars

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    Since TopCoder is a U.S. company, you will be paid in U.S. dollars. Be prepared that some banks have lower rates against your local currency. Having a U.S. dollar account will make you receive the payment in full amount.

  • oton

    Third-Party Payment Fees

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    There are several fees before accepting your payment. Be prepared and pick the most rational payment provider for your convenience, i.e.: Paypal has percentage fee depending on payment, Payoneer has other fee structures (flat mostly), Western Union will charge flat fee on each transaction plus local bank fee for receiving the foreign inbound payment.


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