Payment FAQs

Visit the official Competition Payment page for FULL information about getting paid. See below for common questions on how to get paid.

When is my payment scheduled for processing?

TopCoder begins the payment process for Studio contests once the final files for the contest have been downloaded by the contest holder. This is the same day the contest holder designates winners. It takes an average of 2 business days to get the payment into the system. However, there are two scenarios where a payment may not be scheduled right away:

1) If the payment is an “additional prize” or other non-conventional payment. These types of payments can take up to 7 days to enter the system and be scheduled for payment.

2) If Final Fixes are requested. Payment is scheduled once fixes are delivered to the contest holder.

When will I get paid?

Members can go into their “My Payments” page and request their payments be distributed as soon as they are released. Paypal and Payoneer payments will be made right away, while Western Union payments will be paid around the 15th and 30th of each month.

What Are the Payment Methods?

Members can be paid by one of the following methods:
1. Payoneer®
2. PayPal®
3. Western Union
Learn more.

How Can I Track My Payments?

Members can track the status of their payments through the “My Payments” link from the “My Studio” page.

What do I need to do before I can get paid?

Your profile must contain accurate information about you, and you must have your Assignment document and tax forms signed and returned.


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