Font Policy Details

Download the Studio Standard Font List here!
PDF file — v1 11/30/12

Policy Information:

  • Fonts only need to be declared in design contests, not wireframe or idea generation contests.
  • All fonts you introduced within your design must be declared when you submit.
  • You must use the Declarations form found within the submission process.
  • Fonts must be from the 500+ Studio Standard Font List we provide, or from one of the font sites listed below.
  • You may not use symbol fonts (webdings, etc.)
  • You must list the name, source and URL of each font when submitting (standard fonts do not need a URL)
  • In general, a missing font or two will not affect screening but Copilots will check source files and you will have to provide ALL fonts in Final Fixes in order to get your full payment. It’s best to do it right the first time.
  • Logos must have all font information in order to pass screening.
  • When designing logos, you must read the font license information of any font you plan to use and ensure it doesn’t prohibit use in logos.

Approved Font Sites

Do you have questions about the font declaration process? Check out the FAQs here! If you still have questions, please ask in the General Forums and/or send us an email at


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