Font Policy FAQs

Read the actual Font Policy and download the font list here!

Why must I declare my fonts?

Since uploading the font file is prohibited on Studio, we require your font information. If your submission is chosen as the winner, the font information must be provided so the client can easily get the font they need when working with your source files. Without font file information, your design is “broken” and the client would need to search for fonts in order to work on the text within your design.

What fonts can I use in my designs?

You can use any fonts from the Studio Standard List or any of the hundreds of fonts from the Studio Approved Font Sites listed below:

What do I declare when uploading?

You will declare all of the fonts within your submission. Follow these instructions to declare fonts:

Fonts from the Studio Standard Font List
o Enter the name of the font
o Choose “Studio Standard List” in the drop-down box
o Leave the URL field blank

Fonts from the Studio Approved Font Sites
o Enter the name of the font
o Choose the approved site name in the drop-down box
o Provide the URL to the page that shows the font’s pricing and download information (not the downloadable file itself)

Why do I have to list out basic fonts that are on the Studio Standard List?

Not all of our clients are using the same OS or programs. What may be pre-installed for you could be something a client must purchase to use on their machine. Clients need a simple list of fonts to reference.

What if I forgot to declare a font?

If your declaration is missing a font, you will not fail screening but you will be required to provide information about the font in Final Fixes. Your payment will be affected if you do not comply with the font policy in Final Fixes.

Please note: if you are missing a vital font for a logo design, you may fail screening as this kind of information could dramatically affect the design.

What if I forget to declare all of my fonts?

Your submission may fail screening if it’s obvious that you have text within your design but you have not declared any fonts.

What should I remember when picking fonts for logo design?

Logos are often primarily text-based. You must keep the following in mind:

  • Some fonts have licenses that prohibit you from using it in logo design. It’s your responsibility to check the license and make sure you can use it.
  • You should submit the following TWO files in your source folder:

1) The IA/EPS logo file with text intact (not outlined)
2) The IA/EPS logo file with text in outlined format.

Can I use WebDings, Zapf and other symbol fonts?

No, symbol fonts are prohibited.

Can I flatten or merge my text layers and/or rasterize text?

Please do NOT rasterize text or flatten layers containing text. It is important to allow all text to be editable by the client when they receive the source files.

Why can’t I use fonts from other font sites that are not approved for Studio?

There are hundreds of font sites that could contain adware or are not very reputable. We do not condone using these sites because they take advantage of font designers by offering fonts for “free” when they are available for purchase on other sites. However, we would love to expand the list and if you have a reputable font site you would like added, please nominate it here.

Do I have to declare fonts that were already within the files the client provided in the contest?

No, you do not have to declare anything you didn’t introduce the font into the design.


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