Final Fixes FAQs

What is a “Final Fix”?

A “Final Fix” is a request to fix or finalize something that was stated in the contest specification document that was not completed by the winner. It can also be a single request of simple, small, reasonable modifications — but only if the contest spec says these types of “fixes” are required by the winner.

Final fixes must be given to the winner within 5 days of announcing the contest winners. Winners must complete the Final Fixes within 72 hours or their payment will be reduced by 25% and the fixes will go into a Bug Race.

What are some examples of Final Fixes?

  • The contest states that each tab of the navigation in a web site must be labeled correctly. However, the winner used a placeholder word for each tab. The final fix requires the winner to use the labels provided in the contest specification.
  • The contest states that the client’s logo must be placed in the header of a widget. However, the winner placed the logo in the footer instead. The final fix requires the winner to move the logo from the footer to the header.
  • The contest states that the wireframe must include all login scenarios. However, the winner only shows one login scenario. The final fix requires the winner to show all scenarios.
  • The contest states that color changes or other minor design changes are required by the winner. For example, the client may request a specific color change and resizing the logo in the header.

In short, the winner must complete all items originally in the spec and may be required to provide one round of simple modifications.

What are “small” revisions?

It depends. Most contests have a statement about Final Fixes on the contest details page and you should plan to make these types of changes if you win. EXAMPLE STATEMENT:

“As part of the final fixes phase you may be asked to modify your icons. Also – if your PSD file is not well organized and useful as an editable source file for the client (ie your layers are not labeled properly, grouped properly, and/or some layers have been merged – making it difficult to edit them) you will be asked to fix your source file.”

What is NOT a “Final Fix”?

Revisions that are very open-ended, major revisions to several pages, new layouts, or anything that would best be delivered from a competition is not a Final Fix. Also, merging any elements from other winning submissions cannot be part of Final Fixes.

Depending on the size of the revision, it should be run as a subjective Bug Race or a small, fast contest on Studio. Most revision requests are generally abstract and require members to show different concepts, which is best completed in another competition. Here are examples of requests that are NOT Final Fixes:

  • The client chooses their winning logo, but does not like the colors or the typography. However, they don’t have replacement colors or fonts in mind – they just wish to see other options. Running a short revision logo contest on Studio allows members to provide different options.
  • The client chooses their winning storyboard, but wants two minor elements to be modified within the layout. They aren’t sure how it should look, and provide abstract direction. A subjective Bug Race allows members to provide modified layouts to choose from.
  • The client has picked a first and second place winner and wants to merge elements from both designs into a single design. Either a Bug Race or a small Studio contest is a great solution, depending on the work involved.

Are there other types of Final Fixes?

Yes. Due to the font and stock art policies on Studio, or client privacy issues, some placeholders or temporary fonts may need to later be swapped out for real images or fonts. For example, if a contest allows stock photography, the winner may be required to replace the watermarked photograph with the high resolution photograph. If you ever have questions about what type of fixes are required for a contest, be sure to ask in the forums before you compete.

Where are Final Fixes shown in Studio?

Final Fixes are displayed in the contest under the “final Fixes tab. The winner receives an email alerting them to the fixes.

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Important Policies:

Certified Studio Copilots are responsible for Final Fixes. They will work with the client to prepare a list of fixes and then work with the winner in each phase of the Final Fix process.

Contest holders must indicate that they require Final Fixes when picking winners and checking out in Cockpit. They then have 5 days to prepare their Final Fixes and submit them to the winner in cockpit.

Two rounds of Final Fixes are sometimes required to clarify any confusion in original fix requests, but these rounds are not intended to be used as revision rounds or a feedback checkpoint. Contest holders who wish to give feedback on fixed items should run another contest.

Jira may be used for some Final Fixes that cannot be held in Studio. Here are some reasons you may need to use ONLY Jira:

  • The client needs placeholder information swapped with something that should not be shown or even discussed in Final Fixes on Studio.*

SOME Fix items may be moved into Jira in addition to using the FF process in Cockpit and Studio. Example:

  • The winner must swap out stock art or fonts, or the client has files to give the winner. Fix items can be listed in Cockpit/Studio and then linked to a private Jira ticket where the winner can get files.

* Private or CCA contests already have permissions in place to ensure fixes will only be viewable to the winner.


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