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  • rajeshrathod

    Can You Use Stock Photos? Be Sure!

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    Be sure you know what you are allowed to use in the contest. Some contests allow the use of Stock Photography and some do not.

  • grv.ashu

    Designed By You

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    You must create all the elements of the design by yourself. We respect design copyright and designers.

  • oton

    Just Remember…

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    Some of the more common elements to never use: free graphic materials from the web, open source materials even if they allow for commercial use, preset materials (stamps, built in brushes, and also shapes), or dings fonts.

  • fajar.mln

    The Assignment Document

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    Before competing in Studio, be sure to submit your Assignment Document. It’s just 5 easy steps: download, print, sign, scan and send it to Learn more here:


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