Assignment Document and Terms

What is the Assignment Document?

This document is simply a confirmation of a member’s agreement to transfer ownership of a winning entry to TopCoder, so that the member may receive payment for their work. The Assignment Document does NOT assign any entries for which you are not compensated, and you still retain the ownership of such entries. There is, however, a license included in the Assignment Document that allows TopCoder to display any/all of your submissions on the web site, in order that the client(s) may view submissions and select winners.

Where is the Assignment Document?

Download the Assignment Document

Email us the Assignment Document

Check your Assignment Document status

Why does the Assignment Document also include my future winning entries?

We have set up the Assignment Document to cover future entries for two reasons. First, having the Assignment Document cover future entries reduces the amount of paperwork for members and TopCoder. Second, it also relieves members from having to go through this process for each contest.

Do I have to sign the Assignment Document every time I compete?

No. You are only required to sign and return the Assignment Document one time. However, you will need to “affirm” the Assignment Document electronically each time you submit to a competition. This is a simple checkbox you’ll see during the submission process.

What happens if I don’t sign and return the Assignment Document?

You will be able to register for a competition and even submit your entry, but you will not be compensated until you have signed and returned your paper Assignment Document.

How do I return the Assignment Document?

Each individual member’s Assignment Document must be completed in full. Then, either a legible scan or photo taken and sent in via one of these three methods:

1) As an email attachment to:

2) By post/mail to:

TopCoder, Inc., Attn: Payments

95 Glastonbury Blvd

Glastonbury, CT 06033

3) By fax to: (US) +1 (860) 371.2165

Note: no cover sheet necessary.

When do I have to return the Assignment Document?

We highly recommend signing and returning your assignment document as soon as possible after registering as a Studio member. If you didn’t do this after registration, you should sign and return the Assignment Document immediately after registering for your first Studio contest. We must receive and process your signed Assignment Document before you can be paid if you win a contest. It can take up to one full business day to process your Assignment Document.


Business days are based on the TopCoder, Inc. yearly calendar. Please check the forums for your contest if the contest falls during US Holidays.

Remember: You only need to do this ONE time and you may send your Assignment Document to us even before your register for a competition. We encourage this!

Quick Reference to the Terms of Studio

As a competitor, you agree to certain Terms in addition to the Assignment Document. Those terms are linked here for your quick reference:


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