Referral Bonus

Win More with Member Referrals

Refer friends to Studio and you can receive a bonus every time your friend wins for the first year of their membership!

The TopCoder Referral Program is designed to increase the number of top-performing competitors who participate in TopCoder Studio competitions, and to reward those TopCoder members who spread the word.

How it works

On the member registration page, there is a “Referring Member” field. If you tell a fellow designer to register with TopCoder, ask him or her to provide your TopCoder username in the “Referring Member” field.

The referring member (you) will receive a referral commission equal to 10% of any amounts earned or won by the referred member on TopCoder Studio during the 12 months following registration.

The “Referring Member” field in the registration cannot be changed once the registration process has been completed. Therefore, please ensure that any referred member provides your correct username upon registering with TopCoder.

Official Rules

Any eligible TopCoder member whose TopCoder username was provided in the “Referring Member” field of the TopCoder Studio registration process will be placed into the Referral Program.

TopCoder will pay a referral commission equal to 10% of any amount earned or won on Studio by a referred member during the 365-day period following the initial registration date of the referred member. No additional referral compensation will be paid for a referred member’s winnings following the one-year anniversary of the referred member’s registration.

To receive a referral commission, the TopCoder member must be 18 years of age or older and must not have been permanently suspended from participating in TopCoder competitions. Payment is contingent upon TopCoder receiving a completed affidavit of eligibility, verifying the member’s eligibility to participate in the Referral Program, and a completed appropriate tax form.

The “Referring Member” field in the registration may not be changed once the registration process has been completed.


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