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Problem Statement


Christmas is just around the corner, and Alice just decorated her Christmas tree. There are N stars and N-1 ribbons on the tree. Each ribbon connects two of the stars in such a way that all stars and ribbons hold together. (In other words, the stars and ribbons are the vertices and edges of a tree.)

The stars are numbered 1 through N. Additionally, each star has some color. You are given the colors of stars as a int[] col with N elements. For each i, col[i] is the color of star i+1. (Different integers represent different colors.)

You are also given a description of the ribbons: two int[]s x and y with N-1 elements each. For each i, there is a ribbon that connects the stars with numbers x[i] and y[i].

According to Alice, a ribbon that connects two stars with different colors is beautiful, while a ribbon that connects two same-colored stars is not. Compute and return the number of beautiful ribbons in Alice's tree.



Parameters:int[], int[], int[]
Method signature:int solve(int[] col, int[] x, int[] y)
(be sure your method is public)


-N will be between 2 and 50, inclusive.
-The number of elements in col will be exactly N.
-The number of elements in x will be exactly N - 1.
-The number of elements in y will be the same as the number of elements in x.
-All elements of x and y will be between 1 and N, inclusive.
-For each i, the numbers x[i] and y[i] will be different.
-The graph formed by the N-1 ribbons will be connected.


Returns: 2
There are two beautiful ribbons: the one that connects stars 1 and 2, and the one that connects stars 2 and 3. The other ribbon is not beautiful because stars 3 and 4 have the same color.
Returns: 2
Returns: 2
Returns: 0
Returns: 1

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