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 Problem Statement for Mosquitoes

Problem Statement

    One day, Fox Ciel got surprised because there were many mosquitoes in her garden. She decided to kill as many mosquitoes as possible by detonating a single bomb at a suitable place and time.

Ciel's garden can be seen as an infinitely long straight line. Mosquitoes are points, each moving with some constant velocity. You are given int[]s xInit and v of equal length N. For each i between 0 and N-1, inclusive, there is a mosquito with current position xInit[i] and constant velocity v[i].

The current positions all correspond to a moment at time t=0. A mosquito that starts at the position X and has velocity V will be at the position X+Vt at time t. For example, a mosquito with velocity 0 stays at the same position forever, and two mosquitoes with velocities -1 and 1 are flying in opposite directions.

You are also given an int R: the radius of Ciel's bomb. If a bomb is detonated at the position x at time t, it kills all mosquitoes that are at positions between x-R and x+R, inclusive, at that time. The position of the bomb and the time of detonation do not have to be integers. Ciel can detonate the bomb at any nonnegative time t (including t=0). Your method must return the maximum number of mosquitoes she can kill by a single detonation.


Parameters:int[], int[], int
Method signature:int getMaximum(int[] xInit, int[] v, int R)
(be sure your method is public)


-xInit will contain between 1 and 50 elements, inclusive.
-xInit and v will contain the same number of elements.
-Each element of xInit will be between -100 and 100, inclusive.
-Each element of v will be between -100 and 100, inclusive.
-All elements in v will be pairwise distinct.
-R will be between 1 and 100, inclusive.


{1, -1}
{1, -1}
Returns: 2
There are many ways how to kill both mosquitoes. For example, she can detonate the bomb at time t=0 at position 0.
{100, -100}
{1, -1}
Returns: 1
In this case, Ciel can only kill one mosquito. Note that the two mosquitoes are flying away from each other.
{0, -1, 10, -11, 99, -99}
{1, -1, -3, 3, 47, -47}
Returns: 4
In this case, an optimal solution is to detonate the bomb at position -0.5 at the time t=2.5. Mosquitoes 0, 1, 2, and 3 will be killed by the bomb.
Returns: 1
Returns: 3

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