Musical Instruments

Best Buy now has a full-on Musical Instruments Store set up inside select Best Buy locations. We’re not talking about a few guitars and some keyboards but also top of the line guitars, drums, keyboards and DJ gear. A selection for everyone from beginners to professionals, making the Best Buy Musical Instrument Store a major retailer of rock gear in the country. What make us different Non-commissioned help from experienced musicians, top brands, private demo rooms and even guitar lessons.

And when you shop with us, you’re not just shopping with our ever growing Musical Instruments Store, you’re connecting with everything you know Best Buy has to offer.

Tell us your idea for a web site or application that helps customers have a true musical instrument experience online that also sparks the customer to experience Musical Instruments instore. In addition to supplying musical instruments, Best Buy can help in many different ways which will allow the customer to personalize their Musical Instrument world.

We are looking for ideas that drive the Best Buy Musical Instrument customer awareness to our actual instruments selection.

Things you should know

- Many customers are not aware of the extent of musical instruments for sale at Best Buy
- Best Buy is in 25 of the top 50 markets with 85 stores supporting musical instruments
- We are the second largest Musical Instrument retailer in regards to physical store fronts.

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