Contest Updates

Here are some updates on finished Remix Challenges, others going on right now, and some upcoming challenges:

Flat Panel Televisions

We selected the following ideas from the Idea Generation contest:

  1. m.soumyadeep
  2. JacobZuma
  3. dhbellol
  4. amiune
  5. red.dragon

Congratulations to our Idea Contest winners! To view the submissions, you must be a registered member of TopCoder. We will be launching a Storyboard Tournament on Thursday (5/21).

Musical Instruments

We just completed our Idea Generation contest for this, we are looking through the submissions now. Winners will be announced Friday (5/22) and a Storyboard Tournament will be launched that day so look for it!

Computer Accessories

We have completed round one of our Storyboard Tournament and round two is running right now. See the Contest Details for more information.

Ink and Toner

The Idea Generation phase of this challenge is still running until the 25th of May. Get your submissions in and let us know if you have any questions!