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Announcing the DoubleClick 2005 Coding Challenge!

It's faster and even more competitive than last year! Once again, we have teamed up with TopCoder - the leader in online programming competitions - to bring you an exciting contest online round with fantastic prizes for all.

For those who place in the top five spots, the bounty is great: recognition among co-workers and the satisfaction of having beaten DoubleClick employees from around the world.

The DoubleClick™ 2005 Coding Challenge, Powered by TopCoder®, is your chance to prove you are the best! Are you up to the challenge?

What language do you speak?
Participants will have their choice of using Java, C++, C# or VB.Net to solve complex algorithmic problems.

Here's what you do
Download the DoubleClick 2005 Coding Challenge Competition Manual.

The tournament is a timed contest where all participants compete online to solve the same problems under the same time constraints. Here's how it works:

  • Download the Arena
    The TopCoder Competition Arena (a Java Applet) is where the action takes place. Download the applet, read the problem statements, then code solutions, and compile and test those solutions before you submit your code for points. To get acquainted with the environment, you can download the arena to work on sample problems prior to the competition.
  • Coding Phase
    At the designated date and time, competitors enter the Arena and are placed in groups of ten into virtual rooms. All participants are presented with the same set of three problems of increasing difficulty. Beat your co-workers by creating an accurate solution in the shortest amount of time. A leader board will track the points along the way.
  • Challenge Phase
    The Challenge Phase allows competitors to view each other's code and try to "break'" that code. You challenge another competitor's code by passing test cases against it, with the hope that you can make it fail. Breaking another's code is the most direct form of competition for a programmer. In this phase, precious points are awarded or taken away based on the success of the challenges.
  • System Tests
    Within minutes of the end of the Challenge Phase, TopCoder's automated, objective system tests determine the accuracy of all submissions and award final points to all competitors. The assessment of your performance and presentation of stats is nearly instantaneous, as is the gratification of knowing how you did against this competitive field.
Ready to prove you're one of DoubleClick's best?
Registration for the DoubleClick 2005 Coding Challenge opens on February 22nd and closes on March 1st. All employees who register will be eligible to compete in the competition.

All participants who compete in the competition round will receive a DoubleClick 2005 Coding Challenge T-shirt and a personally engraved memento. In addition, the top five scorers overall will win grand prizes, and the remaining top 10% of finishers in each region will win prizes. For example, if there are 50 participants in a given region, the top five finishers in that region who did not receive a grand prize will receive a prize. If a region has less than 10 participants, the top finisher in that region will still receive a prize, provided he/she did not win a grand prize. DoubleClick will pay all applicable taxes on prizes. Prizes will be distributed as described here.

Finisher Prize
1st place Panasonic 42" Plasma TV (TH-42PHD7UY)
2nd place Choice of IBM ThinkPad T41 or Apple PowerBook G4
3rd place Men's or Women's Tag Hauer Watch worth up to $1500
4th place Canon Digital Rebel/Canon EOS-300D/Canon Kiss Digital with 18-55mm Lens
5th place ViewSonic LCD TV/Computer Monitor (N1750W)
Regional Winners Apple iPod Photo 40Gb
All participants DoubleClick 2005 Coding Challenge T-shirt and personally engraved memento
Note: The values of all prizes are expressed in US Dollars. If the 1st or 5th place grand prize winners are in EMEA or APAC, an equivalent model to those referenced here will be chosen by the Coding Challenge Committee. There are absolutely NO substitutions allowed.

To find out more detailed information about the DoubleClick 2005 Coding Challenge, please read the Official Rules and Regulations.

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