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Problem Statement


$41,000 Banner Challenge

The NASA Tournament Lab at Harvard University and the Scripps Research Institute are excited to announce our next Marathon Match for TopCoder members. Reserved exclusively for rated members (MM or Algo) this nine day contest will challenge our community to solve an important information extraction problem in the biomedical domain. The contest will offer $41,000 in prizes and exclusive limited edition NASA Tournament Lab t-shirts.

Registration for the Marathon Match is between March 2, 2015 - March 5, 2015 and the contest launches on March 8, 2015. Below we provide you with a sneak peek of some of the details.

Before you register, please read the important information below. Then, be sure to complete the following form HERE to finalize your registration. Without a complete registration form, you may not be allowed to compete.

Competition Format

New Competition Styles

  • You will be competing in virtual competition rooms of no more than 14 people.
  • In some rooms, competition will be similar to a First2Finish contest, while in others it will be more like a traditional MM competition.
  • After registration, you will receive a link to your room by email, as well as the competition rules, and the problem statement. (Please, check your email account regularly!)

This competition is for rated members only

  • Only members who registered for at least one prior Topcoder competition (either MM or ALGO) are eligible to participate.
  • Registration is limited to 300 Topcoder members.

Prizes & T-shirts

  • $41,000 in prizes
  • 24 1st place prizes of $1,000 each
  • 24 2nd place prizes of $200 each
  • 3 grand prizes of $4,000 each
  • In addition to the prizes listed above, registered competitors will be awarded a special, limited-edition t-shirt upon completion of a brief post-event survey.

Contributing to Research on Topcoder

  • This Marathon Match is being done as part of a research project. By participating in this challenge, you agree to help further our research on Topcoder.
  • Your participation is voluntary and you may discontinue your participation at any time.
  • If you choose to participate, you will need to complete two short surveys: a registration survey and a final survey.
  • The completion of the 2 surveys is required to be eligible for the limited-edition t-shirts.

Use of Git & Limited edition T-shirts

  • As part of this contest, we would like for you to use Git (please install from and to make daily code commits as you develop your solution to the contest.
  • Then you can decide to share your git repo with Harvard researchers to allow them to track analytics around code commits when the competition is over.
  • Sharing your git repo is required to be eligible for the limited-edition t-shirts.

Data management & privacy

  • The data collected, including survey responses, analysis of code submissions, and communications on the public forum of the challenge, will be used for research purposes.
  • The substance of your survey responses will not affect your eligibility for winning a prize in this or future contests.
  • Only the immediate project team at Topcoder and researchers at Harvard University will see your individual data. Data will only be shared in an anonymous form in which individuals cannot be identified.

Ask a question/report a problem

  • If you have any questions about the use of your information, please contact: Jin Paik. Harvard University has a Standing Committee on the Use of Human Subjects in Research (CUHS) to which complaints or problems concerning any research project may, and should, be reported if they arise.


  • 03/02 - Registration Opens
  • 03/05 - Registration Closes
  • (there is a short 3 day period while we work on segmenting users into rooms)
  • 03/08 - Submission Opens
  • 03/16 - Submission Closes

To finalize your registration, please, be sure to complete the following registration form HERE.

Challenge Overview

Everyone is well aware of the explosion in data, information, and knowledge within the life sciences literature. Every year hundreds of thousands of new scientific publications are added to the millions of existing articles (e.g. the PubMed database) making the entire corpus of the medical literature a very valuable resource. However, identifying specific documents that are most relevant to a particular disease or health condition is currently a costly, error-prone, human intensive activity.

The goal of this Marathon Match is to develop new algorithms to aid in the automated Named Entity Recognition (NER) of biomedical publications. To accomplish these tasks effectively, algorithms are needed that can learn to accurately merge data collected from multiple annotators of varying quality and integrate this data into predictive models.

Problem Overview

The United States National Institute of Health (NIH) has built a system that uses expert labeling to annotate abstracts from Pubmed so disease characteristics can be more easily identified. This open-source, supervised learning system called BANNER achieves a good level of prediction power.

After training on about 500 abstracts manually annotated by experts, BANNER currently accomplishes this task with precision and recall around 0.8. While the current results are an important advance, the training capabilities of the current algorithm are restricted to a very small (expert) dataset, and is further constrained by relying on experts to generate the label.

The Scripps Research Institute is investigating if this limitation can be overcome if we teach BANNER how to further improve its accuracy by training on abstracts annotated by non-experts (Mechanical Turkers).

The goal of this contest is to improve BANNER accuracy by teaching it on MTurk-annotated abstracts.

Why Should You Be Interested?

Like other challenges sponsored by the NASA Tournament Lab, this contest is quite challenging, highly practical and has the potential to dramatically improve the state of the art in information extraction from textual data. The top solutions will be implemented and exposed to a broad community of information science researchers.

The contest format is experimental and if you participate you will be given the opportunity to compete in new and fun types of MM competition. This is an exclusive event for rated-only members (MM or Algo) and participation is limited to 300 registered members.

You will be competing in small virtual rooms. Room prizes will be awarded to the 1st and 2nd of each room, in addition to several grand prizes for the best competitors overall.

To finalize your registration, please, be sure to complete the following registration form HERE.

Good luck!



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