To install this version:

Download the PopsEdit.jar and overlay your current version.  Note:  you may need to restart your browser (or reboot your PC) for the new version to be picked up.


If you are upgrading from version 1.00 - please be sure to read the v2.0 release notes!


v2.90 Changes:

1.              Enhanced:             Added support for mouse wheel scrolling

2.              Fixed:             Changed the compiler class name to sun's compiler class that supports jdk1.5

3.              Enhanced:             Added preference key "popsedit.compile.compilingclass" to specify the compiling class name (defaults to "")

4.              Enhanced:             Added preference key "popsedit.compile.compilingoptions" to allow user to specify compiler options to be passed to the compiling class.

v2.80 Changes:

1.              Enhanced:             Changed to use the new Plugin API

2.              Enhanced:             Full screen description now displays html versus the plain text

3.              Fixed:                      Runtime exceptions thrown by the compiler are now handled properly

v2.72 Changes:

  1. Fixed:      Eliminated use of JDK1.4 only method in local testing.

v2.71 Changes:

  1. Fixed:      Key binding issue in the Java Debugger under JDK1.4

v2.70 Changes:

  1. Enhancement:       Full screen editing can be toggled
  2. Enhancement:       Full screen problem description can be toggled.
  3. Enhancement:       New editing Action - delete to end of line (emacs emulator).
  4. Enhancement:       (JAVA ONLY) Local testing with settable timeout parameter
  5. Enhancement:       (JAVA ONLY) Settable classpath for java compile/debugging/testing
  6. Fixed:      JDK1.4 issue with depreciation warning on local compiling


v2.60 Changes:

  1. Enhancement:       Changed to allow user defined replacement tags when used with CodeProcessor plugin.

v2.50 Changes:

1.              Fixed:                      Allows scrolling in the System.out/System.err tab of the java debugger

2.              Fixed:                      Eliminated almost all references to ContestApplet.jar to minimize future impacts

v2.1 Changes:

1.              Fixed:                      Java Debugger will no longer have problems with spaces in directory names

2.              Fixed:                      Comment/Uncomment works regardless of leading whitespace

3.              Enhancement:       Add code template, options and syntax highlighting for C# when it is implemented

v2.00 Changes:

1.              Changed:               Changed to work with new contestapplet.jar package names

2.              Enhancement:       Configuration option to specify a signature file that is attached to the beginning of source prior to being submitted

3.              Enhancement:       (JAVA ONLY) An integrated debugger has been added

v1.01 Changes:

1.              Fixed:                    If you set auto-indent off, newline stopped working.  Seems I forgot to code the other half of the else statement:  if(autoindent) { autoindent code } else { oops - left blank }

2.              Enhancement:     New configuration option called “Home/End limited to single line”.  Checking this will limit the home/end keys to only traversing the current line (versus hopping to the start/end of the file).  This is set OFF by default.  If you wish to use this feature, you must go into Configuration and change it.

3.              Enhancement:     Four new actions:  “Home to beginning (C+HOME)”, “END to end (C+END)”, “Select to Beginning (CS+HOME)”, “Select to End (CS+END)”.  With enhancement #2, this allows you to fine tune how you want home/end keys to act.


v1.00 Initial Release