To install this version:

Download the FileEdit.jar and overlay your current version.  Note:  you may need to restart your browser (or reboot your PC) for the new version to be picked up.


If you are upgrading from version 1.00 – please be sure to read the v2.0 release notes!


v2.70 Changes:

1.     Enhancement:   Changed to use the new plugin API.

2.     Enhancement:   New configuration option to allow the description to be written in HTML.

3.     Enhancement:   New configuration option to keep the existing file if one is found (ie don’t overwrite)

4.     Important:          This version of FileEdit will ONLY work with CodeProcessor v1.2 or above

v2.60 Changes:

5.     Enhancement:   Changed to allow user defined replacement tags when used with CodeProcessor plugin.

v2.50 Changes:

1.     Fixed:                  Eliminated almost all references to ContestApplet.jar to minimize future impacts

v2.11 Changes:

1.     Fixed:                  Fixed error where the java template was missing

v2.1 Changes:

1.     Fixed:                  Error with forced line breaking

2.     Enhancement:   Add code template and options for C# when it is implemented

v2.0 Changes:

1.     Changed:           Changed to work with new contestapplet.jar package names

2.     Changed:           Language extension (as specified on code template panel in configuration) will now be appended to the fixed file name

3.     Enhancement:  Defined $BEGINCUT$, $PROBLEMDESC$ and $ENDCUT$ tags for code templates

4.     Enhancement:  Configuration option to specify a signature file that is attached to the beginning of source prior to being submitted

5.     Enhancement:  Configuration option to prepend line comments (“//”) to the problem description

6.     Enhancement:  Configuration option to allow problem description to be written to separate file

v1.00 Initial Release