v2.0 Changes:

1.    Enhanced: Enhanced to allow multiple processors to be specified (and called in specified order)

2.    Enhanced: Enhanced to allow the processor to be configured - if defined. A processor must implement a method called "public void configure()" for this to occur.

v1.20 Changes:

3.    Enhanced: Enhanced to use the new Plugin API

4.    Enhanced: Added pops.PopsProcessor to extract test cases

5.    Deleted: b0b0b0b processor has been deleted.


*** As of version 1.20 you must use FileEdit v2.70 or PopsEdit v2.80 or greater. CodeProcessor v1.2 will NOT work with earlier versions of those editor plugins

v1.15 Changes:

6.    Fixed: If the processor class throws an exception, CodeProcessor will handle it graciously.

7.    Fixed: If changes are made to either the processing class or embedded editor, a message is displayed asking you to close all browsers for the change to become effective

8.    Added: b0b0b0b donated a processor class to extract test cases: examples.RonProc

9.    Added: Pops donated a processor class to demonstrate how to: a way of detecting writer code, how to embed another processor class (RonProc) and how to use post processing to eliminate code (the main that is generated by RonProc): examples.PopsProcessor

Fixed: Fixed a problem when exiting PopsEdit debuggerv1.10 Changes:

10. Enhanced: Enhanced to allow you to specify tags to be replaced in the code templates of PopsEdit/FileEdit. This will NOT affect any processing classes that you have already developed. Please refer to the documentation for how to use this new feature.

11. Fixed: Fixed a problem when exiting PopsEdit debugger

v1.01 Changes:

1.    Changed: Changed to also pass the problem description in the preProcess method

v1.00 Initial Release