Announcing the AMD OpenCL™ Coding Competition!

Topcoder is hosting the AMD OpenCL™ Coding Competition.  This competition takes parallel programming to the next level by introducing the GPU to the mix, i.e. heterogeneous computing.  By harnessing the GPU’s compute power through the use of the AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing Technology (AMD APP SDK) with OpenCL 1.1 support, you tap into huge parallel processing potential.  With AMD Fusion Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) every CPU will have a GPU on the same die, with many functional processors at your disposal without the traditional bandwidth bottleneck of other heterogeneous computing platforms. Check out the short APU video for a high level introduction to AMD Fusion APUs.

Just think of what that you could do with AMD Fusion processors for game physics, facial recognition, voice recognition, video searching, video stabilization, etc.   What kinds of applications can you dream up with this architecture at your fingertips?

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