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Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Member Count: 423

Latest News

100 Apps In 100 Days Winners Announced

If you haven’t already heard, we announced the winners of the 100 Apps In 100 Days contest today.  Head on over to the 100 Apps in 100 Days winners announcement for the full list of TopCoder developers who took home some serious cash and trips!

Also check out the press release and these headlines generated by some notable industry experts:

75-day Milestone Results

The apps are starting to come in and we are impressed with the implementations of your ideas.  Two of the 75-day milestone winners are now are adding to their winnings from the idea round.  rominirani has created an application called LifeSaver, it connects blood donors with hospitals and facilities in need of blood – saving lives in the process.  What a remarkable way to use the Alcatel-Lucent location and SMS APIs.  Margarita’s submission is a more amusing concept, but I know everyone has wanted something like this is in the past.  LateRunner lets your friends, co-workers or family know your exact location when you are running late for an appointment or meeting.  Our third winner is none other than the famous dhbellol, back for more.  This time he has created a truly innovative application called SmartRedirect.  It tracks your location and, depending where you are, forwards your incoming calls to the appropriate location (work or home phone, or cell phone, etc.).

Congratulations to rominirani, Margarita and dhbellol for your 75-day milestone winnings of $1,000 each!

We are really looking forward to seeing the rest of your apps for the final submission.

Are you one of the 100 in the $165,000 100 Apps in 100 Days Contest?

Our 100 Days are almost up. Have you submitted one of the 100 Apps?

Because we have BREAKING NEWS on the 100 Apps in 100 Days front!

The first 100 apps submitted will also win a bonus prize!

For 100 awesome apps, we want to reward you even more! If your app is in the first 100 to be submitted, add $50 to your wallet. Plus not only will you win a cool t-shirt, but a cool t-shirt that has your handle on it.

And do we even have to remind you of the grand prize? A trip to Mobile World Congress 2011; and not just a plane ticket but lodging and entrance into the conference taking place in Barcelona, Spain!

Submit your app that uses Alcatel-Lucent’s APIs and that also uses some other API(s) from ProgrammableWeb.com.

It’s a great time of year to earn bonus prizes. So reward yourself for your good ideas but submitting your apps.

But be quick, we don’t call it 100 Apps in 100 Days for no reason. Submit now to be in the first 100!

Read more here: http://topcoder.com/home/alcatel/100-apps-in-100-days/

Web Mashup Challenge Results!

We are very pleased to announce the three winners of the recent Web Mashup Challenge. For this challenge, members were asked to mashup the OAS Web Client Framework (WCF) APIs with Facebook and other social networking APIs to take WCF outside the realm of social networking and in to new spaces.

In first place, earning $15,000 (and the title of Web Mashup grand champion) is mashuper with his submission of Mashup Editor! Mashup Editor is a platform targeted at advanced users and developers for creating even more mashups. A very ambitious and useful entry. Nice job!

The second place prizes are awarded to dhbellol (yes, again) and amiune for their submissions of Paint Chat and Debate Wall, respecively. Paint Chat provides a shared canvas to Facebook users chatting with the WCF and actually sends the drawing vector information over the WCF API itself! Debate Wall (debatewall.org) lets users engage in public debate on various topics and archives the discussion on the site for future visits.

Congratulations to all of you on your wins and good luck in the 100 Apps challenge!

50-day Milestone Winner dhbellol is on Fire!

… well, not literally, we hope. dhbellolwon two milestone prizes for the 50-day Milestone submission for his Shopping Assistant and WCF Paint applications. A huge congratulations to him! dhbellol was previously featured in an interview with our own jmpld40and shared some of his strategy for coming up with good mashup ideas. He currently stands as the only winner of the 50-day milestone… will your app be one of the winners for the 75-day checkpoint? We are anxious to see and always willing to provide feedback on partial submissions. Congrats again and good luck to all as the next milestone approaches!

Interview with Milestone Winner, abkqz

Congratulations to the milestone winners!  You can see them all listed here.

Winning two first place spots at the milestone deadline was abkqz. Check out our interview with him about his apps and thoughts.

TC: What was your inspiration for coming up with your 2 milestone winning apps ideas?

abkqz: They came into my mind before the competition. Developing apps for mobile phones is my hobby; I have some applications published in Apple AppStore, so, I often think about mobile apps ideas (and, usually, have no time to implement them).

Both these ideas came from own experience, I thought ‘hm, it would be nice to have this on my phone’.

TC: How many ideas in total did you submit and which is your favorite (without giving too much away!)?

abkqz: I have submitted two ideas, I like Picture Map more, but, it doesn’t fit well with the Alcatel-Lucent API and is much more complex than SMS Notify. So, I think, I’ll implement only the second one.

TC: Is this your first apps idea contest with TopCoder and if not, what others have you taken part in?

abkqz: It’s my second idea contest. First one was Alcatel-Lucent App Strike Force 1, where we participated with Margarita as a team and won second place. I like 100 Apps contest more, because there’s more time to prepare a good description for ideas and there are more categories.

TC: Finally, you were just a first-time finalist for the 2010 TopCoder Open Design Competition.  How did it feel to win big and attend the onsite event?

It was very interesting to meet some people face-to-face =).  The event was organized very well, I can compare it with Google Code Jam and some other events I’ve attended – it was really great and well thought out. Thanks again for it :)

On the other hand, it would be nice to have some onsite activities for the Design & Architecture track. With the current structure it is completely impossible to compete for high TCO places with guys doing TopCoder designs/architectures as fulltime job.

TC: I lied, one more question…How does it feel to be the husband to the 2010 TopCoder Open Mod Dash Champion? :)

abkqz: It is very cool, I like it very much when Margarita is proud of herself :) I was quite nervous during first Mod Dash round, but, after it, I was almost sure that Margarita will win, so, it was not a big surprise :)

TC: Thanks abkqz and best of luck!

Exclusive: Interview with Two-Time Mod Dash Finalist, Margarita!

Margarita hails from Ukraine and will be traveling to Las Vegas next week for the 2010 TopCoder Open as a Mod Dash Finalist. Before she got busy packing, TopCoder asked her a few questions about 100 Apps in 100 Days.

TC: How is it going for you with the 100 Apps in 100 Days competition?
Margarita: I enjoy this competition! I’ve submitted several ideas to the contest and waiting for some feedback. Alcatel-Lucent APIs are great, especially location-based services API, I think there will be lots of great apps using their API.

TC: What is your favorite part about competitions like this?
Margarita: My favorite part is that you can think about the most crazy and surprising ideas. Contests like this make you use your fantasy and think of some innovations to ordinary things.

TC: What is currently your favorite app that you use daily?
Margarita: google chrome

TC: Let’s play the word association game! When I say a word, what is the first word that comes to your mind?

TC: Yellow
Margarita: Submarine

TC: Computer
Margarita: Internet

TC: Book
Margarita: Facebook

TC: Thanks Margarita! Good luck with 100 Apps in 100 Days and of course at the TCO10!

Competition Reminders – Milestone Prizes Up for Grabs!

100 Apps in 100 Days has an important deadline coming up!  September 26, 2010 will be the first milestone date.  Get your ideas in before this date to be eligible for cash prizes and a 100 Apps in 100 Days t-shirt!

Check out this thread where we give you an example of how you can submit your idea. You can use this as a guide to help mold your idea into a great submission.

We’re looking forward to reading you great ideas, so keep them coming and best of luck!

Exclusive: Interview with App Idea Whiz dhbellol

TC: You’ve been quite successful in these sorts of challenges – coming up with new and innovative apps. Tell us about your successes (the contests you’ve won, etc) and how they’ve impacted your life?

dhbellol: Since 2003, I have been participating in TopCoder’s competitions, I just find it invaluable as an opportunity to learn/try new technologies and compete in a global environment, plus monetary prizes help a lot to pay studies and expenses.

During this time, I had participated and won in the AOL/TopCoder OpenAim Developer Challenge, Ribbit/TopCoder Killer App Challenge, Microsoft’s – Code7 Developer Contest and lastly, Alcatel-Lucent/TopCoder Location-Based iPad App Challenge

TC: Where do you get your inspiration when coming up with a new app idea?

dhbellol: I usually find inspiration in two sources: First, looking and talking with non-technical people around me;  they face common problems such as where I can find this information or they usually use phrases such as “it would be great if”. Second, looking at (tech and non-tech) news websites and after look any article, and I start to think in apps that could to solve that issue or that can be useful in that situation.

Additionally, a useful thing is to keep a list of ideas on your mobile phone, and populated it with ideas/issues that you saw during the day.

TC: What do you think about 100 Apps in 100 Days? Are you confident in your abilities to do well?

dhbellol: I find 100 Apps in 100 Days as a great chance to learn/try some of the Alcatel-Lucent API’s. And I also find very interesting the opportunity to try ELIPS, because using same code to create apps in multiple platforms is so useful.

I also feel confident with my abilities, however, TopCoders are always very strong competitors. I hope to do it well on this challenge.

TC: Tell us about what you do when you’re not coming up with app ideas?

dhebellol: When I don’t find good ideas, I try to find a couple of cool APIs to try (programmableweb.com is very useful to do this task) , and I read APIs documentation for find out what are possibilities and limits of the API.

Then I try to combine them in order to get an idea of a product that I will personally will use/pay for it, and finally, I check for what other similar apps exists (for example, check in Apple’s App Store or Android markets) to polish the idea because innovation is always a key factor to win.

TC: Finally, let’s play the word association game.  You’ll get one word and you must answer with the first word that comes to your mind. Ready, go!

TC: TopCoder
dhbellol: Competition

TC: Happiness
dhbellol: Pursuit

TC: Win
dhbellol: Happiness

TC: Thanks dhbellol. Best of luck to you in the contest!

Welcome to 100 Apps in 100 Days!

This competition is just that, 100 Apps in 100 Days. But this is not your average apps competition. Prizes worth $165,000 (mostly in cash!), trips to SXSW2011, a Grand Prize trip to the Mobile World Congress, and a chance to pitch your application idea to Alcatel-Lucent executives make 100 Apps in 100 Days more than extraordinary!

With so many reasons to compete, fantastic prizes, and the opportunity to be creative and innovative, every TopCoder should be competing!

The competition has started now and we can’t wait to see what you come up with! Welcome again and good luck!