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The following is a list of polls we occasionally ask the community:

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Date Survey
09.17.2014 Would you be intersted in learning about employment opportunities with Google? (If you say yes your contact information may be shared with Google recruiters.) Results    
09.05.2014 Would you like to find out how to win an all expenses paid trip to TCO14 simply by registering for an IDOL On Demand Account? Results    
08.30.2014 Would you be interested in learning about job with HP? (If you respond yes, your e-mail address and other contact information may be shared with HP.) Results    
08.21.2014 Would you like to find out how to win an all expenses paid trip to TCO14 simply by registering for an IDOL On Demand Account? Results    
07.17.2014 fake question Results    
10.21.2010 Which of the following provided you with the most motivation in learning computer programming? (choose the one best answer) Results    
08.18.2009 I would be interested in helping to create the next Member-driven round in the following ways: Results    
12.20.2008 Which type of service API would you most prefer developing against (choose one)? Results    
12.11.2008 Do you hold any of Sun's Java technology certifications? Results    
12.19.2007 Which best describes your level of knowledge of encryption technology? Results    
12.13.2007 Which describes your level of interest in the newly announced TopCoder architecture competitions?
11.20.2007 Would you take a lower paying job to work in your preferred environment? Results    
11.20.2007 All other factors being equal, do you prefer to work from home or in an office environment? Results    
11.17.2007 Does a Computer Science college degree directly impact job success in the field of software development today as much as it did in the past? Results    
10.09.2007 For the TCO08 we've increased the number of competitors, but by how much? Results    
10.09.2007 The TCO08 will be in Las Vegas, Nevada. Results    
10.09.2007 The onsite portion of the TCO08 will be in June, 2008. Results    
09.18.2007 Which of these concepts for possible TC Channel (TopCoder's TV show) segments sounds the most interesting to you? Results    
08.07.2007 Which of the following financial services industry systems do you have experience with? (check all that apply) Results    
07.02.2007 Did you watch the live webcast of the 2007 TopCoder Open algorithm finals? Results    
05.01.2007 Do you have a microphone and/or webcam connected to your computer? Results    
03.22.2007 Which type of bag would you most prefer to receive at a TopCoder onsite event? Results    
02.03.2007 What web technology are you most excited to use next? Results    
01.25.2007 Website forms often ask you to select multiple entries from a series of options. This page demonstrates the 2 types of UI most commonly used to gather this information

Which do you prefer?
01.13.2007 Have you watch the archived webcast of the TCCC06 ( Results    
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